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DirectX Download Windows 10: A Complete Guide

DirectX is a popular set of drivers used by the latest version of Windows. In Windows 10, this supports the software which is used for especially video gaming purposes. Furthermore, it allows the audio card as well as advanced video card technology to improve the video and audio performance.

It enhances the sound quality at the time of playing the video games as well as gaming speed with the help of updated gaming software and applications. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of DirectX which must be compatible with your device OS. Otherwise, you need to upgrade or re-install this gaming driver as soon as possible.

How To Play Games In DirectX-Easy Process To Handle

To enjoy the latest gaming experience, you may use the DirectX to make your gaming environment better. To perform it, download and install the DirectX installer first. Here, we have given the methods of how to download it. You may try those to resolve it quickly while you come across the gaming app issue.

Download Process Of DirectX

Open Microsoft Official site and click on the DirectX download link. After choosing an appropriate link, you need to click the “Download” button to start the download process. Next, tap on the blue button to save the downloaded file in your PC. Microsoft will recommend you a couple of other products. You can uncheck those boxes if you are not interested. Now, click on ‘Next’ button which gives you the scope to rename the folder. However, after successfully downloading, you need to install it correctly.

How To Install It?

Now, double-click on ‘DirectX installer’ executable files and run it to install the DirectX. After that, select the location where you want to store the data. If you install it later, then you can follow the process below.

First, click on Start and type in “dxdiag” in the search box and hit the Enter key from keyboard to open the DirectX end-user installer. It will take a few minutes to finish the installation process.

Facing Issue With DirectX?

Sometimes, you may see that your gaming app is disabled automatically while you are trying to access it. An outdated driver can cause severe issues. As a result, it doesn’t provide you with the best performance. Additionally, you won’t be able to get all the excellent latest feature without updating the driver.

Method 1: Update DirectX

Update DirectXFirst, check whether your DirectX is updated or not. So, open the DirectX installer and tap on the “System” tab. It will show the version of DirectX which is running currently. If you see that it is the older version of this gaming app, then you can’t enjoy the latest gaming feature without updating it.

Type “Windows Update” in the search box and press enter key to access the tool. Now, choose the option “Check for updates” from the left pane of the window. It will show the available Windows updates on the screen.

Therefore, tap on “Install Now” to start the installation process. It will upgrade your DirectX with the latest version.

Method 2: Install Latest DirectX

Install Latest DirectXFirst, type in “Control” in the search box and hit the enter button to open the Control Panel. Now, go to “Programs & Features” to access the list of installed apps. Choose the “DirectX installer” and right-click on it and select “Update” to complete the upgrade process. Finally, tap on “OK” to confirm it. This will take a few moments to finish. Then, restart your system and check whether the latest update is available in your app or not.

In this article, we have discussed the process of how to download and install DirectX in Windows 10. However, it will be beneficial for the non-tech savvy persons to handle the DirectX issues quickly by updating the latest version of this gaming app.

Again, you can re-install it if you encounter with this app with the help of the above effective solutions.