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7 New Apple Watch Features That You Must Try

If you are a gadget freak, then you must know that Apple has just released a new update for the iPhone and iPad lovers. Last month, Apple has added some new features to the Apple TV and as well in the Apple Watch. In the new WatchOS 6, Apple has added new features like Voice memos, weather-related features. Besides, you can now touch the watch screen with two fingers to check the time. 

In WatchOS 6, the Apple Watch series is already installed. Besides, this new watch has an always-on display and as well as a built-in-compass in it. But to get the new features in WatchOS 6, you had to first install the IPOS 13 on the iPhone that is connected with the Watch.

Take a Look at the 7 New and Amazing Features in Apple Watch:

Some of the new features are added in the Apple Watch such as calculator, removing apps, cycling trackers, etc. So have a glance at the next section to know about all the new features in Apple Watch.

Update to WatchOS 6

First, you need to update the iPhone to get the latest features in the Apple Watch. When you will be done with the updating process, you have to open the Watch app on the iPhone. Next, go to the General options in the app. Now, you need to tap on the “Software Update” option. Keep in mind that you will need an Apple Watch Charger and as well as a strong Wi-Fi connection for the new WatchOS6. 

Next, you have to follow the instructions that is given in the prompt to install the update in Apple Watch. The update process will take 15 minutes or it can take an hour to install the update. The time of installation depends on the Wi-Fi connection that you use. 

Another good news for the Apple watch-lovers is that WatchOS6 is now available in Apple to Watch Series 3, Series 4 and as well as in Series 5. At the end of this year, the update for Series 1 and 2 will be available. 

From the settings apps in the Apple Watch, you can download and install the updates. For that, you just need to go to the General option and then tap on the “Software Update” option. 

Remove the Apple Apps

If you are an Apple Watch user, you can now delete the Apple Apps that you don’t want anymore on the iPhone. You can simply delete the Apple apps by long-pressing on the App icon. You have to long-press on the App icons until those apps start to wriggle and will get to see a small “X” on the watch screen next. 

Search for the apps that you want to delete, and then choose the X option to confirm the decision. If you want to reinstall the apps that you have currently installed, then you have to visit the App Store app on the Apple Watch. 

Cycle Tracking

Apple Watch has a feature of tracking the health status of the females. There is a Cycle tracking app on the watch. This cycle tracking app will send up alerts and reminders by tracking your menstrual cycle. Moreover, it also states the symptoms that you are getting. 

Save You From Hearing Loss

When you will update the WatchOS 6, you will see the new Noise app in the watch. The Noise app will tell you the noise level of the surroundings and will alert you if you are in such a surrounding where the sound level is over 80 decibels. This app will also guide you with the amount of time that you were in a certain specific decibel level environment. However, it will tell you what kind of damage will occur if you stay in that specific environment. 

App Store Will Come To Your Wrist

Apple has just recently added the App Store app in the WatchOS 6. You can now download the apps from the Apple Watch. Only you just need to install an app on the iPhone before you install it in the Apple Watch. 

You just need to open the App Store app from the Watch to see Apple’s app suggestions. Now, you have to find a certain app or can update the stand-alone apps.

Siri Is There For You

In the latest version of Apple Watch, you will get the facility to use Siri built in the Apple Watch. You can now request our favorite song to play in Siri. Siri will identify the name and artist of the song automatically and will play the song. By just using the digital crown app, you can get a connection with Siri. You can get access to Siri by just pressing the Digital Crown app. All you need to do is just need to raise your Apple Watch and speak to Siri to hear a song that you want it to play. After Siri will spot the song, you can add that song in the Apple Library Next. 

Calculator Is Added

In the latest version of the Apple Watch, the calculator is added to give you the best quality experience as an Apple Watch user. You can do all the calculations and required tasks there easily. There is also a Tip button to figure out form the calculations that you need to do.  

Concluding Remarks

These are some of the newly added features in Apple Watch. If you love tech gadgets, then you can simply buy the latest version of it. Apple Watch will be the best option if you love Apple products. WatchOS 6 brings out a lot of new specifications so that the Apple User can have the best exposure to the users. You can make calls, send texts and run multiple apps in the latest version of Apple Watch. So what are you waiting for? Grab it soon.