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How to Fix Err_Cache_Miss Error [Step Wise Guide]

The err_cache_miss error is mainly faced by the web or application developers while they are using the Google Chrome browser. When the developers are checking any application with wrong codes, then this error message might come on the display. While using particular websites, they can also face the same error message.

An error message of “Confirm form submission” constantly shows up on the display leaving the users puzzled. It indicates that the webpage you are going to view requires submission of data for proceeding further.

Apart from this, when Google Chrome has few problems with the caching system, then the developers get the same error.

When some items in the cache become unusable or if the configuration is not configured properly, then you might also encounter this error. In that case, reloading the webpage might solve the problem.

Instances When You Get Err_Cache_Miss Error:

There are mainly three situations when developers encounter the err_cache_miss message on their system’s display. Whenever you face this issue, you have to solve it at the earliest possible. 

Follow the steps carefully and then implement them one by one.

  1. While you are accessing any websites, you might confront the same error.
  2. When you are trying to access your own website, this error might occur.
  3. While you are using the Chrome Development tool, you can get the same message.

How to Fix Err_Cache_Miss Error?

Before going to the solutions, you should check whether you are using the updated version of the Google Chrome browser or not. It will help to avoid unwanted problems present in your Chrome version that might create this error. 

Solution 1: Clear Browser Data

Clearing the browser data might help you to get rid of the error from your device. Because sometimes your browser may contain wrong files that cause this issue. Once you cleared the browser data, the problem might get solved as well.

To do so, at first, launch the Google Chrome on your device. After that, navigate to the address bar and type “chrome://settings” in the tab. Then, press the Enter button and open the Settings panel.

Now, move on to the bottom of the page and tap on the Advanced option. Then, expand the Advanced menu by clicking on it and look at the section below.

Select the “Privacy and Security” option and then tap on the “Clear browsing data” as well. Another option will pop up on the screen and you have to choose the “Beginning of time” icon. Then, check all the boxes and tap on the “Clear browsing data”.

Once the entire process gets completed, restart your browser and check if the same problem is still going on or not.

Solution 2: Disable Cache System

Disabling the cache system can also solve the err_cache_miss error from your browser. So, try to disable the cache system while you are using a Development tool.

By performing this solution, you can easily avoid the error in the future. To disable the caching system, at first, press the Ctrl, Shift and the I button.

Then press the F1 key on the keyboard and select the “Disable cache”. Now, reload the web page by tapping the Ctrl and the F5 button.

Solution 3: Reset your Browser

In case the above solutions are not enough for you, then you have to reset your browser and check if the solution is workable or not.

But before going to the steps, you have to check whether you have saved all the configurations. Because after resetting your browser, all the information and history will be removed from your browser.

To perform this step, at first, open Google Chrome on your device. Then, click on the Address bar and type “Chrome://settings” and then press the Enter button.

Once the Settings page opens on the screen, look at the bottom of the page and tap on the Advanced option. Now, move on to the bottom of the page and tap on the Reset option.

If a new window is asking for permission, then press Yes and finally, click on the Reset option. Keep waiting while the resetting is going on. Finally, open the webpage once more and check if the solution is helpful for you or not.

Solution 4: Adding Code

First of all, choose Chrome’s shortcut on the desktop by right-clicking on it. After that, choose the Properties tab and click on the “Shortcut” icon.

Now, move to the next page and find the Target icon from the screen. Then, look at the end of the screen and type the following command given below.


Now, tap on the Apply icon to save the changes you have done. Then, choose the OK button and check the status of the error.

Solution 5: Remove Line from Header

You can find some specific line in the “Header” when you open the PHP code. This line indicates that the browser does not store any cached data from the site. Hence, here we are going to state those lines. To do so, follow the steps.

  • Mainly the header in the PHP code is:

header(‘Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, max-age=0’);

  • You should remove the “no-store” from it. Hence, it looks like:

header(‘Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate, max-age=0’);

At the final step, tap on the Save icon and apply the changes you have just done. Check if the solution works or not.

Solution 6: Reset Network Settings

If none of the above methods help you to solve the problem, then strive to reset the network settings by following the steps. But before going to the processes, check that you are using an Administrator’s account.

At first, press the Windows and the S key at the same time to open the Search bar. After that, click on the Command bar and type cmd in the box.

Then, choose the application and right-click on it. Now, tap on the “Run as administrator” icon and write down the following commands given here.

  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /all
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /renew
  • netsh int ip set dns
  • netsh winsock reset

Once you have executed all the commands, reset your device and check if the error message is still showing up or not.

We hope that the above solutions will be enough for you to know how to fix err_cache_miss error message from your device. But in case if you have any further queries, you can contact experts and get more solutions regarding this error.