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Acer Laptop Headphone Jack Not Working: Advanced Tips To Resolve This Error

Acer is a renowned name in the world of laptops but not machine is not without issues in this world. Even, the users of Acer laptops find themselves in many annoying problems. One of the most irritating problems with the Acer laptops is that Acer laptop headphone jack not working. This error is very frequently faced by several Acer laptop users. Though there are many reasons behind the occurence of this error, it can be easily solved by following some simple steps. If you are one of those users who has faced this problematic error, then you need to not worry at all. We are here to provide you with some perfect and amazing solutions to this error.

Prominent Causes Which Led To This Error

There are several factors which are responsible for the occurence of this error in your Acer laptop. Some of the most prominent are mentioned below:

  • Broken jack audio.
  • Missing Drivers.
  • A change to the sound settings of your device.
  • If your headphone is not plugged properly.
  • If your audio drivers are outdated and corrupted.
  • The audio drivers are incompatible with the system’s OS.
  • Due to some issue in the headphones which makes the volume inaudible.

Some Probable Hacks That You Can Try To Resolve The Acer Headphone Jack Not Working Issue

Ensure Your Headphone Is Plugged Properly

Make sure you don’t have plug the headphone into the wrong jack. Just check it once. After that, if you can hear the sound from your audio jack then it’s okay but still, if you find that the issue remains, then follow the next step.

Make Sure The Volume Is Audible

We have seen that some people can’t hear sound from their headphone only because the volume is muted or very low. To ensure that the volume of your device is audible follow the upcoming steps:

On the lower-right of the screen of your laptop, you can see the sound icon. Click on it and then drag the volume slider minimum to halfway up. Now, again, check if you can hear the sound from the audio jack.

Check Your Headphones

Before doing anything else regarding this problem, check your headphones if they are out of order. A broken audio jack also can also cause this sound problem. To solve this, you can connect another functioning pair of headphone to your laptop.

If you find that the other one is working in a proper manner then it is the time to repair or change the headphone of yours. You can also take a look at the next step.

Update Your Audio Driver

If you use a wrong audio driver, then the problem might appear in your Acer laptop. So in order to fix the problem, you should update the audio driver that you are using. To do so, you need computer skills, patience and of course, time. If you lack them then, you can take help from any professional expert for resolving this Acer headphone jack not working issue.

Know Solutions To Fix The Audio Jack Of Your Laptop Effectively

You can take a look and follow these solutions to fix the Acer headphone jack not working issue:

Check Up Your System Properly

If your system is rejecting your audio jack, then you should do a proper check-up of the system. To do so, you have to take a look at the approved audio devices. First of all, go to the Control Panel of your system. Then, click Hardware and Sound and hit sound option. Next, click the option Manage Audio Devices.

Here, if you can see the Headphone icon, then set it as the default sound option. If you found that there is no Headphone icon on your screen then it can be the sign of the thing that your laptop is missing drivers.

Change The Audio Format

You won’t able to hear from your audio jack if the format of the audio and the default setting don’t find the exact match. To change the format follow the steps written below:
First of all, go to the lower-right of your laptop screen, there you can see the sound icon. Right-click on it. After that, click the Sounds option. Next, you have to hit playback and then, right-click on Headphones. Now click properties. After attempting all the previous steps, you have to hit the Advanced option. Then, you have to select one-by-one from the list and click the option Test to see whether you are able to hear the sound or not from the chosen format.
Hope one of the formats will surely work. If it works, then hit Apply option and simply click OK button.
Still, if you are stuck to the headphone problem then opt for the next process.

Uninstall IDT Audio Device

To uninstall the IDT audio device, you need to follow the next steps:

  • First of all, press the Windows Key and R to open the Run box.
  • In the Run box, type the command ‘appwiz.cpl.’ After that, click on the OK option.
  • Now, right-click on IDT and hit Uninstall.

Clean Your Audio Jack

The last step that you can try to fix Acer headphone jack not working issue is that you have to clean your headphone properly. If the headphone is clogged up with dirt then it won’t work properly. To solve the problem it is necessary to clean the jack as perfectly as possible. To do so follow the steps written below:

  • Take the right amount of cotton that will fit inside the jack.
  • Inside the headphone jack insert the cotton swab. Swirl around the jack to clean the dust properly.
  • Now, again, check whether the headphone is working or not.

If all the above processes failed to solve your problem then it is time to repair it with technical demonstrations. If the Acer headphone jack not working is caused due to the physical damage then you can go to any trustworthy computer repairing expert to get help. Hope you have resolved the particular error by following the steps mentioned in this article.