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Epson Scan Not Working Windows 10 [Solved]

Epson is one of the most formidable brands in terms of printers and scanners. However, if you have update your Windows Operating System to Windows 10, then you may be facing this Epson scan not working issue. In this article, we have noted some of the steps in a simple manner by which you can be able to fix Epson scan not working Windows 10 problem.

What Are The Causes Of Epson Scanner Windows 10 Not Working

Sometimes, a silly mistake might be a cause behind this issue. If you have forgotten to connect your Scanner device to your system or to the power plug, then it may be a cause.

Mainly this problem is due to the setup of the Compatibility Mode issue.

Note: Always connect your Scanner power-plug to the switchboard so that it can be able to get the power according to its need.

What Are The Ways To Fix Epson Windows Service Disabled Error?

If you are not able to use the scanner device in your system and a pop-up message generates like “Problem connecting to scanner” then nothing to worry. Not only because that you are not the only one but because you can be able to resolve it. And that is also only with the help of the below-explained procedures from this article. Now, without wasting much time let us go for it.

Set Scanner For Your Connection

First of all, built a set-up of a scanner with your network connection. And to do this follow the steps as explained below.

At first, click on the Search bar and then you will see Apps, hit on it. After that select on Epson icon. Next, go to the Settings of the Epson Scanner. And from there, visit on Network and then choose Add. After that click on your system IP address from this window and then hit on OK.

After setting up the network if still your Epson scan not working, then proceed to the next solution.

Change WIA Startup Type To Automatic

If Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) is not running, then you will not be able to use any scanner on your device. So, you need to enable it to start work with your scanner.

Initially, open the Run command box by pressing the Windows key along with the letter R. And then on it type services.msc and hit on Enter to open the services window. After that scroll down until you find Windows Image Acquisition service. After getting it right click on it and select on Properties. And make the Startup type to Automatic by dropping down the arrow. And then, choose OK to apply the changes.

Verify The Compatibility Mode

Ensure that your scanner is not set in Compatibility Mode. Because if so then it may be one of the major reasons for which your Epson Windows service disabled error. So, here is the process to follow for this.

To begin with, search for your scanner icon and then make a right click on it. After that click on Properties from the menu list. And then under this window hit on Compatibility tab from the above options. Next search for Run this program in compatibility mode option. After getting it, you need to uncheck the box and then select on OK to apply this change. And then check if it works for this Epson scan not working Windows 10 problem. Otherwise, go to the solution as explained below.

Make Your Scanner Driver Up To Date

As you have upgraded your OS to Windows 10. For this, your system drivers may not work for your scanner device. So you need to install a driver which will be able to run your Epson Scanner on your computer. For this open a browser and then search for the driver which is suitable for both your system and the scanner. And then download and install it according to the pop-up windows. After following those instructions, you will be able to install it on your system and then check. It is the best way to resolve this Epson scan not working Windows 10 problem.

These are the procedures which you may apply on your system to fix this Epson Windows service disabled error glitch.