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Dlink Wireless Router DAP 1525 Setup Guide [Step-by-Step]

In this fast pacing world of digital advancements, WiFi routers are a commonplace. However, at present, all of us look for smarter means. And WiFi routers are no exception to this norm.

We all look for WiFi routers that are multifunctional, faster, and smarter. And when talking about smart routers, the Dlink wireless router DAP 1525 certainly stands out among the rest. The DAP 1525 is a revolutionary device with multi-utility capabilities.

These routers function as a central connecting point for any wireless device within the AP range with an 802.11g network interface. However, just having one is not enough. You must also know the procedure of Dlink wireless router DAP 1525 setup. And that’s where users step into trouble.

This is because if you are a not a tech-savvy person, you might not entirely conversant with the setup process. Therefore, in this article, we are going to guide you through the procedure of Dlink wireless router DAP 1525 setup, offering you the simplest ways to do the same. Hence, shed away your worries and read our article thoroughly.

Easy and Effective Hacks of Dlink Wireless Router DAP 1525 Setup

Are you worried about the setup procedure of Dlink Wireless Router DAP 1525? If so, fear not. It is not that difficult task. To set up the wireless WiFi router, follow the under-mentioned steps.

Step 1

First and foremost, turn on the power button of the DAP-1525 by means of an Ethernet cable. Once done, you need to connect your WiFi device with your computer. In case you intend to use the Access Point mode, you got to set up your wireless router device to AP 2.4GHz”.

Step 2

The moment you establish the connection, you got to initialize the system browser, you need to visit the specified official Dlink address. Once you click on the address, it will direct you straight into the login screen of the DAP-1525. You need to put in your username and password in order to log in. You can use your default username which is “admin”.

Step 3

As soon as you log in, you will be directed to the setup screen. Once there, press on the “Launch Wireless Setup Wizard” icon in order to initiate the setup process.

Step 4

In completion of the above step, a message, containing the details regarding the wizard will pop up. If you are sure about proceeding further with the steps, then go ahead and press on the Next button. And in case you do not wish to proceed further with the steps that follow, you can click on the Cancel button.

Step 5

On proceeding further, you will come across two ways of setting up the Dlink wireless router DAP 1525. One is WPS, that is to say, WiFi Protected Setup process. However, you can avail this procedure in case the other devices of your house are set up by means of the same procedure.

However, it is better to opt for the manual process. And if you go with the manual process, you will have to assign a name to your network which is the SSID as well as the network key. Though this is not mandatory.

However, we recommend you to do so. Furthermore, the best part is that. With SSID, you can select the same name that you have assigned to other WiFi devices. However, you can also assign a separate unique name to your router.

Step 6

After you set up the optional network key as well as the SSID, a configuration screen is going to pop up. The confirmation screen contains all the necessary details for you to consider. All you need to do is press on the Save icon. The moment you do so, the DAP 1525 wireless WiFi router is going be set up.

Step 7

After you have successfully set up your DAP router, you must plug out your WiFi device from your computer. And then, you can connect your device instead to your network by means of a properly functioning network cable. It is going to take a few seconds for the connection to be on.


As soon as it secures the connection, you are going to find an AP or wireless switch lit up. This light indicates that the connection is on. And now that the connection is powered on, the network will get transmitted for all other wireless devices in your house.

Additional Precautionary Measures to Consider

However, on this note, we must draw your attention to something very important for you to consider. And that is, when you execute the setup procedure, you must ensure that the firmware is updated to the latest version. So first, you must install an updated version of the firmware in your PC. To do this, from a bowser, reach out to Tools.

And from there, move over to Firmware. Under this, reach out to the Firmware Upgrade section and navigate over to the file that you just downloaded. Once done, press on the “Upload” option.

On completion of the entire process, your Dlink wireless router DAP 1525 setup process is finally complete. Your router must run accurately after you successfully set up the device on  your Mac.

Step by Step Guidance to Configure the Dlink Wireless Router DAP 1525

However, all is not over yet. As after the set up is done, you also need to configure your DAP 1525. The steps for you to do so are cited as under:

Step 1

Establish the connection of your DAP 1525 with your computer by means of an Ethernet cable in order to configure your device. Connect your device to the network. Now, the next part is to log into your DAP 1525 device and ascribe an IP address to your system.

Step 2

For you to derive access to the Configuration Utility, you need to launch a web browser in the respective address field.

Step 3

In completion of the step cited above, you need to feed in your Admin Username and put in your password.

Step 4

After the successful login to your device, you need to press on the Launch Wireless Setup Wizard in order to configure the Dlink 1525.

Step 5

Choose the configuration method. You can either select the manual or else the WPS method. After that, you got to adhere to the instructions popping up on the screen in order to proceed further with the configuration process.

Step 6

In case you choose to go with the manual procedure, you need to first ascribe a name to your network and use a separate network key for the successful configuration of your device. With this, you are almost done. Finally, all you need to do is change the IP settings of your System.

Concluding Note

With these easy and effective steps the process of Dlink wireless router DAP 1525 setup should be no more than a plaything to you. So, in case you wish to set up your Dlink wireless router DAP 1525, follow the guidelines, we suggested and make the best use of your router device.