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A complete Guide on how to fix 0xc0000005 Error in Windows 7 & 8

Nowadays, in almost every windows software, error code 0xc0000005 is creating a lot of trouble for the user to initiate a program or install an application especially if it is window 7 and 8. The major hurdle it causes is the termination of the program you were executing. The 0xc0000005 error occurs either if you start a program or you update an application after installation of particular hardware on your system.  Some of the major causes of the occurrence of this error are as follows:

  • The storage of the computer is low or damaged
  • The system gets infected by a virus, malware, and spyware
  • Improper system hardware configuration
  • Data Execution Security Feature
  • Error appearance due to corrupted files

Besides these factors, an old program or missing hardware drivers may also be the cause of the occurrence of error code 0xc0000005.

Error code 0xc0000005Whatever the reason is, correcting the error is essential. Here are some fundamental steps to fix it in the most natural way.

  1. Basic troubleshooting

Most of the time, the program doesn’t run due to the virus or malware infection in your system. Therefore, the fundamental step to solve this issue is by scanning the device using the antivirus software. Examine whether the launched program  is updated or not. Apart from studying and analyzing the application and system, the newly installed hardware such as printers and new memory card may also be the reason for the improper functioning of the system.  So it is necessary to make sure that your hardware is up to date and functions properly.

  1.  Repair corrupt system files

Another reason for the appearance of error code 0xc0000005 is the constant installing, and uninstalling of diverse applications on your system as this is one of the major cause that corrupt system files. If a corrupted file causes the error 0xc0000005 then you can resolve it by following some general steps that include:

  • Press Win and X key together to get the option of Power User Menu
  • In the menu, click on ‘Command Prompt’.
  • After opening the command prompt, the next step is to type “Sfc/Scannow in the same and press ENTER.

The code requires some time to complete its search and give you the accurate results. The errors due to corrupted will be resolved instantly after the automatic scan.

  1. Disable Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

The Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is the compelling feature of the system. It aids in preventing the attack of viruses and malware on your computer, the same can have a negative impact and cause a c error if an installed application in your system is complementary to it. Therefore, if you experience the error code 0xc0000005 then disable the DEP temporarily to check if the error is solved or not? Follow the below-listed steps to disable this function

  • Press Win and R keys simultaneously
  • Type “sysdm.cpl” in the appeared blank box before pressing the OK   button.
  • Press Advanced option in the resultant window.
  • Go to settings option and click on the Data Execution Protection tab available there.
  • You may observe an option stating “Turn on Data Execution Prevention  for the entire programs excluding the ones I choose”, select this option.
  • Click Add and then OK.
  • Click on apply button and again on OK to bring on the changes.

This procedure will hinder the functioning of Data Execution Prevention on a temporary basis. After doing these steps, To check if the problem still persists close all the windows and open the verification. If you can still observe the same, then you may proceed with the next measures

  1. Reorganize Windows Internet Explorer Settings

Sometimes, Windows Explorer setting may also cause the Error code 0XC0000005 while launching a program. However, you can easily reset the windows by opening the search box and typing “intecpl.cpl” in it. Press Enter and the box of internet properties will appear. Press the security option, and the Windows Explorer will automatically reset.

The cause of error code 0XC0000005 is generally due to the issues in Windows Explorer settings. Therefore, it is a must to reset the windows to correct the error.

  1. Disable Proxy

The proxy can also be the reason for the appearance of 0xc0000005 glitch in your system so you must also disable Proxy to check if the error disappears. To disable proxy from your windows 10 and other versions you can follow these steps:

  • Press Win and R key at the same time
  •  Type “cmd” and press Enter in the appeared run box.
  • A command prompt appears on the screen
  • Type “netshwinhttp import proxy source, i.e.” in the command prompt and press Enter
  • A message of error would appear related to the disabling of proxy settings.

The next step is to Launch Internet Explorer for which you are required to click tools, select LAN settings on the appeared tab then select “use a proxy server for your LAN”. An address box will open in which you have to type the address of the proxy server. At last, type port number and press OK to observe the changes.

  1. Perform system restore

If none of the above-listed factors assists you to get rid of the error code 0xc0000005, then the last option is to restore your system which may take back your computer to the date during which your programs on the computer were installed without the occurrence of any error. Though this option can surely work to eliminate 0xc0000005 error from your software, you may lose all your applications and programs installed until the previous date.


The error can occur due to several factors. The only way to avoid it is by maintaining your system up to date. Moreover, make sure that all the hardware installed in your system is compatible with the same.