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Enable Firefox Dark Theme And Change Browser Modes In Simple Ways

With the recent launch of Mozilla Firefox 62 version, it allows users to select the automatic Dark or Light themes and use different fonts during their browsing session. Also, the customers will be able to install this browser on their Windows 10 or any other OS based devices. They can even enable Firefox Dark theme by visiting the app mode settings in Windows 10, 7, Linux and Mac OS. So, if you are not a tech-savvy and want to learn how to activate this Dark theme on Firefox, check out this article. Here, you will learn step by step method on installing this theme and ways to switch between Light and Dark themes easily.

Follow This Information To Activate Dark Theme In Mozilla Firefox

Before learning the steps to enable Firefox Dark theme, let’s discuss the themes are and what changes it will cause in your browser. Under Firefox Add-ons, you will get three themes,  which are pre-installed on your Firefox. Those are – Light, Dark and Default themes. When you select the Default option, the Firefox will use a standard light background along with the Windows theme settings. So, if you choose a certain color pattern in the Windows default settings, Firefox will use the same pattern with the Default theme. Similarly, when you set the Firefox theme as Dark, it will turn the browser menu, toolbars and title bars into black or deep gray. Also, if you choose the Light theme, it will turn every Firefox elements into light gray.

What Are The Uses Of Activating Firefox Dark Theme

For those, who are wondering about the benefits of enabling Dark mode on their Firefox browser, check out these following points.

  1. This automatic dark mode will take care of the privacy concerns of Firefox users in order to protect the data from any third-party trackers.
  2. Due to Firefox Sync settings, it will allow you to sync pages, tabs, passwords, and bookmarks with other devices.
  3. It offers variable fonts to choose from, which you can use to create your own typography for a particular file.
  4. The Dark theme makes it easier for users who prefer night-time browsing on Firefox. As it comes with auto-preference settings to switch this theme on/off, so you can turn on this mode as per your requirement.

How To Enable Dark Theme In Firefox?

If you are looking for ways to activate the Dark theme, click on the Menu under Mozilla Firefox. Then select ‘Add-ons’ from the drop-down menu. You can also access Add-ons by typing Ctrl+Shift+A keys simultaneously. After this, click on ‘Themes’ option on the left pane of the Add-ons Manager page. Here, you can choose the ‘Dark’ option and click on the ‘Enable’ button to activate this theme. As you select this option, the Firefox theme will turn black instantly. You can even activate Firefox Sync to enable your selected theme on other PCs. It is only possible if you have earlier signed into Firefox on those particular devices. To adjust this setting, click on the Menu bar and select ‘Options’. Then click ‘Firefox Account’ and modify ‘Firefox Sync settings’.

Add Dark Theme Using Configuration Settings On Firefox

  • Add Dark Theme Using Configuration Settings On FirefoxIn order to enable Dark mode in Mozilla Firefox from Configuration settings, type ‘about:config’ in the Firefox search option. Locate the Preference Name of ‘devtools.theme’ and double-click on it.  Then type ‘dark’ in the box for ‘Enter string value’ and click ‘OK’. It will instantly turn the previous Firefox theme into Dark Developer Edition mode.
  • If you want to disable or enable Firefox Dark theme, you can do so by changing the string value of the devtools.theme. To switch to the Light theme, simply type ‘light’ in the devtools.theme string value box. To disable these Light/Dark developer edition themes, locate the ‘browser.devedition.theme.enabled’ preference under Firefox’s about:config page. Then double-click on this option and change this value from ‘true’ to ‘false’. It will automatically turn the theme as default Firefox. You can also restore to the Default theme by clicking on Firefox Menu and selecting ‘Restore Defaults’.

Steps To Switch Between Default, Light and Dark Theme In Firefox

Steps To Switch Between Default, Light and Dark Theme In FirefoxIf you are looking for instant ways to switch between these three themes instantly, its difficult to follow the above method. As you will have to access the about:config page frequently and change the theme into Default/ Light/ Dark. Hence, to make your task easier, you can apply these following steps.

  • Go to the about:config page in Firefox and type ‘theme’ in the Search bar. Locate the Preference Name ‘browser.devedition.theme.showCustomizeButton’ and set its value as ‘true’ with a double-click.
  • As you hit the F12 button, the Developer Tools will appear on the bottom of the Firefox page. So, open the Developer Tools toolbar and click on ‘Settings’. Under Themes, you will get the checkbox of ‘Use Developer Edition browser theme’. Make sure to tick the box and it will change the theme immediately. Also, you can switch between the themes by selecting any of the radio buttons.