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How to Access a BellSouth Account (Step By Step Guide)

BellSouth email account provides access to email hosts under AT&T ISP providers. It is a very secure email provider that provides a high level of security and restricts unknown users from accessing your account. Also, it keeps the hackers far away from the reach of your account. 

It does not allow any kind of spam or security threats to enter your BellSouth email account and get all your information. It totally gives overall protection to your account. If you are new to the BellSouth email and cannot find how to access a BellSouth account, then do not worry. 

Here you will get complete details about the process to set up and access a BellSouth account. It does not depend on what type of operating system you are using in your system. It works for both the Windows operating system as well as Mac operating system. 

But before we directly go to the process, let us check some important features of the BellSouth email account that are different from other email providers.

Important Features of the BellSouth Email:

The features that are given below are quite unique and are very different from other email service providers. This will help you know the importance of the Bellsouth email for your email purposes. 

  • All the features are quite easy to apply in BellSouth email software. 
  • A lot of cloud storage space is available whenever you open an account on the BellSouth email website.
  • The security of this application is quite high and improved. Hackers do not have any chance if they want to hack your account and get all the important information.
  • Various kinds of add-ins that make users experience more exciting.
  • 24/7 support from the BellSouth support executive and instant assistance from the FAQ available at the bellsouth.net.
  • It does not have any kind of system requirements. It is available in every operating system and provides free access to all its users. You do not have to additionally subscribe to get any kind of extra or premium benefits. 
  • It has the features of calendars and tasks. You can manually set up a task on specific dates on the calendar. The automatic notification process will give you reminders before the date of the tasks.

Thus, these will increase your overall experience to use the BellSouth email account, apart from the other email providers present on the internet. Now, let us check the process by which you can access a BellSouth account. But before this, go to the bellsouth.net website from the web browser present in your device.

Here is How you can Set up your BellSouth Email Account:

If you are trying to set up your Bellsouth email, then here you will get a complete solution for doing so. It is very easy and takes only a few steps for its configuration. Like other emails, you do not have to configure both incoming and outgoing servers that are present in your device manually. Some credentials and sinking of different emails are all you need to set up your BellSouth account. 

As you already know that the Bellsouth is not similar to that of other third-party email clients, the other third-parties email clients require various types of approach that you have to configure manually. This manual setup is generally done for the POP3 SMPT servers. It is very difficult to set the configurations of the POP3 SMPT servers manually. 

So now you have got enough ideas about the Bellsouth email. Let us see how you can set up the Bellsouth email in your device. You already know that you need a good internet connection in your device so that you can download the installation file in your system. 

Go to the web browser of your device and on the search tab, type bellsouth.net address and then click on Enter. This will open the official page of the Bellsouth email. 

Now, create a Bellsouth account. Carefully note down your Bellsouth email ID and password. After creating your account successfully, close the web page and follow the steps given below.

Make sure that you follow each and every step so that you do not face any kind of issue in the middle of the setup process.

Step 1

From the Windows Start menu in your device, open the Microsoft Outlook client. You can also search for it in the search bar.

Step 2

On the left-hand side of the Microsoft Outlook client, find the “File” option and click on it. A new tab will open on your device screen. You will see an “Add account” option. Click on it and then move on to the next step.

Step 3

On the Add Account tab, select the “Manual configuration server settings or additional server types” option. Then click on Next.

Step 4

On the new window that will appear, click Yes.

Step 5

There you have to enter your email address with which you have created your account in bellsouth. net email.

Step 6

Now, just simply select the IMAP and POP option and then click on Next.

Step 7

In the Incoming Mail Server, just simply type “imap.mail.att.net.” In case of Outgoing Mail Server, type “smtp.mail.att.net”

Step 8

Now, to move forward, you have to select the email address. You have to enter the password which you have created while creating the Bellsouth email account.

Step 9

On the More Settings tab, select “My outgoing server (SMTP) authentication” and “Use similar settings as my incoming mail server” options. Next, just open the Advanced tab and check if the Incoming Server port number is 995. In the case of the Outgoing Server port, it must be 465. If not, change the values and press Ok. 

Step 10

Under the “Use the following type of encrypted connection” option, all you have to do is enable the SSL. Then just click on the Finish option and close all the tabs.

This is how you can access your bellsouth.net email in your device. If you have any other queries, just go to the official page of bellsouth.net. There you will get specific information and required solutions to all your queries.