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Get Smart Hacks On Adobe Flash Player No Sound Error

Adobe Flash Player is a computer software which helps to view multimedia contents and also streaming audio and video. It is one of the most used software for its unique features. Despite being the most accepted software, it too has technical issues. The ‘Adobe flash player no sound’ error is one of the most commonly reported glitches.


Primary Reasons For Adobe Flash No Sound


The adobe flash player no sound error occurs due to various reasons, a few of which are as follows:

1. If the volume control is muted, you will fail to hear sounds.
2. Upon using faulty, corrupt, outdated or missing sound driver.
3. Also, if the Adobe Flash Player you are using is outdated, the error occurs.
5. Finally, you also encounter the same error if the Chrome browser you are using malfunctions or is outdated.

Easy Fixes For Adobe Flash Player No Sound Error


If you are facing the Adobe flash no sound problem, go through the following methods and fix the error instantly:

Method 1: Check Volume Control


Before stepping on to other complicated issues to fix Adobe flash player no sound, first, check if the volume control on your computer. If it is muted, there will never be any audio output. Also, check the volume control on the web app is made audible.

Method 2: Update Sound Driver


To fix the Adobe flash player no sound working error, you can try to upgrade the sound driver. If you use a corrupt, faulty or outdated driver, you are likely to face the error. Hence, updating them to their latest and correct version will remove the bugs. You can install them both manually and automatically.

Manual Update

You can update the sound driver manually to fix the Adobe flash no sound error. To do so, first, you need to visit the manufacturer’s website. Locate for the correct and the latest version of the driver. Make sure that the newest driver is compatible with the device you are using. When the download process ends, reboot your system and check if the error is resolved.

Update Driver Automatically

Alternatively, you can also resolve the Adobe flash sound problems by installing the driver automatically.

1. Run a full scan on your computer to detect for issues with the driver.
2. When the window opens, you will get two options: Update and Update All.
3. If you want to install the driver manually, you need to select the Update option.
4. However, if you want to download and install the latest driver automatically, you need to select the Update All option.
5. The installation process will take a few minutes to finish. Finally, restart your system and check if you are still struggling with the same error.


Method 3:  Re-install Adobe Flash Player


You can re-install or update the Adobe Flash Player. Uninstall the software and then install it again.

1. Click on the Start menu and then open Control Panel.
2. Now, select the Programs and Features option under Programs.
3. When the window opens, locate for the software that you want to uninstall.
4. Click on it and then choose Uninstall. When the process completes simply reboot the device.
5. Now, install the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player and check if the Adobe flash player no sound error fixes.

Method 4: Disable Extensions

You can also disbale the extensions to check if the ‘Adobe flash player no sound’ error. To disable extensions you need to open Chrome and then in the right corner of the screen, you need to click on the three vertical dots button and then on Extensions under the More Tools option. Now, use the button and toggle off all the extensions on the Chrome browser and then re-launch the browser. When done, check if the error persists.


Method 5: Check If The Page Is Mute

You also encounter the Adobe flash player no sound error if the page is mute. Hence, check if the page is muted. Follow the steps:

1. First, from the keyboard, click on the Windows logo key and R together.
2. When the Run dialog box appears, type the inetcpl.cpl command in the empty box and click OK.
3. Now, in the Advanced tab click on Multimedia and check the box.
4. Finally, click on Apply and then OK to save the changes that you created recently.
5. Open Chrome again to check if the issue fixes.

Method 6: Clear Cache And Cookies

Overloading of cache and cookies can also trigger the Adobe flash player no sound error. Therefore, upon removing them, the error might fix.

1. Open Chrome and on the top right corner of the screen, click on the three vertical dots button.
2. Now, select the Clear browsing data option under More Tools.
3. When the drop-down menu pops up, you need to select the time range for the data cache clearing. Finally, choose Clear Data and check if you are facing the issue.


Method 7: Check Sound On Volume Mixer

You can also check the sound on the volume mixer to fix the Adobe flash no sound error. First, click on the Sound from the tray region and click on Open Volume Mixer. Now, move the volume slider for Chrome and then check if you still face the problem.

Method 8: Reinstall Chrome

If none of the methods work for you, reinstall Chrome. To implement the process, the following steps will guide you.

1. Click on the Windows logo key and on R at the same time. The Run dialog box pops up on your computer screen.
2. When the box appears, in the empty field, you need to type the appwiz.cpl command and hit on OK.
3. Now, locate Chrome and right-click on it. Then click on the Uninstall option.
4. When the uninstallation process ends, reboot your system.
5. Install Chrome again and check if the error fixes.