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error code 0x0070002

How to fix error code 0x0070002?

Fix Error code 0X0070002

While trying to perform a regular Windows Update, some users may see ERROR CODE 0X80070002 . This error is typically trigger when the system detects that there are files missing from the Windows Update, or when there is any other system error that is preventing the Windows Update from being performed.

error code 0x80070002

Possible causes for ERROR CODE 0X80070002

There are several possible reasons why the Windows is not update, leading to display the error code 0X80070002.

Some of these reasons could be:

• The time and date settings on the computer are incorrect.

• The internet connection is not stable.

• The registry files have been corrupt.

• Windows Update is hamper on the system.

• The system Data Store folder needs correction.

These errors will have to be fix before error code 0X80070002 can be resolve, so that the computer can function normally once more.

Recommended solutions for error code 0X80070002
Here are some recommended solutions for error code 0X80070002. These can be performed by the user directly on the system in order to fix the issue.

6 methods to fix error code 0x80070002

1. Correct the time and date on the computer.

Setting date and time manually can cause errors, particularly if the system determines there is a mismatch with the date of certain system entries. This error can be overcome by setting the time and date to synchronize with internet server time, and therefore prevent the need to manually updated it.

You can follow the steps given below:

a. Right click the time on the bottom right of the screen or go to the Control Panel to open the Date and Time settings.
b. In the Date and Time settings screen, click Change date and time.
c. Change the timezone to the one that you are currently in.
d. Go to the Internet Time tab.
e. On the Internet Time tab, select the Synchronize with an Internet time server checkbox and then choose a time server.
f. Click on Update Now.
g. Click OK to save changes and exit the settings dialog.
h. Restart the computer to check to see if this has resolved error code 0X80070002.

2. Fix the internet connection.

A stable internet connection is essential to enable regular Windows Updates. There may be an issue with the firewall settings or the internet connection cable that is preventing the computer from checking for and installing Windows Updates. Internet Connection can resolve this. Check if the router or internet cable is disconnected and then reconnect it. Once the internet connection has been established, check for Windows updates again. You may restart the computer in case there is a problem detected with Microsoft Security Essentials.

3. Check for and remove corrupted files.

Check for and remove corrupted filesThe error code 0X80070002 may also have been caused by the presence of damaged system files. Such corrupted files are absolutely notorious for causing error message issues. And as such, is also the reason behind error codes like the 0X800706B5 one. And there is a complete solution for how to solve the error code 0X800706B5  issue.

A quick scan fixes this error.

You can follow  the steps given below:

a. Go to the Windows or Start button and click to view the Start menu.
b. Type in CMD in the search bar and right click to Run as administrator.
c. In the Command Prompt window, type in SEC/scan now and hit Enter.
d. If there are no error try running window upadtes after the process is completed. If there were errors found, continue with the next step here.
e. Open the Start menu to access the Control Panel.
f. In the Control Panel, look for Administrative Tools.
g. In Administrative Tools, navigate to Services.
h. In Services, look for Windows Update service and right click it to select Stop.

4. Remove the Software Distribution Folder

Software Distribution FolderThe software distribution folder contains all of the downloaded Windows Updates files. In case some of the files in this folder have been corrupted, they will hinder the computer from successfully installing a Windows Update. In this case, the folder should be deleted so that the error code 0X80070002 can be repealed.

You can follow the steps given below:

a. Click the Windows button or Start button to access the Start menu.
b. Open the File Explorer.
c. In File Explorer, navigate to this PC or my Computer.
d. Access the C:\Windows folder and look for the folder named Software Distribution.
e. You can right click on this folder and click on Delete.
f. Restart the computer to check if the Windows Updates now installs correctly.

5. Restart the Windows Updates process.

Windows Updates processYou can try restarting the Windows Updates process manually to once more resume the updates being installed correctly on the system.

You can follow the steps given below:

a. Open the Start menu to access the Control Panel.
b. In the Control Panel, look for Administrative Tools.
c. In Administrative Tools, navigate to Services.
d. In Services, look for Windows Update service.
e. Right click on the Windows Update service and change the status to Start.
f. Restart the computer to check to see if this has solved the error.
If the Windows Updates process was stalled, it can also be resumed by manually checking for updates that were downloaded but not installed.
a. Go to the Start menu and look for Update in the search bar.
b. In the Windows Update dialog, look for any uninstalled updates.
c. Right click each of the uninstalled updates and install them.

6. Fix errors in the registry.

Fix errors in the registryIf error code 0X80070002 still persists after trying all the methods above, it can be disable using the registry editor.

You can follow the steps given below: 

a. Click Win + R to open the Run dialog.
b. In the Run dialog, type in reg edit and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.
c. In the Registry Editor, look for the Os Upgrade key located at the following path: HEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Windows Update\OS Upgrade
d. Right click on the OS upgrade key and choose New.
e. Select D WORD (32-bit) Value.
f. Right click the new value and choose Modify.
g. Rename the value to allow OS upgrade.
h. Double click it and type 1.
i. Choose Hexadecimal and click OK.
j. Now, reboot the computer and try running Windows Update once more.


The steps described here should help to resolve all errors with error code 0X80070002. The user can also try using the Windows Update troubleshooter that can be download from the Microsoft site to further resolve issues with updates.

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