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AVG Installation Failed: Fix it Now

With the recent trends in technological advancements, computers have become a part and parcel of our day to day lives. Computers are a must have, be it in our professional or personal lives. And, it goes without saying that if you are working on computers non-stop, then you need to avail tight security measures to ensure that your system is ultimately secured. This is where the importance of various antivirus as well as cyber security software comes into play. Antivirus software is, therefore, a must if you want your system to be safe and secure. In this article, we are going to talk about AVG antivirus tool, which is again one of the most advanced antivirus tool, specially built to protect your system from various system malware as well as other infected software. However, every antivirus has some or the other issues. In this article, therefore, we are going to discuss one of the most common issues of AVG antivirus tool- the issue of AVG Installation Failed.

Some Words On AVG Antivirus

However, if you are not that tech-savvy, then you may not stay fully aware of the AVG antivirus. Therefore before we proceed further, we wish to shed some light on the antivirus under discussion. This will help you to understand the need and importance of such an antivirus for your computer. Besides, it will also help you in understanding why resolving the AVG installed Failed error is essential.

As discussed already, AVG antivirus tools serve to offer much relief to the computer-addicts, providing real-time security and protection from various viruses other harmful system malware. Thus, AVG protects our system from the attacks of viruses such as worms, trojans, rootkits, adware, spyware, and the likes. Hence, there is no denying to the fact that AVG antivirus is a standalone tool that is built to optimize the cyber-security systems.  The icing on the cake is that the tool comes for free and includes a Linkscanner.

Problem Discussion

It is always better to have such antivirus tools installed to your system, in order to avoid the risks of system malfunction due to virus intervention. However, the only problem is that you may face is that when you go on to install such antivirus software tools, you might run into some common issues and glitches. For instance, when you go on to install AVG, you are most likely to run into th AVG installation Failed Error. This is precisely the subject of our discussion. In this article, we shall discuss AVG Installation Failed error in details. Besides, in this article, we shall provide you with appropriate solutions to such errors in case you face them. Therefore, without further ado, let us begin.

Potential Causes For AVG Installation Failed Error

In order to sort out any problem from the root, it is essential that you have enough awareness about the nature and the causes of the error. This is because, unless you know the causes behind a particular error in detail, it is simply not possible for you to curb the error. So before we move on to the easy fixes of the error, we intend to shed some light on the potential causes of the error under question. A thorough discussion of the potential causes will further help you to solve the error quite easily. Below, we discuss some of the major causes of the error in question.

Normally the error occurs in case you log in to the Windows account without official administrator permission. Moreover, the error can also trigger in case, you already have an existing antivirus program or tool in your system. Or, if by chance some of the leftover files of your previous antivirus program still persist in your system. Besides these, AVG install also fails due to the prominent error messages that you often come across. Below we will discuss some of the prominent causes of the error message in details.

Incompatible Applications

AVG often fails to install if it detects a conflicting or incompatible application within the system. Actually, when you go on to install AVG, the AVG installer detects the presence of an incompatible application within the system. The installation wizard is indeed proactive enough to detect the conflicting software within the system. And if it finds any, then you are almost certain to face the error. Some of the conflicting softwares that can cause the error are System Protect, PC MACLAN, and the likes.

Corrupted AVG Installer

You may run into the issue of AVG Installation Failed in case your AVG installer is corrupt. This may happen if you use the pre-installed accelerator. Besides, the error may creep up in case you, are using the content filtering software or service.

Error Messages

Another causative factor behind the error is most certainly the error messages. Error 0x80070014  is among the most prominent causes of the issue. This error occurs when some other security software intrudes into the networks of AVG and blocks them. Such error messages definitely create problems in the installation process. Apart from this error, the MSVC error message is also the prominent factors causing issues in the installation of AVG.

Besides, AVG Installation Failed error also triggers due to many other applications as well as other antivirus software tools. Many firewall tools and programs can also cause the error.

However, in case you are facing such an error, there is no need to panic much. In this article, we will suggest effective solutions to your problems. Therefore, if you are facing the problem and looking for a permanent solution, then our article is just what you need. With the guidelines, solving your AVG installation failed error will be no more an issue for you. Therefore, shed away your doubts and fears and take a look at the easy fixes that we have to offer.

AVG Installation Failed- Easy Fixes

Under this section, we are going to provide you the fire-sure solutions for your problem. We understand that such an error is definitely extremely frustrating for you. Therefore it is quite natural for you to panic in case you face the issue recurrently. However, you can now put aside your worries and fears as we provide you with effective solutions for your problems. Here are some of the easy fixes that will sort your AVG installation failed error in a drop of a hat. Take a look at the solutions we offer.

Fix 1: Avail Ninite For The Installation Of AVG

First things first, go for the simplest of all solutions. In fact, why should you at all go for any other workaround, when the easiest of them is offered to you on a platter? Wonder why are we saying this? Well, because indeed Ninite is one of the easiest and the quickest measure for you. For those who are not at all familiar with Ninite. It is actually a service that enables you to install such important tools and programs most easily. And the best part is that you can sort your issues by means of a single installation and do not need to go through many ordeals for installing AVG in case you consider using Ninite. The service offers you an extensive range of applications, thereby enabling you to conveniently avoid a lot many installation dialogs as well as applications.

So, essentially speaking, you are spared the complication of going about an arduous installation process provided you consider using the service. Therefore, if you wish to use Ninite, here’s a brief of what you are to do.

Well, the process is quite simple and easy-going. All you need to do is visit the official website of Ninite and download the AVG antivirus tool. Once you download the program, launch the setup file and wait patiently for your AVG installation to complete.

Fix 2: Enable Remover Tool

In case, things do not turn out as expected, don’t lose hope. We are there to help you up with still better solutions. If our first solution fails, then you can try using the AVG Remover Tool. This one has a special mechanism especially built for the purpose of troubleshooting the installation error. The Remover Tool is effectively functional in eliminating some pent up of stored AVG files that may be present in your system. At the time of installing the AVG tool, these files often intervene with the installation procedure. Therefore, it is important that you remove these files prior to the installation of the AVG tool. Now that’s where you need the AVG Remover Tool. In order to go about the process, follow our instructions.

Well, there is no need for you to worry at all. The procedure is extremely easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is download the AVG Remover Tool. Launch the program and give it some to remove or eliminate the previously stored files as well as all the other installations of AVG. Once the tool successfully eliminates the previous AVG installations, you simply need to reboot your Operating System and check if your problem is sorted. However, if rebooting the system does not work, we recommend you to temporarily power off your PC instead. After a while, you can again turn on your system and check whether your issue is fixed.

Besides this, you can also download the AVG Reset Access Tool, which is also effective at resolving the glitch.

Just A Minute Please!!

Now, here’s a special note for you if you consider using the AVG Remover Tool. Some users who have tried out the Remover Too already, have raised concerns that the Tool has shown some problems during its course of operation. Therefore, we have found out the solutions to such issues, in case you too face a similar glitch. In case you face any unexpected issue while running the tool, do not fear. All you should do is run AVG Remover Tool in Safe Mode. This will resolve all your issues. In order to do so, follow the guidelines listed below.

First and foremost, reach out to the Start menu and press on the Power button. Once done, you will have to long press the Shift Key from your keyboard and select the Reboot icon from the menu bar. The moment you do this three options will pop up on your screen. First, click on Troubleshoot, then tap on the Advanced options and finally click on Startup settings. After you finish, press the Restart button. As your system reboots, you will behold a list of available options. You need to select “Safe Mode With Networking” option by means of clicking on the F5 button. That’s it; now you are free to launch the Remover Tool without any hazard.

Fix 3: Amend Your Registry

Many users complain of the AVG installation error arising out of registry issues. If such is your case, no problem. We will show you your solution to the problem. Usually, the issue in question stems up due to some permission-related issues. Such problems stand as major deterrents to the installation process. In order to resolve the glitch, you will first have to download and install the utility program. Once installed, launch the program. Select Registry option from the menu bar and press on the “Scan For Issues” button. Then, you have to give some time for the scanning process to complete. Once done, you need to select all your issues and press on the “Fix Selected Issues” option. Finally, just reboot your system and that should fix your problem.

Fix 4: Download Other AVG Offline Versions

If things still do not turn out as expected, do not panic. Things are still not out of your way. Try out our next strategy. Using the offline versions of AVG you can easily resolve the issue. Usual AVG makes use of the online installations, much like any other program. This makes the process much faster. However, the process is not without problems. You may face problems installing the tool if there is a connection-related issue. Therefore, to avoid such problems it is better to use the offline versions of AVG  instead. The offline installer is pretty large in size and therefore will take slightly longer time to download. However, the process is much safer and you will not face the issue of AVG Installation Failed error.

Fix 5: Eliminate The AVG Entries

Most users frequently report of the registry issues leading to the AVG installation problems. Therefore, the best way to resolve the AVG installation issues is to eliminate some of the AVG files present within the system. However, altering your registry might as well lead to some system issues. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you avail the proper backup mechanism for safety purposes. You may as well export your functioning registry and try using the respective file as a backup in case there is a problem.

Therefore in order to resolve the installation issue, follow the guidelines we have cited below.

First and foremost, click on the Windows Key as well as the R button in order to get into Regedit. Once you reach out to Regedit, you need to press the Enter Key and tap on the OK button. The moment you click on the button, Registry Editor will launch. As soon as it starts up, you need to navigate your pointer to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREAVG. Next, right- tap on the AVG tool and select the Delete option from the menu bar. In completion of the entire process, close the Registry Editor and then install the AVG tool anew. Check properly whether your issue is sorted.

Fix 6: Check Whether You Have Permissions For Access

AVG Install Error fails in case you have some permission-related issues. Therefore, in case you do not have official access to some of the installation folders, then you may face such problems. Therefore, in order to avoid such problems, ensure that your system has the permissions needed for the installation. In order to do so, obey the instructions given below.

First and foremost, search out for the AVG Installation Directory. Then right-tap on the option and select Properties. After that, reach out to the Security Tab and press on the Edit icon. Once done, choose the System option from the list. See that the Full Control Option is checked. Finally, tap on the Apply icon and press on the OK button thereafter.  

Fix 7: Deactivate Other Firewall Tools

Now, it is important indeed to avail proper antivirus tools in order to keep your system safe. However, you must not have too many of them in your system. It is because, if you have too many security tools in your PC, these tools may intervene with other programs. In fact, many users have reported that AVG installation often fails due to the conflict between the other programs. So the safest workaround for you is to uninstall the existing firewall tool before installing AVG.

The solutions cited above are not only effective but also easy-going. Therefore, in case you face the issue of AVG Installation Failed, these will definitely serve your purpose.

Concluding Remarks

Keeping in mind the importance of the cybersecurity tools, you should undertake proper measures to resolve the AVG Installation Failed problem. And, just in case you are worried about the procedures to follow, you can definitely try out our solutions. With these solutions, solving the issue is no big deal. Therefore, if you are facing the issue of AVG Installation Failed, fear not, avail these solutions and put an end to your problems once and for all.