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Dlink AC3200 Ultra WiFi Router Setup: A Practical Guide

The AC3200 Ultra WiFi router is one of the best routers that comes with a lot of advanced features. These routers offer a Setup Wizard and that is the most convenient way to set up your router as well. With all the top features, this router model has become the more preferable one among the huge number of users nowadays. If you are looking for the methods of Dlink AC3200 Ultra WiFi Router Setup then you are in the right place.

Here in this article, you will find the most feasible procedure that will surely help you to set up your Dlink router at the earliest. So, it is recommended that you go through the entire article and follow the steps exactly the same as stated below. Do not skip any step or make any mistake while performing the steps.

Incredible Way Of Dlink AC3200 Ultra WiFi Router Setup

If you are seeking the proper methods to setup Dlink AC3200 router then undergo these steps and ease your work in an instant. So, let’s start a brief discussion on that.

Step 1: Making the Hardware Connection

This is the very first step you have to perform. You need to make the hardware connections properly. Hardware links necessarily connect the modem to your router and then connect your router to the computer that is working. But you need to keep some important things in mind and follow the proper ways while making the connections. Hence, go through the steps and set up your Dlink AC3200 Ultra WiFi router.

Step 2: Attach the Router and the Modem

  • The first thing you need to do is to join the power adapter that came with your Dlink router to the power supply and the router.
  • After that, attach the modem to your router by using an ethernet cable. You have to connect one end of the cable with your modem and the other end to the WAN port of your router device. Basically, the WAN port is black or yellow in color and situated at the side of the router.
  • Now, turn on your Dlink router and the modem both and keep waiting for some moments while Power, WAN, and the WiFi lights are turning on. The time depends on the model of the router. Sometimes it may need more time as well.

Step 3: Connect Dlink Router with a Computer

It is possible to easily connect your Dlink router to your PC through both wired and wireless connections. Keeping that on the mind here we are going to illustrate some common tricks that will ease your work.

Making the Wireless Connection:

In case if you are using a wireless connection to set up your router then follow this process. First, you have to turn on your router and modem, both. Then navigate to the Network option and click on the network name that is linked with your router. Now, you can see “Dlink” is appearing on the screen. After choosing the network name, you have to enter the username and password. Now, tap on the “Connect” option to join your router with your computer.

Making the Wired Connection:

If you are using a wired connection, then first you have to take an ethernet cable and connect your computer and the router. The ethernet port is located at the back of your computer. It may vary depending upon the device. But for laptops, you can find the ports on along sides as well.

Step 4: Set up Dlink Router

After joining the connection properly, it’s time to set up your Dlink router. Let’s have a deep look at the rest of the article and do it on your own.

  • The very first thing you have to do is to open a web browser that is installed on your device.
  • Now, type the IP address of your router. By any case, if the IP address is unknown for your then you may try or It is the default address for Dlink routers.
  • Now, you can see a login page displayed on the screen. Click on the login icon and enter the correct user name and password. If you did not change the password earlier, then type “admin’ in both the boxes. After giving the password and username press the OK button.
  • Finally, choose the Setup Wizard to continue with the procedure.

Step 5: Set up with Wizard

  • After completing the previous steps, choose your connection type. DHCP is common for most of the model.
  • After that, choose PPPoE for your network protocol type. In case if you are not sure about the type of the protocol then you may contact your ISP to know the type. When you select PPPoE, you may be asked to enter the PPPoE password and username.
  • After that, click on the Next button to continue the setup process. Now, choose your time zone from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, choose the Next button to complete the procedure. After that, tap on Save to save the changes. After that, check the connection by opening a website on your browser.
  • In case you are unable to do that, then restart your device and try again.

The above-mentioned steps will help you to set up your Dlink AC3200 Ultra WiFi router in an instant. But in case you find any sort of difficulties then look for an expert’s help. Moreover, you can also write to us. Leave your valuable comment in the box below. We will be glad to know your feedback.