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An Informative User’s Guide on Epson Expression ET-2650 Setup Procedure

Whether it’s any brand of printer, it will not work until you finish the installation of its included drivers as well as software. Epson Expression ET-2650 are well-designed printers with high-end specifications and exceptional features. Thus, for all these, these printers are preferred by large people all over the world. If you have recently purchased Epson Expression ET-2650 and lost the CD for your printer, then it becomes difficult for the users to set up it and use it for printing. But there is a provision to download the device drivers for your printers. Also, you can use the drivers for installing the printer. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step instructions, following which the Epson Expression ET-2650 setup process can easily be performed.

How you can Connect the Printer to the Computer?

You can connect the Epson printer to the computer with the help of USB cable, SCSI cable, as well as parallel port cable. After that, you need to insert the power plug into a power outlet. Nowadays, almost all printers use a USB cable.


When you are having a network printer, you need to connect the printer to a network with a wireless connection. Otherwise, you can use the RJ-45 connection.

Establish Printer and Install Software

Follow the below steps for Epson Expression ET-2650 setup:

  1. After you have plugged in each and every port properly, you need to turn on the computer.
  2. You need to plug the CD that is available with the printer. If the CD doesn’t start, you need to open “My Computer”. After that, you have to double-click on the CD drive. Then, you need to press Setup or install file. If you have already downloaded the drivers, you need to execute the downloaded setup file.
  3. You need to go through the installation wizard. Once done, you need to install the software.
  4. Then, you need to test the printer to ensure that it is working fine.

Computer not having a CD drive

If there is no disc drive or the CD is lost, it is preferable to download the software from the official page of the printer’s driver. Once you have downloaded the driver, you need to run the file in order to install the driver.

Epson Expression ET-2650 Setup with the help of Drivers

If you plan to install the printer without the use of any software program, you can do so with the installation of the printer driver. Just follow the below steps:

  1. You need to open the Control Panel after you have connected the printer and turn it on.
  2. In the Control panel tab, you will find the Printers or Printers and Fax icon. Then, you have to double-click on that.
  3. You need to press Add a printer icon in the printer’s window.
  4. After following the above steps, the Windows Printer Wizard will appear. Then, press the Net option in order to start the wizard.
  5. After that, you have the option of installing either a Local or Network printer. If you connect the printer to the computer, you need to select the Local printer attached to the computer. Then press Next.
  6. Moreover, when you receive the pop up for the driver location, search for the directory of your drivers or you need to pinpoint the printer CD.

Test the Printer

After you have installed the printer, you need to use the Windows in order to print a self-test page to examine whether the printer is working fine or not.

  1. You need to open the Control Panel.
  2. After that, you need to double-click on Devices and Printers, Printers as well as Printers and Fax icon.
  3. Then, you need to right-click on the printer you wish to test. After that, press Properties. If you don’t find the printer, then your printer is not installed.
  4. Press the Print Test Page button available in the Printers Properties Windows.
  5. If the printer can print the test page, you can be assured that the printer is installed and properly set up. However, if you are unable to print other programs, then the program you wish to print has some problems.

Final Thought

Hopefully, this article will give you a thorough overview of the Epson Expression ET-2650 setup. By following this step by step tutorial guide, you can easily kickstart your printing with proper setup. Moreover, you can refer to the user’s manual for any kinds of issues while setting up your Epson Printer. Also, you can provide valuable feedback in the comment section