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Various Ways To Open Command Prompt Windows 10

Command Prompt is the built-in non-graphical interface, which helps the user to interact with the Operating System. Its function is to execute various commands given by the user. From the context of this article, you will be able to learn the procedure of how to open the Command Prompt Windows 10. So, let’s take a look at them.

How To Open Command Prompt?

There are four several ways by which you can be able to open the Command Prompt in Windows 10. These are as given below in a very simple language.

Way 1: Using The Run Command Box

Firstly, open the Run dialogue box. Then, to do this, hold the four flag symbol Windows key and the letter R at the same time. And on it, type ‘cmd’ and then hit Enter to open the Command Prompt Windows 10.

Way 2: Utilizing Quick Access Menu

For this, take the mouse/cursor on the Windows icon which is at the extreme left corner of the taskbar. After that, make a right click on this Windows icon. You can open the same menu by holding and pressing the Windows key with the letter X together. And then, from the popping menu list, hit on Command Prompt option to open it. You can also follow the below procedures which might be easier for you to open the Command Prompt window.

Way 3: Using Search Bar

You can also be able to open the Command Prompt window only by searching for it on the Windows search bar. And to do this, click on the Windows search bar and type Command Prompt and then click on it from the Windows search result.

Way 4: Using Windows Start Menu


To begin with this, at first, press the Windows button from the keyboard and then on it type ‘cmd’ and then press on the Enter button. By following this above line you can be able to open the Windows Command Prompt by using the Windows start menu.


By applying any of these ways, you will be able to open the Command Prompt on your own. After learning from this tutorial then you can be able to execute commands which may require to repair some basic computer related issues.