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Delete Skype Account With Easy Hacks | Trusted Solutions

Closing the Skype account is more difficult than it needs to be. No service provider will advertise the option for the account deletion upfront. So, deleting the Skype account is a process with multiple steps. Go through the article to delete Skype account effectively.

How To Delete Skype Account

Well, there is no magic button for deleting your Skype account permanently. You will have to contact Microsoft support team for closing the account. That would be easy right? However, you must follow the steps below especially the crucial ones before you close your Skype account.

You must unlink your Microsoft account from Skype and cancel the subscriptions. Request the refund if any. If you have one, cancel the Skype number. If you have a recurring payment, disable the auto-renew feature. Remove all your details from Skype and sign out of all your devices.

Difference between Skype And Microsoft Account

If you have used a Microsoft account for signing in to the Skype account, your Microsoft account will be deleted along with Skype. After all, your Microsoft account is used for Xbox, Outlook, OneDrive along with other Microsoft services.

So, if you are about to delete your account, make sure you first unlink the Microsoft account. This will allow you to use that account without any problem or interruption.

Deleting Skype Account

Deleting Skype Account

Sign in to Skype using the Skype website in your browser and go to the account settings from settings and preferences under the account details section. Here, click unlink beside the option of your Microsoft account. Now unlink the account you need to confirm your action.

If you have not linked your Microsoft account, it means the account is not linked anymore and you can proceed to the next step. Now, go to your subscriptions and cancel them and stop the recurring payments as well. Confirm your action to finish the cancellation process.

Next comes the Skype number if you have purchased where your contacts are fully loaded. Go to manage features option and then to your Skype number. Click on settings and then select cancel Skype number.

Your Skype number remains active untill expiry and remains booked for 90 days post-expiry.  During that period you can purchase the number back and renew it. To renew, go to the manage feature and then to Skype number and click on Reactivate next to it. You can’t request any refund for Skype number.

If you have recurring payments for topping up the Skype credit whenever needed, you will have to disable the Auto-Recharge option. Go to the account details and then to billing and payments. Next, go to status, you will find the auto-recharge tab. Click on it and then disable the same.

After you have done everything mentioned above, call Skype Support and request them for closing your Skype account.

Closing Microsoft Account Along With Skype

Closing Microsoft Account Along With Skype

If you are not using the Microsoft account associated with Skype for any other service, you can use this method for closing the Skype account as well.

Log in to the Microsoft account on the web first. You will need to verify your identity by entering the code Microsoft sends you on your registered mobile number or email ID. Click on next.

In the next page, you will find instructions with checkboxes. Before you tick all the boxes, read every caution carefully. Don’t follow this method if something doesn’t go well with you in the warning list. After you have checked every box, select a reason why you are closing the account and click on mark account for closure. It will take up to 60 days for Microsoft to close your account.

Consequences of Closing Skype Account

If you delete an account, all the data associated with it will be deleted as well.  It goes the same for Skype. Delete your account and all the data related to it including chat history, purchases and contacts. It might take up a month for your name to disappear from the Skype Directory.

If you still don’t want people to find you before your profile disappears make changes in your profile. Change your profile pic and message. Also, set the status to invisible or offline and remove other personal information from your Skype profile.

How To Remove Personal Information

How To Remove Personal Information

To change your profile picture, go to my info and tap on your profile picture, then delete it or change it. To update the status and mood message, tap on the profile picture and you will be taken to the page for updating the status. Click on enter mood message to type the status message.

To set your status online or invisible, go to my status and then to status. Or, go to files and then to change status option, whichever you find. Now set your status as per your requirements. Now, people will not be able to see you on Skype anymore.

Signing out of Skype from all the devices is easy. Use one of the devices where you are logged in, open the chat window and type the command remote log out and hit enter. You will be logged out of all your devices at once. Don’t forget to log out of the Skype from the current device.

How To Remove Other Profile Details From Skype

How To Remove Other Profile Details From Skype

If you update your profile details using the web interface, it will be easier for you. Go to Settings and preferences and select edit profile. Now, navigate to the personal information section and click edit. Remove all the information that can identify your profile and the contact in detail.

In the mandatory fields, enter some random alphabets. However, you will have to leave the email address so that Microsoft can verify it’s you at the time of closing the account. The information will be removed after your account is closed. Also, you can’t change your Skype name.