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Epson Scanner V600 Setup: A Comprehensive Guide

Epson is one of the leading brands that is known for the best products it offers to its clients. Epson Scanner V600 is once such a great device. It enables you to make the most of your documents and photos with a range of special features, which are delivered with high speed and high quality. You can be as enthusiastic about scanning your documents and photos as you are capturing them. The great thing is that this will work on your photos as well as on your documents. In addition, the Epson scanner V600 is a flatbed scanner that can scan the 35-millimeter film 120 films. Moreover, it is Energy Star compliant and uses energy efficiently to scan LED technology. So, you can expect the high-quality scanning with very low power consumption and with no warmup time required for scanning via Epson scanner V600.

For its advanced features, most of the people are preferably using it. Many users have also reported that they have bought this product but do not know the Epson scanner V600 setup process. If you also do not know the process, then this article will help you. Here, you will get all the necessary information about the Epson scanner V600 setup process.

Know the Complete Procedure for Epson Scanner V600 Setup:

After purchasing this unit, you might wonder about the Epson scanner V600 setup process. Before setting up this device, you have to remove the Epson scanner from the box and also remove all the packing elements from your scanner. Now, we are going to discuss the setup process of this printer. Let’s have a look at the section below:

Step 1 – Install the SCSI Interface Board

Before installing this scanner driver and software applications, you have to install the SCSI software and SCSI board. To do that, follow the points:

  1. Power off the computer and any external devices.
  2. Then, disconnect any power cords and separate all the cables from the back side of your computer.
  3. Lift up the cover from your computer.
  4. Enter the interface board into an empty 16-bit ISA expansion slot; then adjust it with the help of retaining screw.
  5. Displace the computer cover and again connect all the cables.

Step 2 – Install the Optional Transparency Unit

Now you have to install the optional transparency unit on your scanner. To do that, go through the steps mentioned below:

  1. Ensure that the optical assembly on the transparency unit is unlocked. You have to push down to move the slider to the unlock symbol. The optical assembly must be in the home position.
  2. Put the hinge brackets on the transparency unit into the slots at the back of the scanner.
  3. Put the cable connected to the transparency unit into the OPTION connector on the back of the scanner.
  4. Find the power adapter and carefully connect the power adapter plug into the back of the transparency unit.
  5. After that, attach the power cord to the power adapter, and plug the other end of
    the power cord into the power outlet.

Step 3 – Unlock the Scanner

After installing the optional transparency unit, you have to unlock the scanner. Then, lift up the document cover and turn the carriage lock to the unlock position.

Step 4 – Set the SCSI ID Number

The scanner is set from the factory to SCSI ID 5. If this the problem, then you have to change the number. Use the small top screwdriver to turn the rotary switch backside. Make sure you must choose the unique number that is not in conflict with other SCSI devices.

Step 5 – Connect the Scanner to your Computer  

When you connect your scanner to the computer, you have to turn off the computer as well as the scanner. To do that, follow the points mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, find the connector cable and take the SCSI connector and connect it with the one end on the back of the scanner. After that, connect it’s another end to the SCSI port on your computer or other SCSI devices.
  2. Next, you have to find the SCSI terminator. If the scanner is the only SCSI device, then you can connect to your computer or if it is the last device in the SCSI chain, you must include the SCSI terminator into the empty SCSI connector on the back side of the scanner.
  3. Then, attach the power cable to the scanner.
  4. After doing this, connect the power cables for your computer, scanner, and
    other outside SCSI devices.

Step 6 – Install the SCSI Software

Now you have to install the SCSI software on your system. To do that, execute the below steps:

  1. First, power on the Scanner and switch on the Computer.
  2. Then, insert the Epson Scanner V600 CD-ROM into the CD port of the system. (If the Epson Scanner V600 installer opens, click on the Exit option.)
  3. Click on the browser and change to your CD_ROM drive. Now, you will find that the SCSI driver has started the installation process.
  4. Once it is done, power off your scanner and wait for a few seconds and again turn it on.

Step 7 – Install the Epson Scanner V600 Software  

Before you start, you must install the SCSI card and SCSI driver and also ensure that your scanner is connected to your computer and turned on. Now, you need to install the Epson scanner V600 software on your device. Follow the directions given below to do that:

  1. Start your system and insert the CD to install the driver.
  2. Now, you can see the installer window page opens. If you do not see this page, then go to the File menu, select the Run option. Then, you have to write D:\setup and click on the OK option.
  3. If the installer page opens, click on the Install option to install the scanner drivers. To complete the installation process, follow the on-screen instructions carefully.
  4. Once it gets completed, restart your PC.

Step 8 – Test the Connection

After connecting all the connectors, then you have to test the connection. Follow the points cited below to test the connection:

  1. Start the Scanner Test.
  2. Click on the Test option.
  3. Then, click on the Scan option.
  4. Once the test gets completed, you can see a message that the scanning process is successful.


Now, after going through this article carefully, you get a thorough knowledge of the Epson Scanner V600 setup process. Hope, this article will help you to set up this scanner on your device. After performing all the above-mentioned steps if you face any problem, then you can contact a professional for help.