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Best Firefox Addons: Let’s Have A Look On It

Add-ons are installable which is used to enhance the Firefox products. There are more than one add-ons that you can use in your Firefox. Here, we are discussing 10 most popular add-ons.

Take a look-

  • LastPass
  • Marker.io
  • Adblock Plus
  • Grammarly
  • Honey
  • Firefox Multi-Account Containers
  • Hoxx VPN Proxy
  • Momentum
  • Pocket
  • Easy Screenshot


The Last pass is used to manage your password for Firefox. It helps you to make a stronger password. LastPass vault is one of its exciting features which can help you to remember the password for Facebook, Gmail, Amazon or Slack or much more. So, get this extension and get rid of hazard related to your password. Most importantly, it is free for any devices.


Marker.io helps you to collect visual feedbacks from colleagues and clients. But it is not a free one. You have to pay money as per the subscription plans. The most important feature of it is you can track your feedback live. And most importantly, you can explain your feedback by drawing annotations, assigning labels and tagging teammates. And send reports instantly.

Adblock Plus

Well, it is frustrated to come across with ads while surfing the internet, it interrupts the workflow. In that case, you can turn on Adblock Plus feature which will help you to block the annoying ads on your browser. Generally, it will help you to remove all applications from News, Facebook, Google, Youtube. It is a free extension, that means you don’t have to pay anything for using it.


Grammarly is one of the most popular extension to check grammar whenever you are writing online. You can enjoy the basic feature for free, however, you have to pay to use the advanced features. Like any other writer, you may also face typo errors as well as grammar errors while writing. But if you have activated Grammarly extension then it will automatically highlight the wrong area.


Honey is one of the useful extensions for Firefox. It allows you to find and try coupon codes automatically. This useful extension works at more than a thousand stores of stores in the US, Canada, Australia, India, and the UK. And most importantly it is free, in other words, you don’t have to pay for it. So, get this extension in your Firefox and enjoy your shopping!!


While you are shopping online, you can simply add the Honey extension and save money. Easily.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

This extension helps you to keep parts between your daily life and work life using several colors and codes as well as keep your privacy safe. And while you are using it then it allows you to preserve cookies separately. Most importantly it is a free extension and you don’t have to pay anything while using it.

Hoxx VPN Proxy

Hoxx VPN is used to filter or block websites like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, which are blocked by the government due to a licensing issue. Using this extension you can also protect your privacy while browsing over the public network connection as well as can hide tracks of your work.


Momentum is an extension which gives you a refreshment whenever you open a new tab, it gives you a calm and inspires you by providing daily photos and quotes. Initially, it is a free extension but if you want to use momentum plus version then you have to pay as per the package.


It is one of the most amazing features of Firefox. It will help you to take screenshots easily while you are using the Firefox browser.

Probably, it is the best way to keep notes while you are trying to visit some web pages using your Firefox.

Using this extension, if you find something in Firefox and want to view that thing later then try to put it in Pocket. The document will be saved into your device and you can view it later even without an internet connection, and most likely it is a free extension.

Easy Screenshot

It is one of the most amazing features of Firefox with the help of which you will be able to take screenshots easily while you are using a browser.

This free extension allows you to capture a screenshot of the whole webpage and it saves it in your desktop. But you can only use it in your Firefox browser. It is not supported in any other Browser.

Extensions make your browsing experience even better. So, choose the right one and enjoy browsing. Don’t hesitate to pay for the best thing you get.