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Adobe Flash For Firefox : Complete Guide At Your Fingertips

Flash is a crucial extension program for the web-designers and the game lovers. To open a graphics content, this program is an utmost need. So in this article, you will get the total guidelines of how to download and enable the Adobe Flash Player for Firefox browser.

Procedure Of Enabling The Latest Version Adobe Flash Player In Firefox

To enable the flash player in your Firefox browser, it is essential to have it on your system. It is advised to use an updated version of Flash player. An updated version will help you to open all the latest graphics content which are there on the websites. Now, let us learn the procedure of downloading and installing the Adobe flash player in Firefox browser.


Note: Disable your antivirus software, while downloading and installing Adobe flash player.

Download The Latest Version

As it is advised earlier to download the latest version of the flash player before enabling it on your Firefox browser. So, let us now start the process to download the newest version of flash player.

First of all, you need to click on the Firefox browser to open it in your system. Then in the search bar type ‘Google.com’ to open the Google search engine. Now in the search bar write flash and then press Enter. Now go for the first option among your searching results. Scroll down to get all the details of this version of flash player. Then click on ‘Download Now’. Next, you will see a pop-up window, click on Save File. The latest version of Adobe flash player will get displayed in front of you. Select the old version and then right-click on the ‘Remove From List’ option.

Click On Install

After removing the outdated version select the downloaded one and right-click on it. Then hit on Open, a window will pop-up. After that press the Enter button to select OK. Next, a Security Warning window will come up; you need to select the Run option. Then Adobe Flash Player window will open, you need to click on the check-box and select Install. Now it will get installed in your system automatically, even if you are closing your browser. After it gets installed in your browser, you have to choose the Done option.

By executing this procedure, you can download and install the latest version of Flash player available in the web market.

If you don’t not want to use the updated version of flash player for your Firefox, then you can also use the old version by enabling it on your system.

Procedure Of Enabling The Present Version Of Flash Player In Firefox Browser

If you don’t want to use the latest version of flash player, then you can follow the below-mentioned instructions. In this portion, you will get the process of how to enable the ready version of the Flash player for Firefox.

Initially, you need to open your Firefox browser, if it is not already open. Select the three horizontal lines symbol, which will be displayed at the top left corner of your browser. Next, choose on Add-ons from the available options. After that, from the left panel tap on the Plugins option. Then scroll down until you get “Shockwave Flash”, hit on it. Next click on Never Activate option which will be displayed near to the Options dialog box. From the available options select “Ask for Activate”.

By doing this, you will see that whenever the Flash player is needed, a pop-up window will appear. All you need to do then is to click on “Allow” option, to allow it for that particular website.