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D-Link Router DIR615 Setup: A Comprehensive Guide

D-Link DIR615 is basically a home broadband router. You can use it in any ISP network in order to turn the wired network in the region where WiFi is accessible. It helps you to connect a single internet line to the Laptop, PC, mobile, as well as other smart devices such as Tablet, Wireless Printer, etc. It has the wireless speed of almost 300Mbps and is equipped with 5 dBi Dual Omni Antenna. The DIR615 router is available in the market with 1 WAN and 4 LAN Port. This is done with the sole purpose of connecting a wired network into the LAN. D-Link router DIR615 setup and configuration can easily be done if you go through this informative article thoroughly. Let’s take a look at some of the handy steps to set up this router.

D-Link Router 615 Manual Setup Guide

Before going forward with the D-Link Router DIR615 setup, you need to ensure that you have proper internet connectivity and a functioning PC. In order to set up the D-Link wireless router, you will need information like Default IP Address, Default Username, and Password. You will get to know every detail of the setup at the backside of your wireless router. If you are unable to find them, go through the below section.

D-Link DIR615 Default Settings

  1. D-Link Default IP Address – 192. 168.01
  2. Default Username – Admin
  3. Default D-Link Password – Blank.

D-Link DIR615 Wireless Router Login

First, you need to connect your router to the Laptop or PC LAN port. After that, you need to configure the Laptop/PC LAN port in DHCP mode. Otherwise, you can add the D-Link Default series IP address in the Laptop LAN IP. After performing all the above steps, open either Google or Firefox and enter 192.168.01 in the URL.

After that, press Enter. The D-Link Router Login Page will appear and you will find the username and password option if you wish to log in. Just enter the default username Admin and leave the Password option blank. Then, press Enter in order to log in.

D-Link Router DIR615 Setup: Manual Configuration

When you log in after providing the router’s first name, you will automatically get redirected to the setup page. In the setup page, you will find the manual configuration method and Wizard. Press on Manual option present in the Setup window.

D-Link DIR615 300Mbps Wireless Router WAN Configuration

In order to configure WAN, you need to know how the ISP serves internet. Moreover, you need to provide Static IP address or username and password in order to setup PPPoE Dial-Up Connection.

You will understand the Static IP Configuration in this user manual. However, if you having PPPoE username and password, then you need to select PPPoE option in place of Static IP.

WAN Access Type

If there are IP Address details, select Static. Moreover, if the username password is available then use PPPoE.

IP Address: Use IP from your ISP.

Subnet Mask: Same that you receive from ISP.

Default Gateway: The one you receive from ISP.

DNS Server 1: Same received from ISP.

DNS Server 2: Received from ISP.

Press Apply Button present at the bottom after you modify the settings.

D-Link DIR615 Wireless Configuration

For D-Link router DIR615 setup, press With Wireless Tab and start with the configuration provided below.


  1. First of all, you need to enable SSID Broadcast. The settings will get enabled.


Wireless Isolation: It will be enabled if you use this option.

Mode: You need to work with the network name here.

Channel: Choose any Channel among1,6 and 15.

Band Width: Select 20/40.


  1. Wireless Security Option: Select security type as per the recommendation from WPA2-PSK.
  2. Pre Shared Key: Enter the wireless password.

How will you Enable D-Link DIR615 Wireless Router WAN Access

For D-Link router DIR615 setup, you need to take care of the WAN Access Settings. It comes with the facility to open the router using the WAN port. Therefore, after enabling this setting you can easily access D-Link router from a remote location using WAN port.

Services Which are Permitted

Web: You need to press web for WAN in order to access the webpage.

Ping: For ping router, you need to enable the Ping option.

Steps to Upgrade DIR615 Firmware with WEB

  1. First of all, you need to navigate to the Maintenance tab. Apart from this, press the Firmware Upgrade option on the left side menu.
  2. Moreover, press Select File Button and search for the firmware which you have downloaded from the official website of D-Link.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article will give you a through step by step procedure pertaining to the D-Link router DIR615 setup. Henceforth, if you follow the above process, you will not face any problem with the setup in the near future. Moreover, you can refer the user manual for any instant help. Also, provide your valuable feedback in the comment section present at the bottom of the website.