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Apple TV Vs Roku: Which Streaming Device Is The Best

When we talk about streaming devices, we always look for the devices which have the best specifications and a standard price. No companies can beat the competition between Apple TV and Roku. On the one hand, there is Apple TV which offers its users a luxury technology with a high budget and extensive features. On the other hand, there is Roku, which provides the user with a budget-friendly streaming device with a wide range of options. 

Apple TV vs RokuThere are some common features that both Apple TV and Roku shares, such as, you can find and enjoy the content that is played in both of the streaming devices in the featured mobile apps. Both of the streaming devices can give you a 4K video experience at the time of streaming. 

In both Roku and Apple TV, you can control the videos through a powerful remote. Besides, both the streaming devices provide you with unlimited games, movies, and programming. 

Difference Between Apple TV and Roku:

There are plenty of similarities in both of the devices if you look close. But there are also some similarities in both of the streaming devices. We are going to discuss those features below in this section.

Devices of Streaming

In Roku mobile app, you can directly watch the videos, music and photo files by connecting it to the phone. But on Apple TV, you have to watch the movie or any kind of videos connecting it to the Macbook or in the iOS device.

Casting of Videos

If we talk about screen mirroring, connecting the Phone to the TV, then Apple is no doubt is the best device than Roku. Apple TV is also ideal for office environments. But if we talk about Roku, it is quite a nightmare to cast from a computer in Roku because Roku is involved with third-party apps in casting videos.

Amount of Content

In the Roku streaming device, there is more content to watch. But on Apple TV you will get 20 channels in just a single screen and much better than using Roku. Both the streaming units offer the video that shows in the Amazon Prime Video. The basic difference between these two is, in one streaming unit (Apple TV), you will see the contents in a 5×4 grid, but in Roku, you will see the videos in a 3×3 grid.

Roku service has the largest number of official streaming apps than any other device. But most of the private channels in the Roku have empty contents filled in it. Besides, the games that are streamed on the Roku app are worth taking a look.

Apple TV is more polished than Roku because the developers of the Apple TV have more restrictive requirements than Roku. Many of the contents in Roku are published primarily but abandoned by its developers in the future. And for this, many of the classic, Indian and as well domain cartoons remain unseen by the users. 

But this deal winds Roku, because of the limited contents that it offers to the users. 

Total Media Solution

Once you become successful in getting the Apple TV app with a proper Apple ID, you can enjoy all the music, movies and programs that are streaming in the Apple TV through connecting it with the iPhone, iPad and as well in Macbook. These programs, music, and videos are more accessible than that are streamed in the Roku TV. But the music and image files that are streamed in Roku app with the built-in media player sometimes become unmanageable. 

The set-top box, that is used in Apple TV can be controlled by an app or you can access it by the remote. Roku also provides a set-top box to its buyers and its navigation process is also simple and easy than Apple TV. You can control unlimited shows by just connecting it to the smartphone. But Roku is mainly for streaming video, the built-in-media player feels incomplete in it. In Roku, you have to connect it to a USB thumb drive or with networked storage to access the media that it plays. Roku is also diligent at managing the music and the list of the music that you will play every day.

Voice Control

If we talk about the voice control system, Apple TV is no doubt best in performance than the other Roku streaming devices. The voice control system in Roku is good for searching. You just need to hold down a button on Roku. But on Apple TV, you can use Siri to get a seamlessly sound. All you need to do is control it with a remote. 

You can connect the Roku app with Google Home Mini and as well as in Google Home. You just need to follow the instructions of the Google Home Hub to start the music. 

Streaming Choice For Android Users

If you want to stream the contents in the Android device, then Roku will be the best option for you. But some apps are available in the Google Play Store, you can control the Apple TV as well by just downloading those apps in the Android device. 

But you can watch any content at any time in the Android device in the Roku streaming device. Roku has kept it simple for Android users. So if you are Android device users, Roku is the only option that you have.  


In the case of the resolution, you will get 2160 (4K) quality in both the Roku and Apple TV. But on Apple TV, you will get the tvOS12 operating system and in the Roku device, you will get a Roku operating system. In the matter of storage capacity, Apple TV provides 32 GB/64 GB space to its users. But Roku offers only 512 MB to the buyers. Apple TV comes with 3GB RAM, but Roku offers only 1 GB RAM to the consumers. 

Besides, Apple TV provides 4.0 Bluetooth to the users, but there is no Bluetooth facility available in the Roku device. Besides, Apple TV has an Apple A10X Fusion processor installed in it. In the Roku device, you will get an ARM Cortex A53 processor in it. 

But in case of budget, Roku is more budget-friendly than the Apple TV device. Besides, there is Dolby Atmos and Dolby’s vision in the Apple TV, but no such system is available in the Roku device.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the differences between the Apple TV and Roku. So before buying any of the above mentioned two streaming devices, first lookout for the features that are mentioned in this article and then buy accordingly. Hopefully. the basic differences will be important for you before you are taking any decision to buy these devices.