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10 Best GBA Emulators For Android 2020

The GameBoy Advance and GameBoy Color, both these games are still popular. Numerous gamers like to enjoy the game with nostalgia. For those, there is a piece of good news. Now, you can play these games on your android smartphones and you would require an Android emulator. Here, you will learn about the best GBA emulators for Android smartphones.

We like to clarify the distinction between a ROM and an emulator. An emulator is essential for the virtual environment or console that you need while playing the games. The ROM consists of the game inside it. Basically, you need an emulator first to download and install one of those GameBoy games on your Android.

List of Best GBA Emulators for Android:

There are loads of options available when you consider the best GBA emulators for Android.some emulators are for free and some are with paid options. When you download any one of these emulators, each one comes with the option of loading the ROM into the emulator. Let’s see which GBA emulator is best for you.

This emulator resides at the top of our emulators’ list. Another similar emulator for GameBoy Color is also available in the market. This emulator is available on Google Play Store and the emulator comes with so many features. This particular emulator supports quicksave. You can control hardware by using this emulator. 

Moreover, gamers can apply cheat codes to alter the gaming experience. You can find out GBA.emu for your PC too. You can try out the trial version of this emulator on your Android smartphone. But you have to pay for it as there is no free version available for this emulator.

This GameBoy Advance emulator works quite similar like GBA.emu. There are options available to get cheat codes associated with the game. Additionally, the emulator comes up with rich features like fast forward, slow down moves, load states, etc. but you might consider a different console while playing with this emulator. Because this emulator doesn’t provide that much hardware control support to play GameBoy Advance.

If you are looking for a cheap emulator then John GBA can be one of your best choices. This emulator is easily available on Google Play Store. It might cost you around $2.99. But the emulator lacks cross-platform support.

  • GBA Emulator

If you are looking for a simple but classic GameBoy Advance emulator then GBA Emulator can be your choice. Though the user interface is very simple the emulator provides you customized controls over the game. You can easily get the grip of the game and avoid complications.

Moreover, this is one of those GBA emulators that allow you to use a physical console or controller to play the game. You can grab the free version of this emulator. But this emulator is not for those who want all the benefits of premium emulators. But you can still enjoy the game. However, the advertisements might disturb you. But overall, this emulator is a good one for free of cost.

Like other GBA emulators, My Boy is also available at Google Play Store. This emulator is one of the most popular emulators available for GameBoy Advance. Thousands of gamers have downloaded this emulator to experience the classic games. The emulator is packed with lots of features like save or load states, fast forward, slow down, cheat codes, etc.

Another exciting feature of this emulator is that you can experience better graphics of the game with this emulator. Because the emulator works with OpenGL rendering. The emulator is also easy to set up. Especially, there is no need for an extra BIOS file while you are playing the game. GameBoy Advance runs on My Boy very well due to no major bug issues. The developers update the emulator very often, as well.

  • GemBoy

Here comes another GameBoy Advance emulator. Well, this is compatible with the game named GameBoy Color, too. You might not get super features like GBA.emu offers but there are other features to rely on when you are going for this emulator. You can load or save states, hardware support, and other basic features.

Most of the GameBoy Advance and GameBoy Color support this emulator. Truly speaking, GemBoy is a really light emulator to handle these games.

  • RetroArch

Generally, RetroArch doesn’t belong to the family of emulators. This is a porter child in the family of emulators. This single application is known to be the best for uniting other emulators. This application can interact with other emulators. Hence, it makes the interaction very smooth so that you can focus on your GameBoy Advance game.

You should not omit RetroArch if you are using different emulators for games. RetroArch knows to choose the particular emulator that is necessary for the current emulation of the system. Additionally, the application is fully compatible with the Android environment.

  • GBAoid

This emulator is one of the classic Android emulators for GameBoy Advance. The emulator is not regularly updated. That’s why the popularity of this emulator might have reduced. But it still comprises basic features to control the gameplay of GameBoy Advance.

If you are new to GameBoy /advance then you must try out this emulator. Plus, you need not spend any penny to download this emulator. Yes, it is free to download and install.

  • MyGBA

The next one is MyGBA. It is considered one of the most reliable emulators available for GameBoy Advance. The emulator allows you to play with your favourite ROM for GameBoy Advance. The emulator surprises you with excellent hardware controls, moves, save and load states, etc. moreover, you can experience high-quality performance and amazing audio while playing your favourite game.

MyGBA is similar to other high-quality GBA emulators available on Google Play store for Android smartphones. The only difference is that the included ROM might come up with .zip or .gba formats. You might have to extract them before use.

Several players prefer Pizza Boy GBA as the GBA emulator on their Android smartphones. Because it is among those rare emulators who don’t bother users with advertisements.

There is another uniqueness for Pizza Boy GBA. The source code of this emulator is written with C and Assembly language. Hence you can expect tremendous performance from this emulator. Besides this, this emulator is lightweight enough for your Android smartphones. Additionally, the emulator has amazing playback speed. Even some older android devices are compatible with this emulator.

If you are looking for a perfect mash-up or combination of emulators for GameBoy Advance then VGBAnext is not going to disappoint you. This emulator is just perfect for GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Color, and overall Nintendo Entertainment. If you want to play seamlessly then consider this particular emulator.

The emulator comes with the essential controller support. It allows you to play the games on a physical controller or console, too. This emulator has the ability to rewind the game in just sixteen seconds. That’s really cool.

Choose any of these best GBA emulators and play with your friends.