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Easy Process to do Belkin Router n600db Setup with WPS Button

If you want to connect several devices with the Wi-Fi network, then Belkin router n600db is the perfect choice for you. This router can stream songs, pictures as well as movies on the USB storage wirelessly to the Android devices, iPhone or iPad. But after purchasing this router, there are several users who are facing some difficulties while setup this router. Hence, to know the Belkin router n600db setup procedure, you should follow this guide. It will undoubtedly help you in setting up the Belkin router effectively with the help of some useful and easy steps.

Belkin Router n600db Setup: A Thorough Guide

Before going to start the setup procedure, you need to place the router close to the modem in an open location. Always try to keep the router away from any magnet or large metal objects such as speakers. Raising your Router above the floor level can also enhance the strength of the wireless signal. To know the setup procedure of the Belkin n600db router, you need to go through the following steps described below.

Step 1

At first, you need to connect the ethernet cable of the router to the ethernet port of the modem. You can find the ethernet port at the back of the modem. The ethernet port might be placed individually on your specific modem. If you connect the Router for the first time, then you can attach the ethernet port to the system using an ethernet cable. It’s ok to disconnect the system as well as plug your Belkin Router in your modem instead.

Step 2

Now, you have to plug the cable of the router with the power supply. Then, put the CD into the computer. If it does not run automatically, then you need to browse to the CD drive and click twice on the Belkin Setup CD icon. Then, hit on the Setup icon from the CD menu.

Step 3

After completing the installation, the setup software prompts the name and password of the network from the network data card which is connected with the router. For future reference, you can keep the card under the base of the router.

Step 4

When you install the additional software, then you will see a progress screen. Now, you need to wait for a few time to complete. When this process becomes finished, then you will see a ‘Success’ notification which indicates that you are connected with the Internet through the Belkin Router.

Some Additional information which you might need while Setting up the Belkin Router:

You need to type the username and the password offered by the Internet Service provider. You can find this password and the username on the user manual which came from the service provider while signing up for the service. If needed, you can contact your service provider to make sure the password and the username. If you have an IP address, then you need to add some additional information given by the Internet Service Provider. But, if the system does not have a broadcast adapter or if the setup software is not able to manage it, then you may be prompted to connect the system to the Belkin Router with the help of the network cable.

Manual Setup with the help of the Browser:

Go to your default browser. Then, go to the official website of the Belkin router. If you are still facing problems to run the manual setup, then you need to type ‘’ in the browser (you don’t need to enter in anything like ‘www’ or ‘http://’, be careful about this). After that, hit the Enter key from the keyboard.  

How to add Computer to the Network?

To complete the Belkin router n600db setup procedure, you need to add your system with the network. You can connect your router with several wireless devices like gaming systems, network printers, and computers by performing a few easy as well as simple steps given below.


If you prefer that you do not want to use the Setup CD to add the additional information to your wireless device or computer, then you can manually add the system to the network. To perform this, you need to follow the steps given below:  

  1. At first, locate the connection of your broadcast network option on your wireless devices or system.
  2. Then, choose the Belkin router from the list of the available networks. You can identify the Belkin router by finding the Service Set Identifier (network name) from the card which is placed at the foot of the Belkin router.
  3. After that, you have to type the username and the password of the network.  

The wireless device can take a few time to link with the network. If the link is not established for the first time, then you need to perform the above steps again.

Note: Sometimes, you prompted to choose the security type. You can find the security type on the card.

With the Help of the WPS button:

If you want to add your system to the network, then you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. At first, push the WPS Connection Button (WPS PBC) of the computer or another Wi-Fi device which you want to connect wirelessly with the Router. Always there will be a switch for this purpose in software which came with this device, or a physical ‘Security’, ‘PBC’, or ‘WPS’ button on your device.
  2. Wait for at least two minutes. After that, push the WPS button of the Belkin Router.

You can see a small light near the WPS button. The light started to blink in blue-white color when it connects with the Wi-Fi device. When the link is built, then the light will change in blue color as well as it goes out slowly. If the link is not built properly, then the WPS light will start to blink amber. Then, you need to repeat the above steps again.

You should perform the same process for all the WPS-enabled device that you want to attach with your Belkin network.

To Conclude:

In the above guidelines, we have discussed some of the easy Belkin router n600db setup procedure. We hope if you successfully perform the above steps carefully, then you can easily set up the Belkin router. After performing the above steps, if you still face any problem, then you need to connect with a tech expert. Else, you can also send your query through the comment box given below.