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Class Not Registered Error: Apply These Easy Fixes To Resolve It

There is a misconception regarding ‘Class not registered error’ that you can only experience it after upgrading to Windows 10. However, there are users facing this class registration issue when they try to open any pictures or videos. You can also get this error while working with Excel, Outlook, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Edge, Taskbar, Internet Explorer, PDF, DLL files and even other browsers. This issue can occur mainly due to problems in apps or software that are associated with unregistered DLL files. When this issue shows up on your device, you can’t open any of these apps or programs and may experience abrupt shutdown issues. So, if you are getting this error of class not registered on your PC, don’t panic and go through this article.

How To Fix: “Class Not Registered Error On Your Computer”

As discussed in the introduction, the most common reason behind getting ‘Class not registered error’ for unregistering of DLL files on certain apps or programs. These Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files are important for software to run properly. As it consists of essential info and technical instructions to execute them correctly.

Hence, if any of the DLL files are unregistered, you can end up with this annoying issue. Fortunately, you can apply these following solutions to remove this unregistered class problem and run the programs smoothly.


How To Troubleshoot ‘Class Not Registered Error’

The following solutions are applicable to users who are facing Windows 10 class not registered error in particular. However, you can them if the class is unregistered for other apps and browsers, as mentioned in the introduction.


Fix 1: Turn Off Or End iCloud Program

Some users keep facing the  problem on Google Chrome account that is using iCloud. However, you can get this issue if iCloud is associated with any other software or browser also. You need to terminate the running iCloud process in order to fix this missing class problem on Windows devices.

So, open the Task Manager on Windows by hitting Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys at the same time. You can also simply go to the Start menu on Windows 10 and right-click on it. Then choose Task Manager from the list of features.

As Task Manager window appears, scroll down and locate the option of iCloud. Then right-click on its icon and hit ‘End task’. You can also perform this action by simply selecting iCloud and hit the ‘End task’ tab at the bottom right.

In order to stop iCloud to launch during Windows 10 startup, disable or remove it from the list. So, click the tab of ‘Startup’ on the Task Manager and find iCloud. Right-click on its icon and select ‘Disable’ option. Otherwise, simply click on iCloud and hit the ‘Disable’ button at the bottom right.


Fix 2: Register ‘ExplorerFrame.dll’ File Again

If you are experiencing the class unregistered problem while working on Internet Explorer, apply this solution.

Go to the search bar on Windows 10 and enter the ‘Command Prompt’. As the option appears, select ‘Run as administrator’ after right-clicking on it. Make sure to have administrator rights while entering the commands.

If you get a dialog box asking for permission to run the Windows Command Processor, hit ‘Yes’ button. Then on the Command Prompt, write ‘regsvr32 ExplorerFrame.dll’ and hit ‘Enter’. Finally, close the command window and reboot your Windows. Check if you are still getting the unregistered class issue.


Fix 3: Run Component Services On Windows

This solution is most helpful for users who face Error Connect Class not registered message. It will resolve the problem whenever you try to export SAS data to the database of MS Access. You can also apply this fix if you the class is unregistered for Excel files.

On Windows 10, open the Run dialog box (Windows+R) and write ‘dcomcnfg’ in it. After hitting ‘Enter’ key, the window for ‘Component Services’ appears. Locate the ‘Computers’ folder on the left pane and double-click on it.

Then choose ‘My Computer’ and it will display a few more folders. Select DCOM Config and it will show a notification of ‘DCOM Configuration Warning’. You must confirm running the configuration program by clicking ‘Yes’.


Fix 4: Run ETW Collector Service Of Internet Explorer

This method is suitable for those users who are using Microsoft Edge/ Internet Explorer and getting this class error.

To apply this fix, open the Run dialog box on Windows 10 and write ‘services.msc’. As you hit the OK button, the Services window will appear. So, look for ‘Internet Explorer ETW Collector Service’ from the list of services. Right-click on it and choose ‘Start’. Hopefully, the class will be registered after starting this ETW collector service.


Fix 5: Restart Windows Explorer

In order to apply this solution, open the Task Manager and hit the tab of ‘Details’. Then scroll down the list of programs and locate ‘explorer.exe’. Right-click on Windows Explorer and select ‘End task’.

Then select the ‘File’ tab and click ‘Run new task’. In the dialog box of ‘Create new task’, write ‘explorer.exe’ and click ‘OK’. It will restart your Windows explorer and hopefully, you won’t receive this error while working on Cortana, Start Menu or Edge.


Fix 6: Reset For Default Apps

You can try this solution if you receive Class not registered error while opening a .jpg / image file. The best way to fix this error is by resetting the default apps on Windows 10. Hence, open Windows ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Apps’. Then click on ‘Default apps’ and hit the ‘Reset’ button below the command ‘Reset to the Microsoft recommended defaults’.

You can experience this problem of unregistered class due to all sorts of issues on your PC. With this article, hopefully, you can fix some of these problems.  So, apply these solutions and resolve class not registered error to run the programs and browsers successfully.