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Comcast Xfinity Router/Wifi Network Login is the IP address of the Xfinity router that comes under the Class A IP address range, introduced by the IETF and IANA. Also, this is the default gateway address of the Xfinity router admin settings is 

Besides that, there are also several IP addresses, for example,,, and 10.1.10. 1 that can be used as a default gateway address. 

How can you log-in to the Comcast Xfinity Router?

  • First, you have to launch a web browser and then visit the Xfinity Gateway IP: ‘’
  • Type the username and password in the Comcast login screen.
  • Navigate to the wireless settings of the Xfinity router that allow you to make the necessary changes
  • Select the Network tab and make the required changes such as Dial-up connection, Security settings, DSL method, and the SSID
  • In order to set up the DNS, you may have to type the default username and password. (The default DNS address provided by Google is and

Default Username and Password for the Xfinity Router

3Com n/a admin
3Com adminttd adminttd
3Com admin n/a
3Com n/a
3Com root !root
ACC netman netman
ACCTON n/a 0
Aceex admin n/a
Aceex admin epicrouter
Actiontec n/a n/a
ADC Kentrox n/a secret
Adtran n/a n/a
AirLink+ admin admin
Aiway 0 n/a
Allied Telesyn root n/a
Allied Telesyn Manager Friend
Allnet admin admin
Ambit user user
Ambit admin password
Ambit root n/a
Amitech admin admin
Apple n/a n/a
Arescom n/a atc123
Arescom dsladmin n/a
Ascend admin ascend
Ascend n/a ascend
Asmack admin epicrouter
ASUS admin admin
Avaya root root
Bausch Datacom admin epicrouter
Bay Networks User n/a
Bay Networks Manager n/a
Bay Networks Manager Manager
Belkin n/a n/a
Belkin admin n/a
Benq Admin admin
Bintec admin bintec
Boson n/a n/a
Broadlogic admin admin
Broadlogic installer installer
Broadlogic webadmin webadmin
Buffalo root n/a
Cable & Wireless Admin 1234
Cabletron netman n/a
Cabletron n/a
Canyon Administrator admin
Canyon admin 1234
Cayman Any n/a
Cisco cisco cisco
Cisco n/a san-fran
Conexant n/a admin
Conexant n/a epicrouter
Dell admin admin
Digicorp n/a BRIDGE
Digicorp n/a password
D-Link n/a n/a
D-Link or192.168.1.1 Admin Admin
D-Link n/a admin
D-Link admin n/a
D-Link user n/a
D-Link n/a 1234
D-Link n/a year2000
E-Con admin epicrouter
Edimax admin 1234
Efficient login admin
Efficient admin admin
Efficient Networks n/a hs7mwxkk
Elsa n/a cisco
Ericsson (Formerly ACC) netman netman
E-Tech n/a admin
E-Tech admin epicrouter
Flowpoint n/a admin
Flowpoint n/a password
Fujitsu Siemens n/a connect
Gateway admin admin
IBM n/a ascend
Infosmart admin 0
Intel admin hello
Intel n/a babbit
Ipstar admin operator
JAHT Admin epicrouter
Linksys Administrator admin
Linksys n/a admin
Linksys admin admin
Livingston !root n/a
MacSense admin admin
Medion n/a medion
Microsoft Broadband Networking Routers also known as “Base Station” routers admin admin
Microsoft Broadband Networking Routers also known as “Base Station” routers n/a admin
Mikrotik admin n/a
Motorola cablecom router
Motorola admin motorola
Motorola admin password
Netgear admin password
Netgear admin password
Netgear n/a 1234
Netgear Admin 1234
Olitec admin admin
Olitec admin adslolitec
Pentagram admin password
Pentagram n/a pento
Pirelli admin mu
Pirelli admin microbusiness
Pirelli user password
Siemens superuser admin
Sitecom admin admin
Sitecom n/a sitecom
SmartSwitch admin n/a
SMC n/a
SMC admin admin
SMC admin smcadmin
SMC n/a smcadmin
SMC admin barricade
SMC cusadmin highspeed
SMC n/a 0
SMC n/a n/a
Speed Touch (Alcatel) Administrator n/a
Speedstream admin admin
T-Comfort Administrator n/a
Teledat admin 1234
Telekom Malaysia ZXDSL ZXDSL
Telekom Malaysia ADSL expert03
Teletronics admin 1234
Telnet n/a n/a
UNEX n/a password
US Robotic admin admin
US Robotic admin n/a
US Robotic root 12345
US Robotic n/a 12345
Westell admin sysadmin
X-Micro super super
X-Micro 1502 1502
Xyplex n/a access
Xyplex n/a system
Yakumo admin admin
Zyxel admin admin
Zyxel admin 1234
Zyxel n/a 1234
Zyxel n/a n/a

Common Issues and FAQ’s

The administrator encounters some common issues. unable to connect to the Xfinity Router

If there is no exists device that uses as a default gateway, then users can not be able to connect to In such a condition, open a Command Prompt on the Windows and check if any network device uses

For Mac, use the ‘ping’ command in the terminal. To get the ping command, ensure that there must be an active device in the local network.

The Comcast Default Gateway IP ‘’ took too much time to respond

Sometimes because of a loose wire or if there is a problem in the hardware part of the router, this issue might arise. Also, due to frequent power failure, the issue can be generated. 

To fix the problem, reboot the hardware, device and search for the loose connection. However, if nothing happens, get in touch with the manufacturer.

Try to login to my admin panel for Xfinity. Shows the wrong SSID and logs me into someone else’s network. Comcast can’t help. What to do?

If a single line splits into 20 different areas, the users might face this issue. To get rid of it, perform the cited below steps.

  1. Turn off the Wi-Fi on the device.
  2. Take an Ethernet cable and directly connect the computer or laptop
  3. Enter the Xfinity router’s default IP address. Use the ‘ipconfig’ command to get the default IP address.
  4. After that, you need to set a different IP address. There might be a possibility of the IP conflict, therefore it is better to change it. Previously it was 10.0.01. Set it to

How do you access to Xfinity Router Settings?

To access the Xfinity router settings, you have to enter the default IP address. The default IP address can be either ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’. It totally depends on the Xfinity router model.

What is the default password for the Xfinity Router?

The default admin password of the Xfinity router is “password”. 

How do I find my password for the Xfinity WiFi?

In order to see the default password, you can check the box of the router. In case, the password does not match, implement a 30-30-30 reset. Now, use the default password.