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DOTA 2 Intermediate Guide: Play Like A Pro

DOTA 2 might seem like a simple online game, but it’s a tricky one that requires years of dedication to master its gameplay. Due to this, newbies face a lot of hardships while competing against professionals.

You might be familiar with the game’s basics and assume you’re well-equipped to play it. However, you will probably fail to decide what to do when it comes to playing proper roles with strategies and hero picks.

Below listed are some of the best tried and tested DOTA 2 hacks to get better and improve your gameplay. Let’s dive in right away!

Tweak your game settings according to your preferences

When it comes to the DOTA 2 in-game settings, there is no optimal guide for anyone to follow. At the end of the day, it is all about your personal preferences.

When you’re just starting with the game, invest some time in going through the settings menu. DOTA 2 allows its players to change the tiniest of details in the  game’s settings.

For example, settings like turning the auto-attack ON/OFF or using quick cast have a significant impact on your game. Similarly, it’s essential to map your hotkeys. In a nutshell, knowing your in-game settings and implementing the best combinations is the key in DOTA 2.

Play with professional gamers to learn new things

Since it is a complex game, you can’t master and learn the entire game on your own. And since there is no end to learning in DOTA 2, playing with gamers better than you can help undo your mistakes and improve the basics.

The sooner you strengthen your basics, the quicker you can get strong at individual heroes and play styles. Additionally, playing with your friends will help you understand what to focus on at the moment and what to leave for now.

Try different roles simultaneously

DOTA 2 has several roles for you to play and master instead of sticking to any single role. From the carry to the position five support, keep playing multiple roles simultaneously to know what the enemy is capable of doing and how certain game matchups work.

For example, if you’re a carry player, you can simultaneously play semi-carry or offlane to know how either of these manipulates the game to their advantage.

This way, while playing as a carry, you get to know about and plan against an offlane or semi-carry.

Constantly check your opponent’s team

A key difference between good DOTA 2 players and better DOTA 2 players is the latter’s interest in knowing about their opponent’s team. By doing so, even novices playing their first few games can race ahead of their seniors.

Thus, keep a close eye on your opponent’s team.

Enjoy your game

DOTA 2 is a stressful game in which you are bound to experience a few bad days. From facing toxic opponents to results going the other way, every DOTA 2 player has to go through these testing times.

This not only influences your game by putting excess pressure on you for the next game but also pressurizes your teammates. Hence, you must enjoy your game and take frequent breaks to relax your mind.

Since DOTA 2 is immersive, you are prone to feeling fatigued eventually.

Communication within your team is the key

Success in DOTA 2 depends upon how effective communication happens within your team. This becomes more crucial when you want to communicate to your team about how you want to proceed.

For example, whether you would just farm or join a fight, effective communication on these will help your team members strategize their attacks and their execution.

The same goes for your team’s point of view. For example, they should communicate to you when they are going for a fight if they need you to attack, and so on.

Get the right DOTA 2 gear

Many would argue that gear has nothing much to do in the context of your DOTA 2 performance; however, it’s not so. Starting from your training to competitive matches, the gear you use will drastically impact your performance in DOTA 2.

Therefore, carefully choose your gaming mouse, monitor, keyboard, and headset, among others. If you’re having a hard time trying and testing multiple gadgets, stick with the ones you feel comfortable with.


Whether you’re new to the DOTA 2 battle arena video game or a seasoned player with loads of experience, the game will come to challenge you with its new tricks every time. Since it’s an immersive game, practically no one can master it immediately. However, you can taste quick success if you follow the above seven tried & tested DOTA 2 hacks.