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Best SSL Certificate Providers

Ever since the world started becoming digital, people around the globe started loving the digital way of living. Online payment of bills, online shopping, online sales, and online banking transactions, online chats, etc. have become a part of the busy routine. Online presence has completely taken over physical presence, and thus online market has become a prime target for cyber-criminals, to raid websites for their fulfilling their malicious needs.

According to 2019, Website Threat Research Report by Sucuri,

  • 62% of the websites had SEO Spam Infections
  • 47% of the infected sites had backdoor access

Website Threat Research Report by Sucuri

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The takeaway point is that digital security has become extremely important with its growing fondness. Many web security measures prevail for securing your website.

Apart from firewalls, anti-virus software, cloud securities and network securities, SSL/TLS security for your site is equally important.


About SSL Security:

SSL is the abbreviation of Secure Socket Layers. This digital security protocol encrypts all the information transferred between browsers and websites. This encrypted link looks like an encoded and becomes non-readable to intruders.

Whenever a site has SSL certificate security installed on it, it shows HTTPS in the address bar and a padlock in the URL. These symbols show the site visitor’s that the site is secured with SSL encryption and is safe to use.

Multiple types of SSL Certificate Providers are there in the market, who sell various types of cheap SSL certificates at discounted rates.

In this article, we will discuss some of the Best SSL Certificate Providers, their features and benefits.

Factors to Consider before buying an SSL certificate: 


  • Level of Security
  • Type of Validation
  • Issuance Time
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Trust Site Seal or Dynamic Site Seal
  • Warranty
  • Money Refund Policy
  • Support of SSL Expert Team
  • Trial Period

Best SSL Certificate Providers:


Sectigo, previously known as Comodo, is the global leader in web security services. Comodo SSL certificate solutions are now a subsidiary of Sectigo and are one of the largest commercial Certificate Authority (CA) having all SSL brands and types.

Businesses, as well as homes including all popular browsers, trust this service provider, which offers robust 256-Bit Encryption security.

  • Affordable
  • Excellent Customer Support 24/7/365
  • The time needed in Validation

It provides certificates in all 3 validations like Domain Validation (DV), Organisation Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV).

Example: Comodo Essential SSL (DV) is available at a nominal price of $21.95/year, whereas Comodo InstantSSL Pro (OV) is available at $39.19/year.

Comodo EV Code Signing Certificates work on all major platforms like Adobe Air,

Mozilla, Microsoft services and platforms and Java etc. and are available at a discounted rate of $266 for 3years. To get the lowest price about the same, click here.


DigiCert has proven itself to be a “Premium SSL Provider” and hence its SSL certificates are bit costly as compared to other CA’s. DigiCert SSL secures unlimited servers with the

highest authentications and encryptions.


  • Enticing Wildcard Option
  • Boosted by Norton Acquisition
  • Bit Pricey


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In 2017, DigiCert acquired Norton security solutions and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) solutions for gaining indirect access to Fortune 500 companies which pay for Norton Site Seal.

With DigiCert SSL certificate installed on your site, the conversion rate is bound to be high, because of its Norton Site Seal.

Example: At just USD 688/year, DigiCert Wildcard Certificates secure unlimited sub-domains, including main domain, which is an enchanting web security option.

More rates and types of SSL certificates are available on DigiCert.com.


This Certificate Authority is owned by GeoTrust Inc. and aims at small and medium businesses, and hence its SSL certificates are quite cost-effective. Apart from this benefit, its issuance process is quick due to its automated authentication process.

  • Very Cheap
  • Use of GeoTrust Infrastructure
  • The package is inclusive of Installation Tools too

Their site gives an option to search for your favourite SSL certificate by name or type.

Example: RapidSSL Standard DV SSL comes at a low price of USD 17.95/year, whereas RapidSSL Wildcard (DV) SSL certificate is available for USD 149/year, apart from 100% money-back guarantee in 30 days.

Few of their certificates come with RapidSSL Dynamic Site Seal, which increases visitors trust. SSL installation tools like SSL Checker, CSR Decoder, and Certificate Decoder etc. are added advantages of RapidSSL certificates.


GeoTrust, powered by DigiCert, is one of the substantial digital certificate providers extended to over 150 countries. The best part of GeoTrust is that its price becomes more competitive when higher validations of SSL certificates are chosen. Hence it attracts large enterprises and huge businesses, who opt for OV or EV validations.

Hence, small businesses who want a single certificate may tend to look elsewhere.

  • Attractive Prices at Higher End
  • Tailored Enterprise Solutions
  • Issuance Time is High since Validation takes time
  • SSL certificates, Signing Certificates & SSL for Enterprises are available

Customised Enterprise Solutions are available, so thorough authentications are required, which take more time than other CA’s.

Example: GeoTrust True Business ID with EV is available at $344 USD/year. It comes with $1.5M USD warranty and GeoTrust Dynamic Secured Seal too. Another added advantage is the multiplicity of SAN/Multi-domain options which make this SSL desirable.

To know more about this, CA, click here.


Thawte web security services are globally trusted all around the globe because of their expert support, robust encryption security, and strong authentication processes. Having more than 40% of the market share, Thawte is spread across 240 countries.

  • Magnificent Browser Compatibility
  • Good Certificate Management Tools
  • Competitive Rates

Its Code-signing certificates secure your code by creating a unique digital sign, comprising of identification information about the code publisher as well as the proof of code integrity.

Example: Thawte Web Server Certificates with EV come at $176 USD/year, which is fairly reasonable as compared to other CA’s.

Few of their certificates come with Thawte Secured Site Seal too.


GlobalSign powers this low-cost certificate provider. Quick issuance, 2048-bit root strength, securing both www and non-www versions, and clickable secure site seal makes it a favourite amongst small businesses.

  • 256-bit encryption strength
  • Complete Browser-mobile Compatibility
  • Full Web Trust Compliant

Example: AlphaSSL DV SSL is just available at $49 USD/year whereas Wildcard SSL certificates are issued at $149 USD/year.


GlobalSign is the 4th largest SSL service provider in the world as well as the provider of identity services too. Apart from providing SSL encryption securities, GlobalSign also provides Code Signing Certificates, are as per industry-standards and legally permissible. They also support multiple platforms. A few more advantages are available on https://www.globalsign.com/en/digital-signatures.

GlobalSign security solutions also include cloud-based services, scalable PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) solutions for companies, secured communications etc.

  • Best Choice for Large Enterprises
  • Flexible and Scalable Security Solutions
  • Bit Pricey

Example: GlobalSign DV SSL is available at a whopping price of $249 USD/year, whereas GlobalSign EV SSL is available at $599 USD/year.

Entrust Datacard:

Entrust Datacard is a private company headquartered in Minneapolis, USA and offers security services to secure transactions made over the internet. Entrust Security Services include ID card and credit card printers, authentication systems, SSL digital certificates and PKI. Entrust SSL certificates come with an Entrust Site Seal, which helps gain customers trust.

  • Quick issuance
  • Many web security services
  • Bit Pricey

SSL certificates by Entrust Datacard are considered to be the strongest security services offered by them.

Example: Standard SSL by Entrust Datacard costs $199 USD/year, whereas Wildcard SSL comes at a price of $699 USD/year.

Individual and Group Document Signing Certificates for digital signatures, along with visual trust indicators, establishing the publisher’s identity are also in their product list. Their prices and other specifications can be found on their Entrust Datacard Site.


Wrapping Up:

There are many more SSL Certificate Providers in the market, though many people are under the myth that, all the providers, as well as SSL certificates, are the same. The same is not true, and hence SSL certificates must be bought from a trustworthy authority, which is diligent in background checks as well as authentications.

A reliable provider selling these digital certificates at a high rate is better than an unknown provider selling inexpensive certificates. And many times, inexpensive certificates from reliable providers also help secure your digital business.

Ensure to view all the parameters and options before selecting an SSL certificate, choose the type of validation and security that your business requires and later select the service provider from which you wish to buy your digital certificate.

Compared to other SSL providers, SSL2Buy is far cheaper in terms of SSL certificates. Buy a Cheap SSL certificate from SSL2Buy, which offers all the above brands at enticing rates, and secure your digital world.