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9 Best Registry Cleaner For Windows 10 [Reviewed 2020]

Windows Registry is a very important component in your Operating System. It stores data for various application settings and OS using the registry. Although Windows keeps the registry up-to-date, it can slow down your computer over time.

So, to perform some basic maintenance tasks and keep your Windows smooth and problem-free, we utilize the registry cleaner. It not only deletes old unused entries from different application packages but, also resolves various errors in your PC.

If you want your PC to function properly and work fast, then clean the registry regularly. We suggest using a registry cleaning software for it. 

Benefits of Using a Registry Cleaner Software

Registry cleaning is a complicated process. So using a cleaner software can benefit your PC in many ways.

  1. Cleaner software will remove entries of non-existence applications from your PC, thus making it faster.
  2. It can also repair any invalid or corrupt entries from your registry files.
  3. With the help of a cleaner, you can delete cookies that track your data online. Thus making your browsing experience safe by keeping your identity anonymous to other websites.
  4. Once your computer is cluttered free, it runs into fewer crashes and errors.
  5. Speed up system boot-up by disabling unwanted programs.

To explore all these beneficial features, you need to pick a top-class application to clear Windows Registry.

Top 9 Registry Cleaner for Windows 10

There are some applications that you can use as a Registry Cleaner on Windows 10. Some of them require payment whereas others are free to use. So, we are listing the best registry cleaner software along with their benefits for your help.

1. CCleaner

CCleaner comes in a free and professional version and it is one of the best cleaners you can have on your PC. It’s easy to understand the app’s interface and has advanced services. 

The cleaner tool works on Windows 7 and above versions. It is also available for MacOS 10.8 to 10.14 versions. 

CCleaner creates a backup file before making any changes to the registry. Along with that, its professional version offers an automatic cleaning option for your registry. It offers premium features like automatic privacy protection and automatic updates.

Although it provides multiple functionalities in terms of registry cleaning, the installer of CCleaner installs other programs unless denied explicitly. 

Also, there are very limited features accessible to free users. So, if you want to use the CCleaner to its full extent, you need to upgrade to its professional version.

2. JetClean

JetClean is a free software tool from BlueSprig. It’s one of the well-built cleaners available to users. This utility is quite fast and scans your registry within a matter of few seconds.

JetClean comes with a host of features for the free version users. It offers features like one-click clean and improving your PC’s performance. JetClean is easy to use and lighter than others. It offers a more stable Operating System. 

With JetClean you can schedule your cleaning tasks and also back up your files beforehand. The negative thing about JetClean is that it doesn’t provide a portable version by default. Also, it keeps a lot of cookies during the cleanup process of the registry. 

The JetClean supports both 32-bit and 64-bit for most of the Windows version available.

3. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics cleaner is another great software for your registry. It’s one of the easiest cleaner tools that you can use for your PC.

Auslogics show users the severity of a registry file with the color-coded rating. Along with that, it also provides some of the basic features like pre-backing up your registry files and a one-click cleaning solution. 

Auslogics also gives you the option to pause anytime during your registry cleaning process. Plus, it presents all the problems found during scanning and nicely formatted report after fixing them.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is compatible with all the versions of  Windows 7 and above. Besides, it supports some of the older versions like Windows Vista and XP as well.

4. AML Registry Cleaner

AML is one of the most suggested cleaner tools for Windows. Its been in use for a long time so the graphics and user-interface are old compared to others on the list. But, AML does a solid job of cleaning the registry and searching for any possible infected cookies.

AML offers additional tools like disk cleaner, startup manager, process manager, etc. It backup files before you make any changes and have an option to exclude registry items from a scan.

Although it’s one of the better software for registry cleaning, it’s quite slow compared to others. There‘s an option to create the backup but, it doesn’t perform the process automatically. Also, it includes some additional tools that may get installed on your computer unnecessarily

This software is supported in most of the 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows versions. AML software is also supported on some Windows server operating systems.

5. Registry Repair

Registry Repair is again a great software that does the job its meant to do. It detects the problem in your registry files. Also, repair any corrupted startup programs or any file extensions on its own.

As a user, you can see the category of the error and also the specific reason behind it. On double-clicking the application, it opens the category to select the scan location. Also, after right-clicking on the error, it lets you open the file directly on the Registry Editor.

Moreover, it backup your file automatically and you can export the error files with Registry Repair toolkit. Along with that, you can also set a preference for your scanning process. Like the other tools, it is also supported in most of the Windows versions.

6. Kingsoft PC Doctor

It’s another great cleaner for your registry on this list. Kingsoft is easy to use and you can find the necessary scanning options at your fingertips.

It backs up your file automatically and also has a very simple and uncluttered interface. Along with the cleaner, it also includes some useful tools that can come handy from time to time.

Although there are several features in the Kingsoft tool, still you cant schedule any cleaning at a later stage. Though manual scans can identify numerous errors but, giving an automatic option would have been much better.

It also supports most of the Windows versions and can work with the registry cleaner on Windows 10.

7. WinUtilities Registry Cleaner

It is free software that comes with some useful tools. You can find the option to clean your registry in the Modules section when you launch this software.

To scan and repair registry it opens a wizard dialog box. Then it lets you choose the files to clean and also create a restore point before starting the scanning process. With WinUtilities, you can also choose to export your files in an HTML format.

The restore points help you keep the PC clean and clutter-free. Also, this tool makes it possible to restore your computer if anything goes wrong during registry cleaning. Although it does provide limited support and doesn’t remove any junk files from your browser.

Overall, WinUtilities works fine with Windows XP and other versions above it.

8. Little Registry Cleaner

The Little Registry Cleaner is open-source software for cleaning corrupted entries. So it lets everyone make changes to the software to improve its utility. It does a better job of cleaning the registry compare to others thus, it works on finding the minimal problems and repairing them.

This program also lets you choose the folder for the backup registry files. Also, you will have the option to ignore some files or folders from the scan. It creates restore points while cleaning so you can easily revert to the previous version if needed.

The Little Registry Cleaner supports multi-language and also can create its portable version while installation. Though it supports ad and you may feel it slower than the other cleaner but, it does the cleaning job pretty well.

It works best with Windows 10 but, supports most of the other versions.

9. Registry Distiller

Registry Distiller is another free cleaner tool for you. It does a neat job of finding the errors and repair any corrupted files. However, it doesn’t come near other cleaners on this list in terms of application design.

Although the interface isn’t easy to use, it comes with wizard support and it’s error finding ability is quite fast. It also performs a deeper search than others and finds more registry related problems that can cause harm to your system. 

Registry Distiller is quite quick with its repair process and can easily create a report for all the problems.

It does come with the feature of automatic backup before clearing the registry. Also, with the Registry Distiller toolkit, you can undo any changes made to your entries. Though you can’t make any custom selection for your registry scan and proceed with the default settings.

Along with the modern version of Windows (10, 8, 8.1, 7), it also supports Windows Vista and XP.