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How to Perform the Brother Printer HL-2270DW Setup?

If you are looking for printing quality at the same time also want high printing speed, then there is no doubt that Brother laser printers are one of the best choices for you. Brother HL2270DW steps up the level of Brother printers by offering a wireless function, in addition to, the other laser printer benefits, which leave the consumers totally stunt. But the common problem with this product is that the setup guide provided by the manufacturer is too much complicated for the new users.

That’s why we are here today to provide you the throughout simple guide for the Brother HL2270DW setup which is less complicated. So follow the rest of the article to complete your printer setup and enjoy the high-quality printing experience.

System Requirements for the Brother HL2270DW Setup

Now before starting the setup procedure, please check if your system meets the minimum requirements to set up the router or not. These requirements are:

Apple MacOS X 10.4.11, Linux, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Edition, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit versions), Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Step-by-Step Guide For Brother HL-2270DW Setup:

Now that we have the basic idea about the Brother HL-2270DW printer and its system, it is time to dig into the main topic and learn all the setup procedure of the printer.

Basic Printer Setup

1. Un-pack Printer from the Box:

At first, you have to take out the printer from the box and then remove the silica gel pack from the face-down output tray. Next, open the front cover to lift the elastic band off the drum. After that, pull the paper strip to remove the protective material from the device. Once it’s done, take out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. Now, gently shake the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly a few times to distribute the toner evenly. After that, put the unit back in its place and close the front cover of the machine.

2. Connect the Power cord and Set Preferences

Once the unpacking is done and all the tapes are removed, plug the printer into the power source and turn it on. When the printer’s Control panel boots up, press the down arrow to select the preferred language and click on the Ok button. Now, use the navigation key to select Yes and then press Ok to open and set the Country/Region menu option.  

3. Paper Loading

After setting the preferences, your next job will be load blank paper into the input tray. To perform this task, you have to first open the paper tray door. Then, pull the tray gently towards you. While pressing the green paper guide, release the lever and slide the paper guides to fit the paper size you are loading in the tray. Make sure that the guides are firmly in the slots. For Legal or Folio size paper, press the Release button in the bottom of the paper tray and pull out the back of the paper tray. Also, fan the stack of paper well to avoid paper jams and misfeeds. Now, put paper in the tray and make sure about these few things:

  • The paper is below the maximum paper mark because overfilling the paper tray will cause paper jams.
  • The side to be printed on must be face down.
  • The paper guides touch the sides of the paper so it will feed properly

After confirming these things, put the paper tray firmly back in the machine. Make sure that it is completely inserted into the machine.

Set up Printer Depending On the Connection Type

Now from here, you can choose which type of connection you want to use. With the Brother HL2270DW, you will get two types of connection option, these are:

  • USB Interface Users/ Wired Network
  • Wireless Network

We provide a guide of each of these setups, so choose your preferred connection and according to it, follow the rest of the article to know the Brother HL2270DW setup procedure in details.

USB Interface Cable/ Wired Network Users Setup

If you are interested to use the USB connection with a printer, then at first make sure that you have logged in to your computer with the administrator privileges. Now, turn off the machine and make sure the USB interface cable is not connected to the machine. Then, begin installing the printer driver. If you have already connected the cable, disconnect it. Next, put the installation CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. If prompted, select your model and language, then click on Install Printer Driver, and click Yes if you accept the license agreement. After that, follow the on-screen instructions until the screen appears where you will be asked to Connect the USB cable with the machine. Next, connect the cable to your computer and turn the machine on to follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup.

Wireless Connection Users (For Windows)

Before configuring the wireless connection, you must know some details of your wireless network settings of the WLAN access point/router. Check and record the current wireless network settings below.

  • Network Name
  • Network Key

If you don’t know how to find them, then see the side of your WLAN access point/router. You can also get the initial users name from the manual of the router. If you still have some doubt or problem with the network name or network key, then please consult the router manufacturer, your system administrator or internet provider.


Once you gather the information, turn on your computer and put the supplied CD-ROM into your device’s drive. Then, click on the File Explorer and go to the PC option from the left side of the panel. Once it is done, open the CD/DVD drive from the Device and Drives option. Now from the given file list, double-click the start.exe to run the operating screen. Once you have done that, the installation screen will appear. Now choose your preferred model and language to land to the CD-ROM main menu page. Next, from the given option, select the Install Printer Driver option (If the User Account Control screen appears during the process, then please press Allow or Yes).

After that, you have to accept the License Agreement to land to the Connection type page. Here, you have to click the box which is labeled as Wireless Network Connection and press the Next button. Now, in the new window, you have to choose the appropriate connection method. Select Brother Peer to Peer Network and then click the Next button. Once you have done, a Firewall/Antivirus detected screen will appear. From there, select the “Change the Firewall port settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation (Recommended)” and click the Next button. After that, from the next window, you will be asked to choose the Brother machine. Select the  Brother HL2270DW name from the list and follow the below guide.

Setting Up Wireless:

  • In the Wireless Device Setup Wizard, the first thing you will be asked to use WPS or AOSS to help you configure the wireless device if your access point supports them. Select the box which is labeled as No. Then, press the Next button.
  • After that, confirm your wireless security information by checking the Checked and Confirmed box from the Important notice window.
  • Next, you have to select the Temporarily use a USB cable (Recommended) option to connect your Brother printing device to your wireless network. Once you complete the connection, you will get the Available Wireless Network screen.
  • From the available wireless network list, choose the Network Name with whom you want to connect and then hit the Next button.
  • Now, enter your router key and confirm the settings. Once you confirm the settings, it will send the settings information to the Brother machine. You will get the option to change the IP and set it manually.
  • Next, simply confirm the IP address to complete the Wireless router setup.

Now, you can simply disconnect the USB cable from your device and download the printer driver for the network connection to enjoy the wireless printing experience.

Install Printer Software Without Installation CD (For Windows)

To install the printer software without the CD, turn on your printer and then visit the Brother Product Support Center from your computer. If the Let’s identify your product to get started page displays, click Printer, type your printer model number, and click on Submit option. Otherwise, manually type your Brother printer model number and hit the Search button. Now, select the Download option to select your computer’s OS family and OS version. Once you have done that, press the Search button to automatically get the proper driver for your computer. Next, click on the drivers which you want to download from the Drivers section. After that, click the Agree to the EULA and Download button to download them into your computer. When it’s done, double-click the downloaded .exe file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver on your computer.

Install Printer Software Without Installation CD (For Mac)

Now, the process of installing the printer software is a completely different and little bit complicated in Mac compared to Windows. The Mac printer driver is available directly through the OS X operating system when you run Apple Software Update on your Mac. Thus, it doesn’t require to download a driver from either the Brother or Apple websites. So, follow the below steps to perform the task:

  • At first, open your Mac device and click on Apple menu and then select the Software Update to check for available updates. Now, update the database that your computer uses to determine available printer software.
  • Next, click on Show details to select the available software updates and click on the Install button.
  • After that, turn on your printer and get back to your Mac device.
  • Now, click the System Preferences to select the Printer and scanners option from the given option. Once it’s done, select the Plus sign from the lower left corner of the window.
  • Next, click on the Add Printer or Scanner option to get the full list of printers.
  • After that, select the printer’s name for which you want to install the software and make sure that the printer kind is either Bonjour or Multifunction.
  • Once it’s done, click the Use box and select the name of your printer from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, click on Add option to include the printer to the queue. After that, if you prompted to install any additional software for your printer, then click on Install option. Further, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation procedure.

Wrap It Up

We hope that our methods in this article will help you to solve your query about Brother HL2270DW setup. If you are still not able to properly set up the device, then we will advise you to re-do the whole process once again. Also, you can take the help of the official user’s manual. But we will highly recommend taking the help of professional for better throughout guidance.