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Echo Dot Setup (Step By Step Guide 2020)

Amazon Echo Dot is rocking the Amazon Echo family with its first, second, and third generations, consistently. You can make your jobs way easier with simple hands-free commands. Even when you are feeling bored, you can discover new things by asking Alexa some off-beat and funny questions.

Whatever you like to do on Alexa, you need to set it up for proper use. If you have recently bought an Amazon Echo Dot, then you might need Echo Dot setup instructions to set it up properly. Know how to connect your Echo Dot to the internet connection along with other necessary setup processes. 

Perform Echo Dot Setup Instructions Step by Step:

Amazon Echo Dot can respond to your command as quickly as possible due to its seven built-in microphones. Echo Dot can hear you from literally any room of your house even in the presence of a crowd. Whatever you are doing, you can play music or audiobook on Echo Dot without getting your hands off from your job. It is that easy with your Amazon Echo Dot device. 

There are loads of things to discover about your Amazon device. To know them in detail, all you need to go through is Echo Dot setup instructions step by step.

Step 1: Download and Install the Alexa App

Alexa app is the unskippable application if you have ever bought an Amazon Echo Dot device. Through this app only, you can set up your Amazon device. Otherwise, you can’t make use of the device to the full extent.

Well, the Alexa app is designed for smartphones and tablets with Android 5.1 or above, iOS 11.0 or higher, and Fire OS 5.3.3 or above. If you have smartphones or tablets with all these specifications, then you are able to download and install the app. Just use the App Store which is compatible with your Operating System. Look out for the Alexa app and install it.

If you want to download the same app on your computer, then you are able to do that, too. Firstly, connect your computer to a secured internet connection. Then you have to visit the official website of Amazon Alexa. Browse the website to download the same application for your computer.

Step 2: Switch on your Echo Dot

Now, after you have downloaded the Alexa app, it’s time to configure your Amazon Echo Dot. You got the Amazon Echo Dot inside a packed box. Unpack the device and remove all the wrapping materials. 

Echo Dot requires no battery to run. It simply gets its power from a power outlet. Plugin the power adapter to the Echo Dot by one end. Push the other end of the power adapter to a nearby power socket. Switch on the key associated with the power outlet. If the blue ring appears on your Echo Dot, then it means then the power connection is successful.

This step doesn’t end here. You need to wait till the blue light turns into an orange one. This is because Alexa prepares itself to greet you for the first time. Once completed, Alexa will ensure that the device is ready for the setup procedures.

Step 3: Connect Amazon Echo Dot to the Internet Connection

You have performed two preliminary setup processes till now. In this step, you have to connect the Echo Dot device to the home network or reliable Wi-Fi connection around your house. If you are facing difficulty with connecting the device to the network, then you might consider an alternative way.

Just explore the Alexa app installed on your device and browse for the available networks around you. If you have bought multiple Echo Dots, then you should proceed with the Devices tab. There on the top carousel, you might locate the icon of Echo Dot and Alexa. Tap on it and select the Echo Dot device. You can additionally check out the Wi-Fi network status under the Wireless heading on the same app. Use the correct Wi-Fi network and its corresponding password to get access to the internet connection.

When you are done with the Wi-Fi connection, you can save the Wi-Fi password for later use. It makes it easier to add other devices to the same Alexa app when you wish to operate those devices with the commands on the Amazon Echo Dot device. When you are using multiple Amazon Echo Dot devices, you can create a group of them on the Alexa app.

Step 4: Talk to Alexa

To start everything over your Amazon Echo Dot, you have to call it by the name ‘Alexa’. This is the general name of any Echo device. But if you have any family member named Alexa, then you might want to change its name. 

It is possible to change the wake word from Alexa to something else. Simply ask Alexa to change its wake word. You can also change its wake word through the Alexa app, manually. Well, you can rename the device with the ‘Echo’, ‘Computer’, ‘Amazon’. But you can’t name it with any other arbitrary name. 

Step 5: Use your Amazon Echo Dot

Hopefully, you have followed all the above-mentioned steps of Echo Dot setup instructions till now. If you have performed all the steps correctly, you can now talk to your Amazon Echo Dot device. You can check out if Echo is working properly by running out some vocal commands. For example, if you start with a ‘Hello,’ you might expect a ‘Hello’ in return from the Echo Dot.

There are more and more things that you can discover about Echo Dot. Besides greeting you, you can check out the whole list consisting of what Alexa is capable of. You can check out two features named Things To Try and Skills & Games to discover new things about your Echo Dot. 

Ask Alexa about the weather condition, traffic updates, send SMSs, stream music, control home smart devices. You can turn on or off smart lights if you have connected them to the Amazon Echo Dot. 

Step 6: Connect Some More Devices

You can add up so many smart home devices with your Alexa app to connect those items to the Amazon Echo Dot device. Explore the Alexa app. Go to the Devices tab. There you can notice a + icon at the top-right corner of the app. Tap on that icon.

After that, click on the Add Device option. If devices are available near the device, they all will show up in the app. Choose the devices that you need to connect. If you don’t find the desired one, you might proceed with the Other option. Alexa will further try to connect your devices.

There is a smarter way to manage all the connected smart devices through the Alexa app. You can add numerous devices to a particular group. Groups are highly effective if you are dealing with more than one Amazon Echo Dot.

Summing Up

Amazon Echo Dot is great stuff to enjoy all your audiobooks, podcasts, music whether you are online or offline. What’s amazing about Amazon Echo Dot is its audio quality. Besides connecting to other smart devices, you can enrich the volume of the streaming music by connecting this device to an external speaker. You might use a compatible Bluetooth speaker to amplify the content. 

But keep in mind that Amazon Echo Dot is capable of connecting only one Bluetooth speaker at a time. Perform the above-mentioned step to connect that external speaker to the Echo Dot. We hope that you find this Echo Dot setup instructions guide useful enough.