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Fix Error Code 0X80071A90

You are installing the “.net framework” on your Windows 10, and suddenly there is an error on the screen. The error in this case likely to be Error Code 0X80071A90, followed by the following message:

error code 0x80071a90

error code 0x80071a90 in windows 7

The function attempted to use a name that is reserved for use by another Transaction

There might be an instance when you are trying to add the Hyper-V in Windows 8 or Windows 10, and you get the same error. This could be extremely annoying for the user. Luckily, there are some fixes available, which can be try.

4 methods To Fix Error Code Ox80071A90

1-Check the system files

the first method to fix 0X80071A90

command promptThe first method which can be tried to fix Error Code 0X80071A90 is to check the system files. This can be done by launching System File Checker. System File Checker(SFC) will detect corrupted system files. Once detected, System File Checker will attempt to repair the corrupted system files. In case Windows Resource Protection (WRP) is corrupted or if it is missing from the system, then the operating might not function properly. In order to launch SFC, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Right-click on the Windows icon and then select the option “command prompt (Admin)”
  • The command prompt window will pop up on the screen.
  • In the command prompt, type the command “sfc /scannow”, followed by enter.
  • Once the command is executed, it will perform a scan on the protected system files. In case a corrupted file is found, it will be replaced by a copy of the file stored in the cache.

The cache folder is located at the %WinDir%\System32\dllcache. All the files are compressed and stored in this folder. Once the process is completed 100%, and the message will pop up on the screening mentioning that all the corrupted files. Once the process is completed and all the files are repaired, the ERROR CODE 0X80071A90should be fixed. However, it is also possible that SFC might not be able to repair all the corrupted files. In this situation, you need to fix this manually. You have to go to the directory, where the corrupted files are located, and replace those files with a copy of the same.

  • Disable Antivirus To Fix ERROR CODE 0X80071A90

Disable AntivirusIf the Error Code 0X80071A90 comes up during an attempt to install the Hyper-V feature, and it happens to be that you have installed Avast as antivirus on the system. In this case, the issue could be easily resolved by simply disabling the antivirus, which might be using the virtual machine. This can be done by right-clicking on antivirus icon displayed on the system tray.These antivirus systems, in the way they function can also cause other such error code issues, for example, the Error Code oxcoooooof & Error Code 0x80070002.It can be due to incorrect configurations or other reasons, which you can definitely solve on your own. With comprehensive instructional guides as this.

2. Try Safe Mode

Try Safe ModeYou can also fix Error Code 0X80071A90, by booting the system into safe mode. For this, you need to restart the system and keep on tapping F8 key while the system is booting up. Again, please refer to the motherboard manual as the key for the safe mode might be different. Once the F8 menu, you can select “safe mode” and then proceed with booting.

It is quite possible that some of the third-party software might affect the computer. Once logged into safe mode, all the third-party software will be disabled by default. If the Error Code 0X80071A90, is not coming up in safe mode, then it is quite possible that some third-party software might be responsible for this. Hence, you can try disabling some of the third-party software and background apps, including the antivirus software and check if the error is still coming or not. If not then the issue is resolved

3. Perform a clean boot

clean bootIf you are not sure which third party software is causing the ERROR CODE 0X80071A90, then performing clean boot will be the best option. In order to perform a clean boot, one needs to disable all the third-party services. This can be done by right-clicking on the taskbar, then going to task manager and clicking on more details. For more details, select the startup tab. Once you are on the startup tab, disable all the applications that are enabled on startup.

In order to disable the applications, one needs to select the application, and click on Disable. Once this is done, all the third-party services are required to be disabled, without touching the Microsoft services. For this, you need to go to “MSCONFIG”. In order to launch MSCONFIG, you need to press “Windows + R” in order to launch the run window. Once the run window appears, type “MSCONFIG” and press enter. This will open the system configuration window. Go to the services tab, check the option “hide all Microsoft services” and then disable all the services. Once this is done, restart the system, Post restarts the issue should be resolved.

4.Use the troubleshooter to fix ERROR CODE 0X80071A90

Use the troubleshooterThe last update will be to use “Windows Update Troubleshooter” tool. This will try to track down the system errors and try to resolve them. For this, first press “windows + x” needs to be pressed together, then the control panel needs to be selected. In the search bar, type “Troubleshooting” and press enter. Go to the option to troubleshoot computer problems, and click on “system and security”. On the next screen, click on windows update which will be located under windows. Now click on advanced, and then select the option “run as administrator”. Just click on next, and follow the on-screen instructions in order to troubleshoot the issue. There might be situations where the troubleshooter might not work or fix the issue, but definitely, it is worth trying.

All the suggested steps in this article need the guidance of a tech expert, and it is not suggested to perform without any help from a qualified tech. This is important, since you are working with core operating system files, and if any of the system files deleted or tampered accidentally, then the whole operating system might get corrupted.

There are just so many people out there that use Windows. And as such are vulnerable to such error message issues. In case you use many of the different Windows products, it can be the same for you.

And if you need information on how to troubleshoot these errors. Then you can get that from this website Errorcode0x.