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Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625CDW Setup: Step-Wise Guidance

The product of Dell color cloud multifunction H625CDW printer is known as one of the most versatile devices for increasing productivity and work efficiency. With this printer, you can connect to the cloud network directly and it also offers low power consumption. Hence, you can fetch your documents, pictures or any other important files from your cloud profile and take the printouts instantly. Despite its growing popularity, a majority of users are unable to apply the installation process correctly. So, if you want to know the step-by-step instructions to install this multi-purpose printer, keep reading this article. Here, you will get to learn the steps for the Dell color cloud multifunction printer H625CDW setup. Also, you can know the features of this printing machine and the list of benefits of installing it. So, let’s start with some of the interesting aspects of this multifunction printing machine from Dell.

Features you can get with the Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625CDW Setup

If you are considering this Dell printer for your system, you should be aware of its benefits and some technical specification. So, before covering the details on the Dell color cloud multifunction printer H625CDW setup, let’s discuss its top features.

With this device, users can print, scan, send/receive FAX and connect to a wide range of cloud services. There is a feature of Dell Document Hub, which allows them to print documents directly from the cloud storage.

This Dell multi-function device can scan large volumes in comparatively small time duration. It is possible due to a dual-head, single-pass, duplex document feeder in the printing machine. Hence, it can scan up to 50-sheets automatically at a faster rate.

There is an Optical Character Recognition unit in the printer, which works along with cloud technology. Its purpose is to detect the content in the input documents and convert them into searchable and editable data.

You can obtain printouts quite fast, as the printer has a speed up to 25 ppm for simple black/color printing. This Dell printer can save your papers up to 50% due to its dual-sided printing feature. The users don’t even have to make these settings, as it is present with the device automatically.

On installing the Dell color cloud multifunction printer H625CDW setup, you can choose the requisite printing options. It enables to take printout on renewable, recycled and chlorine-free pages.

Instructions For Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625CDW Setup

The following steps will help you to proceed with the Dell color cloud multifunction printer H625CDW setup. However, you need to go through the safety instructions that come along with the printer’s user manual. Now, let’s discuss the steps to do the setup for this All-in-One printer from Dell.

Some Useful Information before Setting Up the Printer

After carefully assembling the printing machine, add paper to the tray by following proper instruction. Make sure that you are feeding legal-sized paper after going through the User’s Guide.

Now, if you are connecting the printer using USB, examine the ports and then, insert the cable. However, for wireless connection, avoid connecting any Ethernet or USB cable to the printer’s ports.

If you want to use this printer for sending or receiving a FAX, you will have to connect your telephone cable. So, after finishing the cable connections to the printer, plug the power cord into it.

Next, switch on your printer and wait for the setup page to appear on the screen. In case, it doesn’t show up, you can connect your printer to a wireless-enabled PC or laptop.

Steps for Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer H625CDW Setup on Wireless System

You can follow these steps for installing the WiFi printer using the Dell Printer software on any device. This will help you to initiate printing from all the devices connected to the printer via a wireless network. So, let’s check out the steps to install Dell H625CDW multi-purpose printer.

Switch on Printer and Insert Installation Disc:

Connect the power cord from the wall outlet to the printer and press the ‘Power’ button. As the screen of your device gets initiated, you need to set the initial settings for the first time. So, select the preferred language, your country, date, time and fax configuration.

After finishing the initial setup, there are instructions to connect your printer to the computer. So, decide where you want to install H625CDW Dell printer on Windows or Mac based PC. Now, to establish the connection over a wireless network, insert the installation media in your computer.

If you don’t have the Dell Printer Installer CD/DVD, visit the website official page. Then, type the printer’s service tag and download the recent version of drivers and software.

Install Dell Printer Easy Software:

To begin the setup, you will have to open the application for Dell Printer Easy Install. As the window appears for the installation wizard, wait until it detects the printer. Once, it displays the printer icon for H625CDW, hit the ‘Install’ button. Then, apply the on-screen steps and complete the setup for Dell printer.

On specific device, you may have to open the Start menu in order to set up your printer. Hence, simply click on Start and then, access the Run dialog box on Windows-based PC. You will have to press both the Windows logo and R button to open this box and type ‘appropriate setup.exe’.

As you see the installer file for Dell Printer Easy Install, click on ‘Setup’. Then, wait until Windows finishes all the steps and generates ‘Ready to Print’ message.

Connect Printer to Wireless Network:

Your next task is to locate the drivers necessary for connecting the Dell printer to a network. So, if you are using Windows-based OS, click on Start and go to ‘Control Panel’.

Then, select the tab for ‘Hardware and Sound’ and find the feature of ‘Devices and Printers’. So, locate the printer that has model number H625CDW and set it as your default printing device on Windows.

To add this printer through wireless, first, click on the Windows Start and then ‘Programs’. Next, locate the program for ‘Dell Printers’ and select ‘Dell Printer Home’.

Thereafter, tap on ‘Settings’ and choose the option of ‘Wireless setup utility’. This will help the computer’s wireless network to detect the Dell printer and show it in the list. Now, you can easily use the printer to accomplish all your printing job.


However, you still need to set the network key for obtaining printouts from H625CDW Dell printer. There are a separate set of instructions to connect this printer to mobile devices. Also, you need to have an in-depth understanding of Dell Document Hub in order to print photos, web content, documents directly, via Ethernet or WiFi. You can also read other articles, listed on our website, regarding Dell color cloud multifunction printer H625CDW setup and tips to install it on various operating systems.