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Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One Printer Setup Guide

MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One printers is very easy to set up both for the home and office purpose printing device. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the complete Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One printer setup process. So, let us check out the steps of this article thoroughly to learn the complete method of setting up this printer.

Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One Printer Setup Process:

The first step to start the Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One printer setup process is to select a proper location to install it. There are some essential factors which you need to follow to select the printer installation location are as follows:

  • A power outlet should be near to the printer installation location.
  • The location should be near to the Wi-Fi device.
  • It is also better to select a location for installing the Brother printer, which is protected from any kind of surrounding disturbances.

After selecting a proper location, you can continue with the steps in mind to begin the printer setup process.

Step 1: Unbox the Brother Printer

To begin with, at first, take a knife or a sharp-edged device to cut the box, in which the printer comes. It is advised to do it very carefully. Then, lay down the box and take out the Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One Printer from it. After that, open every single tape, which is attached to the printer device very gently, so that no damage can take place.

Step 2: Take out the Ink Cartridge Tray and Install the Cartridges in it

Then, open the cover, which is located at the top of the paper tray. Next, remove the Ink Cartridge installation tray from this location by pulling it up. Also, remove the cardboard leftovers from here. Afterward, close this cover by keeping out the Ink Cartridge installation tray.

Further, unpack the Ink cartridges, which comes with the components inside the brother printer box. Then, remove the covers from the ink cartridge which are attached with it to protect the ink from getting dry or spilled up. The black ink cartridge is longer relative to others, this is because the black ink is very general using ink, in comparison to others. Then, place the cartridges properly inside the slots of this Ink Cartridge installation tray. After that, place this Ink Cartridge tray in its proper location and that is the upper portion of the paper tray and close the cover.

Step 3: Load the Paper inside the Paper Tray

As the ink cartridge installation process gets over by following the above steps, proceed with this step further to complete the Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One printer setup process. At first, open the top-most small cover, which is placed just above this recent closing cover, after installing the ink cartridges in the device. This will enable you to take out the paper tray.

After taking out the paper tray box, load a number of papers in it. Then, adjust the length and breadth by moving the sliders inside the tray. After that, reinstall the paper tray back inside the printer and close the upper cover to lock the paper tray.

Step 4: Power on the Brother MFCL2700DW Printer

Now, unfold the power plug of the printer, which is located at the rare potion and connect it with the power outlet. Then, turn on the power supply and press the Power button of the printer device. This will turn on your printer device. Now, proceed to the further steps to connect the printer with the Wi-Fi network.

Step 5: Confirm the Ink Cartridges Installation and Paper Loading Condition

As the printer device turns on, lift up the upper part of the printer, which is the scanner part. Then, on the right-hand side of this portion, you will visit a CD slot. Insert the installation disc which comes with the product box and then close the scanner part, to continue the further steps as explained below.

Then, you will see that the loading process is in progress on the Control panel screen. This process loads the ink cartridges that you have installed in the turn off condition of the Brother printer.  Next, again, it will check the paper loading condition of the printer device, which you have also done in the turn off condition. Next, press the Start button, this will print out a paper. As a result, this ensures that the printer device has installed the paper and ink cartridges properly. After that, click on the Yes to ensure the printing quality. In case, if you find that any shade of the printing is not happening, then click on “No” and follow the on-screen instructions to continue.

Note: The paper must not be in the folding or in wrinkled condition.

Step 6: Set the Date and Time of your Printer Device

Now, from the available options of the printer’s  Control panel, click on Menu. Under the Menu options, keep pressing the down arrow until you reach the “Initial Setup” section and then tap on it. Next, select the “Date & Time” option under this Initial Setup window. Here, you need to follow the step-by-step process to set Date and Time.

  • At first, you will visit the Year section, type the present Year in this location and tap on OK to continue.
  • Secondly, you get the Month section. Here, enter the current month’s numerical value, again click on Ok to go to the next step.
  • At last, the Date section, select the current day of the month here. Then, click on OK to complete the Date setup section.

After confirming the Date, on this Control panel window, you will visit the “Please Select the clock type” message and tap the option of your choice. The two options which you will visit in this section are as follows:

  • 12h Clock
  • 24h Clock

After selecting the hour type, from these two options, you will visit the time section screen. Here, you need to set the correct time according to your current location. Then, look at the right-hand side section of this printer’s Control panel window and tap on the AM or PM option accordingly. Furthermore, click on OK  option to continue.

Step 7: Setup your Fax Device with the Brother Printer (Optional)

In case, if you want to add the Fax facility for your printer device, then you need to follow up with this step. To begin with, at first, connect the Fax device with the printer with the help of the cable, which comes with the printer box. Again, go to the Menu section of the printer and tap the “Initial Setup” option. Next, from the available options, select “Station ID”. Then, here in this blank space, you need to enter your Fax number and click on OK to continue. After that, you will see that the Station ID space window gets open on the screen. Here, you need to enter your name and to do this, you need to press the button according to the alphabets of your name.

For Example: In the first, alphabets button, you will visit ABC at the same place. In this case, if you want to type A, then you need to press the button once. And in case, if you want to set the alphabet B, then you need to tap the same button twice and so on. After that, click on OK to proceed with the further steps to continue the Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One printer setup process.

Step 8: Connect the Printer with the Wi-Fi Network

To connect the Brother printer with the WiFi network, continue with this section. At first, press the Menu button. After that, by keep pressing the Down arrow, navigate to the Network section and tap on OK to proceed. Under this Network options, again keep pressing the down arrow, until you navigate to Setup Wizard. Then, tap on OK to continue. After that, press the Add button. This will start the SSID searching process. Then, by selecting the network, click on OK. At the rarest portion of your router, you will find “SSID” and “WEP KEY”, which are required to continue to the Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One Printer Setup process.

After selecting the network and entering the Network Key on the printer’s Control panel, click on OK and then on Yes to confirm. This will start the Wi-Fi network connecting process. Now, as the printer gets connected to the WiFi network, you will get the Wi-Fi indication on your printer device that it gets active. Now, proceed with these further steps to connect the printer device with your PC.

Step 9: Launch a Browser and Navigate to the Brother Printer’s Official Website

This time, you need to turn on your computer by connecting with the power supply, as usual. Then, connect the computer with the same network, which you have selected for your Brother Printer. Further, continue the steps as explained in this below section.

Open a browser of your choice, and then with the help of it, navigate to the Brother Printer’s official website. Then, on this window, you will visit a section as “Select a Product Group”, by dropping down this menu, select “Printers (HL Services)”. After doing this, now, enter the model number of your printer in the “Select a model” section by scrolling down the options. Then, click on “Go” to continue.

Step 10: Find and Download the Printer Drivers

Further, under this next opening window, go to the Downloads and Drivers tab and hit on the driver option. Then, from this next Downloads opening window, activate the “Select OS Family” option. Here, as we are using the Windows OS, click on Windows and then proceed further by pressing the “Search” box.

Then, from here, under the “Full Driver & Software Package”, tap on the “Full Driver & Software Package” section. After that, from this next screen, you need to tap on the “Agree to the EULA and Download” box, to proceed. Then, you will see that the downloading process is in progress. The time taken to complete the downloading process depends upon the internet speed that you are using.

Step 11: Select Language> OK> Yes

Now, as the files get downloaded, click on the file to open and to complete the Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One printer setup process. This will consume a lot of time to complete the Decompressing process. As it is over, you will visit the “Select Language” window, drop this menu down to select your choice and click on OK to continue. By doing this, you will see that the Processing Setup window with the green bar loading process is in progress. Now, as the process is over, you will visit the License Agreement window, choose “Yes” to continue.

Step 12: Set the Connection Type

After that, on this next window that is Connection Type, you will see three options which are listed below. From these options, enable the checkbox, the Connection Type you are using. Here, we proceed with Wireless Network Connection. After enabling the proper connection, type checkbox. Then, click on it’s below checkbox (Custom initial), and tap on “Next” to continue.

  • Local Connection (USB)
  • Wired Network Connection (Ethernet)
  • Wireless Network Connection

Further, you will visit the “Select Connection” section pop-up window. Enable the first checkbox option, if it is not already selected and click on Next. After that, you will visit a pop-up window as Firewall/ Antivirus detected. Keep the option as it is already selected and click on “Next” to proceed.

Step 13: Locate the Printer Installation Files

Now, from this “Brother Printing Device Installation” titled window, click on Browse to select the location manually. Else, it will gets loaded to the C drive of your PC. Click on Next, then it will open up the Select Program Folder window. Again, click on Next to continue the Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One printer setup process. Further, select “Next” from this popping up window, that is the Select Features window. Then you will visit the Network Search Type window with three options, enable the first one and click on Next. Thereafter, hit on OK from this front window and tab on Wireless Setup. This will open the Wireless Device Setup Wizard.

Step 14: Proceed with the Wireless Device Setup Wizard

The first section which you will visit under this Wireless Device Setup Wizard window is “Do you have a USB cable?”. Here you will get two options which are as follows:

  • Yes, I have a USB cable to use for installation
  • No, I do not have a USB cable

As the Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One Printer comes with the USB cable, so you need to connect the printer with the computer via this cable. After that, select the “Yes, I have a USB cable to use for installation” option and click on Next. Then, wait for a few minutes and you don’t need to perform any task during this time, as the computer is performing the “Searching for Wireless Networks” process. As the wireless network searching process gets over, you will visit the Installation confirmation pop-up window. There, tick the checkbox beside to Checked and confirmed and click on Next. This is the process, which you can follow only if you have already connected your computer with the same Wi-Fi network previously.

(Alternatively, you may get a section, where it will ask for the network connection details of which you have connected the device to the network. The details will include the SSID and password for the WiFi network.)

After following these steps, follow these below path to continue the Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One printer setup process.

Would you like to connect to the wireless network using these settings? (Yes)> Next, by clicking on Next, the printer drivers will process to save these network settings. So, the green bar will load at times to check all the Settings.

Step 15: Open the USB Cable from PC to Continue

As the network settings process gets over, then on the screen, you will get the next window with the instruction message as “Disconnecting Your Device and Your Computer”. So, you need to open the USB cable which connects the printer and PC to continue the Brother printer setup process. Then, you will visit that the “Next” option is active, click on it. After that, from this “Choose the Brother machine you want to install” window, highlight the printer option and select the Next option. This will pop up the Setup Status with a green loading bar. Now, as the loading process gets over, click on Next> Next> Next simultaneously.

After that, from this Setup window, you can modify the settings as per your wish and click on the Next option. Furthermore, from this next Setup window, uncheck both the checked boxes and click on the “Finish” option to complete the Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One printer setup process.

These are the overall and complete steps, executing which will help in performing the Brother MFCL2700DW Mono Laser All-in-One printer setup. By following these instructions, you can enable your new printer for effective printing in both home or office. However, if you fail to set up your Brother printer successfully by executing the above-described steps, then opt for a professional’s assistance.