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D-Link AC 1750 Router: A Comprehensive Guide To Setup

A router is used to establish a connection between your home network as well as your internet service provider. Therefore, a router is the most important device for your home and office purposes as well. When it comes to the best router, the first name that strikes in our mind is the D-Link router. It is one of the most efficient WiFi devices. Moreover, in case, you are still unable to complete the D-link AC 1750 router setup procedure? Sometimes it is difficult for you set up D-Link router with your own. In order to get rid of this problem, you need a comprehensive guide.

Here, in this article, we have mentioned some easy tricks to set up the D-Link router. Just follow the steps and apply them in order to set up the router on your home or office.

Proper and Effective Ways to Set Up D-Link AC 1750 Router:


In the section below, we are going to give you some effective ways to set up the D-Link AC 1750 router. Therefore, stay in this article and perform the steps accordingly.


Part 1: Connecting to the Hardware


Before going to the configuration process, you need to connect the hardware first. To do that, follow the below section.


Step 1: Switch off the modem. Turn the power off in the modem before connecting to the modem with the router. Also, disconnect all the power cables from the back side of the modem.


Step 2:  You need two Ethernet cables for this setup process. The first one should connect the modem and the router and the second one will connect the router and the computer.  When the setup process gets completed, you can connect your system wirelessly if it has a wireless network adapter.


Step 3: Then, connect the modem with the WAN port of the router. After that, connect one of the LAN ports to the computer’s Ethernet port. Usually, the computer’s ethernet port present on the back side of the computer.


Step 4:  Switch on the modem and then turn on the modem. After that, wait for 30 to 60 seconds for booting up the modem.


Step 5: At that time power on the router and plug the router’s power supply on the back. It will take 30-40 seconds for booting up the router.


Step 6: After that, switch on the computer. Also, you need to ensure that your computer is not connected to any other networks.

Step 7: You will find that a light turns on when you switch on the computer.


Part 2: Accessing the Router


  1. At first, open a web browser and in the search bar, enter the IP address of the router. After that, enter the router password. If you have not changed any settings, then the username section should be already filled by the default username.
  1. Next, select the Manual Internet Connection Setup option from the bottom of your system’s screen. After that, in the primary and secondary DNS server fields, enter the OpenDNS addresses. In case, if you want to return to your old settings, copy the current DNS setting before proceeding further. You should reset the router. To do that, press and hold the Reset button from the back side of the router. When the reset process gets completed, you can able to login with the default login information.

Part 3: Performing First-Time Setup


To set up the router for the first time, you need to perform the steps which are mentioned in the underneath.

Step 1

Firstly, click the Setup Wizard option. If you want to get your router up and running, then click the Setup Wizard option which appears when you log in for the first time in the router.

Step 2

After that, select the launch Internet Connection Setup Wizard option. It will start the configuring process for the router’s network connection and the administrative account. Then, click the Next option to continue when the option pops up on your screen.


Step 3

Next, you need to create an administrator password and write the password on a piece of paper for further use. After that, set the timezone from the router Settings option. From the drop-down menu, select the correct timezone and proceed further.

Step 4


Further, you need to choose your internet connection type. If you are not sure about it, then you should contact the service provider.

Step 5


In the next step, select the Clone your PC Address. Most of the time, this field is already filled with the correct details. Then, click the Save option to apply the settings and hit the Connect button to save your settings. After that, reboot your router and after 5 minutes turn on your D-link router. At last, try to open a page to test the connection.

Part 4: Creating a Wireless network


To create a wireless network, work on the steps that are mentioned in the section below.

  1. At first, enter the IP address into the web browser address’s bar which is connected to the router through the Ethernet, to login to the router.
  2. After that, press the Setup tab to open the setup wizard.
  3. Next, click the Wireless Settings option from the left panel.
  4. Then, check the Enable Wireless box. It will turn on the wireless network when you save the settings option.
  5. Enter a name for the network, do not give any personal information. Because this network is visible publicly.
  6. After that, choose the WPA2 as the Security Mode option which is the most secure method of wireless transmission. Also, create a strong password so that anyone cannot connect to your wireless network. After that, connect your devices with the router.

Now, with this information, the setup process of D-Link AC 1750 router has finished. We hope this context is helpful to you. If you prefer a D-Link router, you need to follow the steps as described in the above section to set up your router on your own. In case, if you face any trouble in any of the above steps, then you can post your doubts in the comment section below. Otherwise, you can also refer the user manual for more reference.