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Know The Comprehensive Procedure For Canon MG2900 Scanner Setup

Canon is a well-known brand which is renowned for its printing and scanning devices. Canon MG2900 scanner is one of the brilliant products which is being used by a large number of people for personal as well as professional purpose. But if you are using it for the first time, setup is the initial process that you need to perform. To get the complete guidance for performing the Canon MG2900 Scanner setup process, you can study this article till the end. This article covers every single step which you need to perform to set up the Canon MG2900 scanner. So, without wasting time, let us continue with the steps.

Steps to Perform the Canon MG2900 Scanner Setup Process:

The steps to perform the scanner setup process is a little difficult but you can easily perform it with the help of the instructions as explained in the below section of this article.

Step 1: Unpack and Install the Ink Cartridges in the Scanner

The initial step to begin the Canon MG2900 Scanner setup process is to unpack the scanner components. After that, take the ink cartridges and install those in the proper location inside the scanner device. But before installing the ink cartridges in the scanner, do not forget to open the cover on it.

Note: Always use the genuine ink cartridges, which can adjust easily into the slots accordingly.

Step 2: Connect the Scanner with the Power Supply

After installing the ink cartridges into the appropriate location, take the power cable and with the use of it, connect the scanner with the power source. After that, turn on the power supply to continue. As you see that the Power button indicates a red signal, it means that the power has reached to the scanner device. Now, tap the Power button of the scanner and hold it for 5 seconds. This will instantly activate the device.

Step 3: Connect the SmartPhone Tablet with a WiFi Signal

Below the Power button of the scanner, you will visit the WiFi symbol button. Tap and hold this WiFi symbol button for the time, until you see that the Alarm/ Power icon flashes two times. Then, using a smartphone-tablet, open a browser in the device. With the help of the browser, navigate to the address window which you can get from the user manual of the Canon MG2900, which comes with the packet. Do not forget to connect your smartphone-tablet to the WiFi connection before using the scanner manual address on the browser. If you set a password for the security purpose to the network, then you will get a pop-up section for it.

After entering the WiFi password, the smartphone device will get connected to the network. Now, continue with the below sections to complete the Canon MG2900 Scanner setup process.

Step 4: Utilize Pixma Printing Solutions

After going through these above steps, now from the Pixma Printing Solutions, click on the “Pixma Print” option. Then, from the next screen, tap on your printer device model, which you will visit at the left-hand side below-corner of the screen. After doing this, you will visit a popup window as “Scanner/ Printer Settings”. Under the Scanner/ Printer Settings window options, select Scanner Setup. Next, tap on the “Access Point Connection (recommended)” message box.

Then, from the Access Point Connection window, tap on the “Cableless Setup” box. Next, click on the OK option to continue.

Connect the Canon MG2900 Scanner with the WiFi Signal

Now, from this Setup Access Point window, select the WiFi network of which you want to connect the scanner device. Then, you will visit a pop-up window, where you need to enter the password of the WiFi network and select OK to connect. After that, from the Printer/ Scanner Settings window, select the “Detect Scanner” option to detect the scanner on the network. Then, you will visit the available scanner devices near your location. From these available options, select your device. In this case, it is the Canon MG2900 scanner. After selecting your scanner device, under this window, you need to navigate to the “Scanner Info Sending Setting Canon series” section. After that, tap on Agree and OK options to continue.

Again, you can proceed with the below options under the Scanner/ Printer Settings window to know the different information about the Canon MG2900 Scanner.

  • Printer Information
  • Manual (Online)
  • Ink Model Number
  • Printer Info Sending Setting

All these above are the overall steps to perform the Canon MG2900 Scanner setup process. Hopefully, after going through this article, you will not face any issue in performing this task.