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8 Best CD Ripping Software For Windows 10 [Reviewed Guide]

CDs are getting outdated day by day. So if you want to save your all-time audio collection, then it’s important to convert all the content of the CD and save it on your computer. If you are looking for some CD ripper, then you are in the right place. CD ripper rips the audio content of CDs and creates an audio file of the mentioned format.

We have gathered information about the compatible CD ripping software for Windows 10. Go through their specifications of each software and find out the most convenient software for your purpose.

Choose the CD Ripping Software for Windows 10:

Stand-alone CD rippers are really efficient when you have a large collection of CDs. Besides that, CD ripping software is also helpful when there is no in-built CD ripper inside a media player. Also, the CD ripper comes with some additional features. Let’s check out some compatible CD ripping software for Windows 10.

We are discussing Windows 10 only because other Windows versions are getting obsolete day by day. This is the only Windows version that users can rely on now.

  • Exact Audio Copy:

This is one of the most popular CD rippers among all the Windows 10 users. It verifies the content of the CD at least twice and then copies the content. Moreover, it compares the copied content with the original content of your CD from eight to sixteen times. 

You have to check both the accuracy and speed. Here, Exact Audio Copy masters in both these fields. But it is not that user-friendly. It doesn’t overwrite with its own codec. The software seeks your permission to pull the metadata of the album to its database. 

Pros of Exact Audio Copy:

  • Looks for the extreme accuracy
  • It can add up the lyrics of the song
  • Additional features

Cons of Exact Audio Copy: 

  • Web-based downloading scheme.
  • Not so compatible with Windows 10.
  • The email address has to be fed up to enjoy the application.
  • FreeRIP

FreeRIP has an interactive user-interface. Moreover, this tool is free to use. You can extract the audio contents of the CD to MP3, WAV, Vorbis, WMA, and FLAC formats, by using the tool. So there are many options available. 

Also, the extracted audio file will get all additional information. You can utilize the FreeRIP tool as a tagger and a converter for audio formats. This tool stands a solid choice in the list of best CD ripping software for Windows 10.

Pros of FreeRIP: 

  • Automatically adds in the details of the audio track.
  • Choices are available for audio formats.
  • Does its job quickly.

Cons of FreeRIP: 

  • The search feature seems hazardous.
  • Audiograbber

As the name suggests, this software can literally grab the audio contents from CDs on Windows 10 platforms. Besides the CD ripping technology, this tool can normalize tracks. Additionally, you can edit those tracks.

The tool is highly flexible, configured on the Windows 10 operating system. It is compatible with each type of CD-ROM available in the market.

Pros of Audiograbber:

  • Highly compatible with Windows 10.
  • It comes with additional features.
  • Works like a converter, too.

Cons of Audiograbber: 

  • The simple interface seems to be out-dated.
  • Foobar 2000

This is another free tool for Windows. Well, this is a player but comes with the functionalities of a CD ripper. It provides a secure way of CD ripping on Windows 10. You can enjoy different formats of audio like MP3, MP4, WMA, Vorbis, FLAC, WAV, CD Audio.

Pros of Foobar 2000:

  • Available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android operating systems.
  • It has a customizable interface.
  • It can collect details from two databases.

Cons of Foobar 2000:  

  • Too simple layout of the tool.
  • There is no tutorial available to discover the additional features.
  • dbPowerAmp

This is not all-time free software for CD ripping. Well, you can enjoy a 21day free trial version of this software. If you like it, then surely you can buy it. It comes with a simple and easy-to-understand user interface. 

Moreover, it helps to prevent data-loss while extracting the audio files from the CDs. It complies with the AccurateRip technology that secures the exact ripping of your CDs. In addition to this, the CD ripper is really fast in comparison with other rippers.

Pros of dbPowerAmp: 

  • Simple interface.
  • Accurate ripping with multiple audio formats.
  • Speedy delivery.
  • The built-in converter comes with the tool.

Cons of dbPowerAmp:

  • Not free software for a lifetime.
  • FairStars CD Ripper

FairStars CD ripper is another helpful CD ripping software for Windows 10. This donationware Windows program supports several audio formats like WMA, OGG, VQF, MP3, FLAC, APE, etc. 

However, you can smoothly operate this tool because of its simple interface. Additionally, it also comprises audio playback controls. You can perform normalization as well while ripping audio CDs.

Pros of FairStars CD Ripper:

  • Searches the databases to find the details of the tracks.
  • Adjustable features including sound sampling rates. 

Cons of FairStars CD Ripper:

  • Some features are missing on the interface.
  • The software seems quite outdated.
  • EZ CD Audio Converter

This is a unique CD ripping software for Windows 10 as it has the capability of downloading metadata and cover of the audio album. You can convert the format of the audio files, as well.

Besides that, you can alter tags and other details regarding the audio album. But this is not a fully-free CD ripping software.

Pros of EZ CD Audio Converter:

  • High-quality ripping.
  • Adjustable features.
  • Collects metadata of the album.

Cons of EZ CD Audio Converter: 

  • This is not free software. You have to buy it after trying its 30day trial use.
  • KoyoteSoft

Torch has released this CD ripper that is compatible with Windows 10. The tool is free and easy to use. This consists of a built-in media player, also. You can play the audio in preview mode in this software.

Pros of KoyoteSoft:

  • Good quality of ripping.
  • Several audio formats supported.
  • Available for free.

Cons of KoyoteSoft:

  • The interface seems too simple.

Bottom Line

Before opting for any CD ripper, you should be careful about one thing. Make sure that CD ripping is not an offense in your country. If it is an offense in your country, then you should refrain from CD ripping.

Hopefully, the guide was helpful to CD ripping software for Windows 10. Find out a CD ripper according to your preference and download to rip your audio CDs.