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What Does Amazon Echo Green Ring Indicates (Explained)

The light ring on your Amazon Echo Dot virtual assistant and speaker is the most attractive part of the device. It does not just look classy but is also one of the ways Alexa communicates with you. 

Firstly, you have to speak to Alexa, to familiarize your virtual assistant with your voice. So, it will speak back to you in the iconic Alexa voice. Secondly, these light rings glow up letting you know when your Amazon Echo Dot needs your attention. 

If Amazon Echo green ring shows up then you must understand what it indicates. Further, it will also glow up when alerting you is something wrong is going on with the device. Another function of the rings is providing feedback whenever you interact with your Echo Dot. 

So, the light rings turn to a particular colour depending on what Alexa is trying to tell you. Basically, you need to know which colour means what in order to interact and respond with your virtual assistant. 

When Amazon Echo is Flashing the Alexa Green Rings

When you note green ring on Alexa, it basically indicates that you are getting an incoming call. So, when someone from your contacts is calling you, the green light will flash like a pulsing green ring. So, you can either answer the call or ignore the caller.

If the green light spins clockwise then that indicates that you have answered the call. It will continue to spin clockwise as long as you are active on it or are currently on an active Drop. However, if you want to discontinue the call, you can easily just command Alexa to do it for you. You can just say out loud “Alexa, hang up” and it will immediately do so.

Just make sure that your device is away from any obstruction or external noise that might interfere with Alexa’s hearing. So, maybe place your Amazon Echo Dot away from walls, other speakers or anyplace where there are too many people talking. 


Other than green, there are six more colours. So in total, the device glows up in 7 primary colours with transcending shades of each colour. Almost all the colours on the Echo Dot assistant speaker indicate something different. 

In fact, the rhythm at which they blink, flash, pulse or constantly glow, mean something different each time. So you have to get a hang of it while using your Amazon Echo Dot device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Echo Dot Light ring glowing blue?

A solid blue light glows up around the ring primarily indicating that your Echo Dot device is starting up. This solid blue transcending to a lighter shade of cyan blue light ring usually spins around the Echo Dot speaker until the device is on. 

It can happen that sometimes even if you did not initiate this, Alexa had to restart the device on its own. There is nothing to worry about it as it is an in-built function on Amazon Echo Dot devices. However, if the ring is spinning for a considerably long amount of time, then you should check the Alexa app for any bug.

Why does the Echo Dot light ring glowing yellow?

Alexa Echo Dot primarily glows up to a yellow spinning light, when it is connecting to your Wi-Fi. You have to connect your device to a wireless network and also pair it up with your smartphone. 

In order to have access and total control over your Amazon Echo Dot, you need to use the Alexa App. If the yellow ring stays on for longer than normal, then you should check the app to see if they ask you to re-enter the password. 

Why is Echo Dot light ring glowing orange?

The ring turns orange when it is in setup mode. For example, if the Echo Dot speaker is trying to connect to the wireless network or having some connectivity issues. In that case, you may need to check your Internet, if your Wi-Fi is working properly or not. 

So, it can flip between orange and glowing up yellow once it has been connected to the network. 

Is the Echo Dot light ring glowing red?

A solid red light around the ring indicates that you have muted your Echo Dot virtual assistant speaker. Therefore, the microphone of your device is now off and will not operate when you give Alexa a command. Since the microphone is now on mute, Alexa cannot register the command you give to her and act accordingly. 

So, in order to turn on the microphone, you cannot use your voice command any more. You have to manually do it. Just locate the microphone button on top of the Amazon Echo Dot device. 

Echo Dot light ring glowing purple. Know Why?

The purple ring around the Echo Dot indicates that your device has entered into the “Do Not Disturb” mode. The “Do Not Disturb” mode will not allow incoming calls or anything else that might interrupt your device which is either playing music or doing some work.

To exit from the “Do Not Disturb” mode and turn it off, you have to directly do it through the Alexa App. Just select it from the smartphone device that you are using and have paired with your Echo Dot. Go to the App and turn off the “Do Not Disturb” toggle button. 

Is Echo Dot light ring glowing white?

The white ring on your Echo Dot only glows up when you are either increasing or decreasing the volume. But, sometimes it gets stuck at the white ring which could be a cause of something pressing against the volume button. Either that or it could just be a device malfunction.