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Epson V39 Scanner Setup And Scan Mode For Scanning Documents

The Epson V39 scanner is an ideal device for scanning documents and color pictures with high-quality resolution. Its easy-to-use features are perfect for archiving, restoring and sharing the scans of your original and important documents. So, in order to utilize all the functions of this scanning device, it is essential to know the setup process. In this article, you will come across step-wise instructions for Epson V39 scanner setup. Here, you can learn how to install your scanning device and explore most of its features. For those who are struggling with the setup method on their Windows-based devices, this article can provide some relevant information. So, let’s begin the discussion with a few beneficial features of performing the scanner setup for Epson V39.

Benefits of Setting up Epson V39 Scanner on your System

By performing the Epson V39 scanner setup correctly, you will be able to experience many interesting features of this product. It allows the users to obtain high-quality scanned images and documents with an optical resolution of 4800 dpi. Hence, you can view the details of the selected items with outstanding clarity and every detail.

The Epson V39 scanner can help to preserve your valuable files in digital form. You can restore and share the photos with the coming generations by getting a scanned copy of them.

It enables the users to scan documents and store it over most of the cloud services across the globe. You can even scan your documents directly to Google Drive and access them as per your requirement. For those who want to scan items for Evernote and Facebook, this setup is recommended to explore most of the features.

There are applications like Easy Photo Scan and Epson Document Capture Pro, which you can get with this. With the installation of the Epson V39 scanner driver, you can work with many such apps necessary for scanning.

This scanner allows you to scan any document within just ten seconds. Hence, you don’t have to wait for too long to get the scanned results from Epson V39 device.

Using this setup for Epson V39 scanner, you can scan items to PDFs and emails very easily. It also offers software you can use for scanning your prints and documents, which are larger than the standard sizes.

With the help of this scanning device from Epson, you can fix your faded photographs. There are settings to restore the color in the images and also remove blemishes and dust. If you want a scanner, which can convert your necessary documents into text that is editable, this product is best.

Try the Following Steps to Perform the Epson V39 Scanner Setup

For applying the steps that are necessary for Epson V39 scanner setup on Windows or any other OS, you need to know this information. Don’t connect any USB cable between the scanner and the computer before inserting the installation disc or unless you are prompted.

Run Epson Printer Installation Disc

First, insert your Epson V39 CD/DVD into your computer’s disc drive and open the installer. Depending on the version and model of the scanner you are using, the file name will vary. So, you can check out support articles and instruction on Epson’s official website to set up the scanning device.

As soon as your system detects the installation software, connect your scanner to the PC via USB cable. Next, you need to click on the program ‘Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility’ from the CD/DVD. In case, you don’t have this installation disc, you can get this software from the web pages of Epson Support.

On clicking the ‘Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility’, the screen will display an End-User License Agreement window. So, you will have to tick the checkbox and confirm this agreement and click ‘Next’. After this, your PC will start the installation process. This can take some time depending on the system configuration.

You can easily determine when the scanner is installed on your system. So, when the process completes, click on the ‘Finish’ button. Next, select a printer or scanner from the list of available options. So, choose the Epson V39 series and allow the Windows or any other OS to process the installation files and complete the setup.

Register your Scanner to Epson Connect Setup

Even though you will find the options in the setup for installing or registering printer, but, you can follow these steps to register your Epson V39 also. Hence, choose the option of ‘Printer Registration’ and hit the tab for ‘Next’. Once again, you will get a window displaying the ‘License agreement and privacy statement’. So, click on ‘Agree’ and then hit the tab ‘Next’.

As you observe the message notification of ‘Register a printer to Epson Connect’, select ‘OK’. Then, you have two choices to register your printer by following any of the options below.

Choice 1

In case you want to create a new user account to register your printer/scanner, you have to fill the form. Hence, you need to click on ‘Create an Epson Connect Account’ and type all the details to register your scanner. After filling up the necessary details in the form, click on ‘Finish’ to submit all the information.

Choice 2

If you are already having an Epson user account, it is possible to register a new scanner. Hence, you can choose the tab for ‘I already have an account’ and proceed with the new product registration form. So, you will have to open the form for ‘Add a new printer’ and fill the necessary product details for Epson V39. Finally, you will have to hit the ‘Add’ button to include or save this information in the Epson’s user account.

Tips to Examine if your Epson V39 Scanner Setup is Working

In order to be sure that the Epson V39 scanner setup process is correctly done, you need to scan a document. So, after applying the installation process, you can try the following steps for scanning your document and test the Epson V39 scanning machine.

  • First, open the top cover of the scanning device and place the document or picture on the scanner’s glass. You must keep the original photo in a facedown position on the glass. Also, make sure that the edges are placed at the proper spots on the scanner. Otherwise, it can crop the picture by 2.5 mm after you scan it using the Epson V39.
  • For scanning the documents in Full Auto mode, you need to check the cropping limits on top and side edges. Otherwise, you can go through Epson V39 scanner user guide before putting the item inside the scanner. While closing the lid after placing your document, hold the scanner gently so the original doesn’t move from its place.
  • Now, click on the ‘Scan’ button and wait for the device to finish scanning. To confirm that Epson V39 is now capable to scan images, check the folder ‘Pictures’. On some devices, you can get this folder with the label ‘My Pictures’ as well. So, you need to search for the scanned image, which will be saved as an image file.

Steps to Choose Scan Mode on Epson V39 Scanner Setup

Before checking out the steps to select your scanning mode on Epson V39, you must be aware of the modes it offers.

Full Auto Mode

Whenever you place any document or picture on the scanner glass, this mode helps to identify the type of content. It also chose the necessary settings automatically and save the scanned files. However, you can still select your preferred settings by manual adjustments after performing the Epson V39 scanner setup.

Home Mode

This option allows the user to choose various adjustment settings for the scanned images. You can preview the output and its size details before scanning the image as well.

Office Mode

It enables you to scan text documents very quickly and modify them by displaying on the preview screen.

Professional Mode

With this scan mode, you will be able to customize the settings manually and utilize all the features available with full auto, office and home modes.

Some Additional Features of Epson V39 Scanner

In order to scan important documents to PDF, you will have to open the tab for ‘Scan to PDF’. There are various options to convert your original files into multiple types of PDF files through scanning.

You can also choose the ‘Easy Photo Scan’ utility program on the Epson V39 scanner. This allows the user to edit their scanned pictures and upload them over cloud services. It also enables you to share your pictures on various platforms including website and other online forms.

There is a feature of Copy Utility when you set up the installer of Epson V39 scanner. With this tool, you will be able to scan a photo instantly and transfer it directly to your Epson printer or any other printing device connected to your PC.

In this article, you came across some useful information regarding Epson V39 scanner setup. You can share any additional information on the setup method for Epson V39 scanner in the feedback section.