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Simple Hacks To Download iCloud For Windows

iCloud is a cloud computing solution developed by Apple Inc that offers storage facility and apps for mobile, tablet and desktop. iCloud can store videos, photos, documents, and various essential data online. Also, it can sync it with iOS devices. Users prefer iCloud because of its sophistication and straightforward approach. That enables users to use this tool freely and efficiently.

The principle behind this application is a hybrid solution that blends software and infrastructure to provide a platform where you can easily synchronize files and data. Earlier the apple products were exclusive for iOS devices only. But now, Windows users can also take advantage of this quality cloud computing application. If you are looking to download iCloud for Windows, then you are at the right place. So, let’s see how to download icloud in Windows10.


Learn Simple Techniques To Download iCloud On Windows         


Before you initiate the downloading process, first, sign in to your iCloud account with the Apple ID. If you are an iPhone or iPad users, then you already have an account. Otherwise, create an account using an iOS device.


Create An Apple ID On Your iOS device


To create an account, go to the Settings of your device. Then, choose iCloud and tap Create a new Apple ID option. Next, Enter all the personal info like birth date, name and choose your existing Email ID or create a new one for iCloud. After that, you need to provide your Email ID to create a new password. Also, verify your password and select a security question according to your choice. Write the answer and repeat the process to test. After creating a proper password, accept the license agreement. Then, you will get two option Don’t Merge or Merge. If you select the Merge option, then iCloud will sync all the data from Safari. And click OK to enable the My iPhone feature.


Download iCloud On Windows


If you want to download the iCloud for your Windows system, then go to the iCloud webpage. After that, search for iCloud download option. Once you can locate the item, double-click on the setup. Next, mark the box of I accept all the terms and agreement window. Then, tap Install and wait for the iCloud to install. When the installation is complete, select the Finish button. Then, choose Yes restart your system or No to restart manually to terminate the install. After restarting your PC, enter the Apple ID and tap Sign-In. Now, you have got the full control of Apple’s iCloud on your Windows system.


Select What To Sync


iCloud covers several bases that you cannot imagine. And it is irrelevant to sync all the items into your System. So, it is better to tick all the essential boxes and then tap Apply.

The application you have installed is an iCloud drive, iCloud Photos, and bookmarks for syncing Safari to Internet Explorer. With the help of this tool, you can manage contacts, calendars. Users can also integrate the Outlook on Windows.


Add iCloud To File Explorer

We are providing this tip since the iCloud cannot link to your Quick Access panel in File Explorer. So, you need to pin the iCloud to Quick Access panel. To perform this process, go to the C drive. As your iCloud Folder will be in the main folder that is C drive. Hence, explore the director’s location in File Explorer. Then, Locate the iCloud Drive folder and click the icon to open the menu list. After that, scroll down the list and search for the Pin To Quick Access to add on the File Explorer permanently.



We hope after reading this article, you can easily download iCloud for Windows. If you are still witnessing any problem, then learn steps and apply correctly. We guarantee you that you will able to download iCloud in Windows 10.