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Custom Website Design vs. WordPress Themes: What’s better?

web-designBuilding a website has become much more common not only for large businesses, enterprises and platforms but also for smaller entrepreneurs, experts and non-business activities. Websites give an opportunity to present information globally about themselves or their projects in an efficient way. The range of website complexity has broadened greatly and now the tools for creating a website for any request and budget are available. The websites vary from the ones done by individuals without any technical background on the content management systems (CMS) like WordPress to the most creative ones with the sophisticated features and custom website design from high-level software development companies. 

When speaking about the website design within this range we could point out two main options, which are WordPress themes and custom website themes. With the growing tendency for simplification and a great variety of available templates, the choice between wordpress or custom websites is more often under the question. Let us try to figure out the main cases of using each option.

In a quality web development outsourcing agency when working on any design they dedicate much time to understanding what a website should look like by asking certain questions:

  • What is the main goal of the website? What has to be achieved?
  • Which color scheme might be appropriate for this audience?
  • Which elements on the website will create the trust of that audience?
  • What is the message of the business/product?
  • What is the target audience? What are their tastes?
  • Which websites of the competitors are successful and what makes them attractive?
  • What kind of content will be presented on the website?
  • Which design trends will help drive more traffic to the website?

A website design is definitely a creative part but it fulfills specific functions, so it is not so much about the tastes and personal preferences. Professionalism is required to create a website design to achieve the goals, possess economic values, and provide a positive customer experience. A software development company with a strong background in design creates a website communicating with a client through impressions and addressing his needs. Of course, the higher extent of customization the higher are the chances to reveal the peculiarities of a certain brand or a product. 

WordPress Themes

WordPress has become a market leader among the content management systems creating opportunities to start a quick website for anyone without a technical background. According to W3Tech, in 2021 WordPress is the top management system, it powers 39% of all websites, and 60% of all CMS are using it. Not only the individual entrepreneurs but also companies like Bayer, Procter & Gamble, Ford use WordPress for the business. So the value and opportunities for people all over the world created by WordPress cannot be denied. 

The CMS does provide the users with a great variety of design templates, which they can select to work for their business goals and target audience. WordPress themes are the designed websites’ frames, which have to be filled with the content The website creators can also take advantage of the rich plugins system to adapt the website effectively. 

Different ways to apply WordPress theme are:

  • original theme version without any changes,
  • WordPress custom designs when a theme is modified with the plugins and alterations to the original code,
  • essential theme alteration with the code changes. 

With the WordPress customizations potential its stereotypical perception of a tool only for beginners and small companies has become quite inaccurate. The professional approach to the UI/UX design has all the chances of creating a website with a unique design serving business’s goals and positive experience for the users. 

Custom Website Design

The website design could be created on a different level with the individual layouts, color palette, animation, customized call-to-action elements. Every detail will be studied and assessed by the project manager then will be placed exactly where supposed to be serving a specific goal. Custom websites are coded only according to the demand of the particular audience on a specific product and a brand. User research and user testing create solid evidence of what the audience likes. On top of that, in a quality outsourcing software agency a design team will maintain some adjustments according to the first analytical results of the website to make it more effective. 

No limitations of the patterns and tools, which are available, anything that will be more efficient and provide a better user experience. Of course, numerous advanced features and sophisticated design require additional attention. A full-circle software development company will suggest testing so that the user enjoys the experience a creator had in mind and smoothly moves to the next step.

Each of the options in website design has its strong points and peculiarities regarding the price, maintenance, flexibility, efficiency, and development terms. Although there is no one-fits-all solution, there is an available option for anyone who decides to start a website for any purpose. Goals, requirements and available resources should be taken into account. Search, analyze, ask yourself questions, address the professionals and create a website that works on accomplishing whatever you have in mind!