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How to Create an Earthlink Web Mail [Step-Wise Guide]

Earthlink is an Internet service provider company based in Georgia, USA. It provides various IT services throughout the country and also offers free webmail to its vast customer base.

Earthlink Webmail offers about 100MB of free space per account with its services. Besides, the email service comes with a built-in security mechanism to protect your account from harmful viruses. 

Various other features like an address book and a spam folder also come with your Web Mail Earthlink. But, to explore those, you need to create an Earthlink Webmail account.

How to Create an Earthlink Web Mail Account?

Earthlink Webmail is one of the best email service providers with millions of users across the globe. To create an account with Web Mail, you need to be an existing customer of Earthlink. 

Note: You can create up to eight different accounts with a single Earthlink service.

You can easily create a new account with Earthlink by visiting its official website. Now follow the steps to successfully register for their webmail service.

  1. First, visit the official website of Earthlink.
  2. In their website, navigate to the ‘My Account’ section. Sign in to your primary Earthlink account to gain access to it.

Note: Enter your Earthlink ID in the username field of the primary email account. It is provided while you sign up for any of its services. Also, provide the password in the required fields.

      3.After signing in, select the ‘Email Profile’ option from the top of the page. To create a webmail account, enter the login credentials.  

      4.Now, click on the “Add Email Profile” to successfully create a new Earthlink Webmail account.

Once you successfully create a webmail account, you can easily access it from the ‘My Account’ section. To sign in to your EarthLink Webmail account, here are the instructions:

  1. In the “My Account” section, enter your new email address with the “@earthlink.net” suffix.
  2. Now, enter the password for your mail in the required field.
  3. Thereafter, click on the “Sign In” option to access your Webmail account.

We hope with the steps provided above, you can create an Earthlink Webmail account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Retrieve Deleted Emails from Earthlink?

To retrieve deleted emails, first, sign in to your Earthlink Webmail account. Once you open your account, find and select the Trash folder. Now, click on the “Recover Deleted Email” button to restore your deleted messages. You can find all your restored emails on the recover folder options.

2. What is Earthlink Spam Blocker?

Companies shed billions of dollars to restrict spam emails. To prevent spams, Earthlink spam blocker comes with 2 different levels. It uses various methods to identify and block all the common types of spams. The messages that are flagged as spam can be found in the Spam folder in Webmail.

3. How to Stop Spam Emails on Earthlink?

You can block any spam emails from your EarthLink Webmail account. After signing in to webmail, select the blocked sender list link under the appropriate category. Here in the box, enter the address of the email you want to block. Also, you can type the address or domain in the “Block This Address or Domain” tab.

4. How to Cancel Earthlink Email Account?

For canceling or making any changes to your existing Earthlink account, you can contact the billing and account change department.