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Chromecast vs. Roku: Which Streaming Device is Better

In this era, digital entertainment through streaming devices is gaining huge popularity. Using these devices, you can relax and watch your favorite TV series or movies whenever you want. Hence, for the ultimate streaming experience, it’s a great idea to invest in a good streaming media player.

Chromecast vs. RokuNowadays, people are very much interested in TV shows and movies from all over the globe. To serve this purpose, many opt for Chromecast and the rest invest in Roku devices. 

Here, we will discuss some technical/device specifications between Chromecast and Roku. This will help to identify which streaming device is better. 

Comparison Between Chromecast vs. Roku

Firstly, we must know the brief specifications of Chromecast and Roku. Then we will compare these two devices to find which one is the best. 


Chromecast is the product of Google itself. It is a streaming device, which can give you access to all the digital content available on the Internet. It is also embedded with voice control capabilities (AI speech recognization technology). 

With all these exclusive features, it can take your streaming and watching sessions to a whole new level. It can be easily affordable in the market at a reasonable price. Its lightweight circular shape structure (2.04 x 0.54 x 2.04 inches) comes with an HDMI port, which makes it look very simple and attractive. The HDMI port is used to plug in the device to your TV. 


It is also an online streaming device that can transform your living room into a home theatre. It is also a very lightweight device and comes with more exclusive accessories. Its dimensions are 1.4 x 3.3 x 0.7 inches.  This device cannot be seen when it is connected to the backside of your TV through the HDMI port.

Note: If you have a Roku streaming USB stick, then you don’t need any specific Television to make it work.

Comparison Between Chromecast and Roku: Who is the Best?

Now, we have arrived at the vital section of this comparative analysis. In this part, we will provide you all the detailed specifications of these two streaming devices. We will also compare Chromecast and Roku by its technical specifications, flexibility, streaming quality, and user-friendly features. First, let us discuss the features of Chromecast.

Google Chromecast

Chromecast has two versions, which are the 3rd Generation and Ultra. Both of these versions cost more or less the same. Now their features are as follows.

Chromescast 3rd Generation

The specifications of this device are:

  • Stream in 1080p Full HD
  • The HDR feature is not available
  • No dedicated remote facility
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Macintosh
  • Search via speech through the built-in Home App
  • Limited search platform options
Chromecast Ultra

The detailed features of Ultra are: 

  • Stream smoothly in 4K Ultra HD (4 times of full HD) quality
  • HDR version 10 feature is available with Dolby Vision Technology
  • No dedicated remote is available
  • Compatible with Macintosh, iOS, and Android
  • Voice search same as in 3rd generation (via Home App)
  • Limited search platforms


Roku comes in two versions, which provide a different approach to its customers. These are Roku Streaming Stick Plus and Roku Premiere Plus. However, the Roku streaming stick is a bit costly as compared to Premiere Plus. The reason is mentioned in the note above. 

Apart from price, all the features of these two sibling devices are exactly the same. The features are now as follows:

  • You can stream in 4K Ultra HD.
  • HDR version 10 is available.
  • There is a dedicated Remote provided by the manufacturing company.
  • Compatible platforms are Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and PC.
  • Speech recognization and the search facility is available.
  • The search platform is unlimited.

Tips: Handle these delicate streaming devices very carefully. Plug them into your PC very gently and do not rush the process to view your favorite TV show. In case, your device gets damaged, it can cost much to repair it.

We hope that you have gone through all the points of difference between Chromecast and Roku given above. This clearly states that Roku has more innovative and distinctive features than Chromecast. It also has a 4K UHD streaming feature that can attract more people who prefer content in High definition. 

So, according to the majority of users, Roku is better than Chromecast.

In my opinion, you should opt for Roku if you want to get a different taste of entertainment. However, weigh both the pros and cons of Chromecast before taking a final decision.