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Procedures To Activate Windows 10 Show Hidden Files

Windows 10 is the latest version of Operating System released by Microsoft. However, like all the other version of Windows, it also has the hidden files facility. From this article, you will learn the Windows 10 show hidden files procedures.

Most of the files of Windows remain hidden condition. This is done by Microsoft to keep those essential files saved from removing. But if you want to visit all those hidden files, you can do this by applying this the below-mentioned ways.

In most of the cases, users like to keep some files hidden in their system to hide those from strangers. This facility is common among college students. But after hiding those files if you are not able to get it back then it can create a frightening situation. But not now because by studying this article and by applying these below-explaining methods you can be able to trace those hidden documents back in your computer device.

How To Show Hidden Files Windows 10?

To visit all the Windows 10 hidden files you can do these simple tricks as mentioned below.

Way 1: Utilizing File Explorer

To visit all the Windows 10 hidden files at first click on the File Explorer icon from the Windows taskbar menu. Once it opens then go to the upper menu panel and hit on the View tab. On doing this the upper sub-menu panel options change. Among this sub-menu panel enable the Hidden items section by clicking on its left-hand check-box. By doing this you can be able to visit all the hidden files using File Explorer.

Below are some of the effective ways by applying which you can also enable Windows 10 show hidden files.

Way 2: Using Control Panel

Control  Panel is the default system folder in Windows 10 and has various applications for modifying Windows Settings. Let us now check how to turn on Show hidden files, folders and drivers option to visit all the present contents.

First of all, open the Windows search bar by tapping the Windows key from your keyboard. Then on the search bar type Control Panel. Now from the search results click on Control Panel to open. Then change the ‘View By’ to Category by dropping down the menu arrow. After that from this window select on Appearance and Personalization. Next, from the appearing options from this window hit on File Explorer options.

After getting the File Explorer Options window, then from the upper search panel tabs, choose on View. After doing this you will see that the “Advanced settings portion” window will appear. Then from the hidden files and folders section under this Advanced settings click on the left circle of Show hidden files, folders and drivers.
Then check the “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)” and tap on ‘Apply’. On doing this the Show hidden files, folders and drivers gets activated and the result is that now you can be able to see all the present contents of your system.

Way 3: Through Registry Settings

You can also use the Registry Settings application to perform this show hidden files Windows 10 task. Let us now check the steps to apply this process.

To begin this at first open the Windows Run command box by pressing the Windows key along with the letter R. Then on the Run bar type Regedit and select on OK. By doing this a permission window will pop-up. Then select on OK to continue this process.
After that scroll down the left panel of this Registry Editor window and click twice on the Explorer folder to expand. By doing this aforesaid steps various options will open among which you can select on Advanced.
Now from the right portion of this screen double click on “Hidden” under the Name row, whose type is REG_DWORD.

Then on this upcoming “Edit DWORD (32-bit) Value” window, a Value data box will present. On this Value data box, you need to provide a correct value data. “1” is to enable to show the hidden files, folders, and drivers whereas “2” is to reverse and that is to disable to show the hidden files, folders and drivers.

In this case, as we are in the process to show hidden files Windows 10, show enter the value “1” under Value data box and then choose on OK to apply these changes.

These are the processes by applying which you can active Windows 10 show hidden files.

By enabling the ‘show hidden files facility, now you can be able to visit all the content files, folders, and drivers which are present in your system. Not only that you can also be able to make changes to those files, folders, and drivers.

Notes To Remember

Try not to disturb the system files. Because any wrongdoing with those system files can result in a tremendous problem. However, you can be able to delete the confidential files which you have stored the hidden folder to keep those files safe from others. These are the changes which you can apply to after learning this Windows 10 show hidden files procedure.