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9 Apps and Services that can Change your Lifestyle in the UAE

As day by day, the entire world opts for digital complexity, the UAE with its prescience, as well as a constant vision has kept up with advanced technology. And, it has also brought the economy level, as well as everyday life to a smart level. 

Already the UAE has marked itself as the future of the business world. Hence, there’s no doubt that in the UAE, there are lots of technology-based apps and services available that can make the residents’ life much easier. From apps that provide amazing food deals to the best cleaning service, everything is in your hand. 

These are the top 9 apps and services that will definitely save you valuable time and money. And no matter, whether you lived there for five minutes or five years.

ZomatoDon’t want to prepare a meal again and again? Then, just make a call to the Zomato service. You just have to download the Zomato app on your smartphone. One of the biggest advantages of this app is that, instead of asking your location every time, this application uses a GPS. Once Zomato accepts your request, you will get a confirmation message that the restaurant has received your request and will deliver your food. 

Apart from this, once your request is accepted, you will be able to see the status of your order. Also, if a problem arises while delivering your order, a Zomato operator will immediately call you and inform you about it. This is such an amazing food delivery app and almost 80% of citizens in Dubai use this app.

  • Atdoorstep


Are you suffering from common plumbing issues? Good news is that now you have Atdoorstep, which is considered as one of the best home and technical service providers in the UAE. Suppose, you are working on your office and suddenly electric wires are damaged or your bathroom is in dire need of a renovation, with Atdoorstep all of your problems will be resolved. 

Apart from this, if you wish to give your home a new look, professionals of the Atdoorstep can do this on behalf of you. Hope you know without AC, it gets unbearable to endure the hot days in Dubai. Now, if you opt for the Atdoorstep service, they can check the AC vents, units, clean the condenser coil, refrigerator, thermostat and if required, then can repair and replace it. All you need to do is go to the app, select your desired service- starting from home based on technical issues, and the professionals will arrive at your doorstep, within the least possible time. 

  • UAE Website Development

web developmentUAE Website Development is a web development service provider in Dubai. It’s a well-reputed application development agency, that can help you reach maximum clients through your own customized app. If you are running a website, then you need an application, too. No matter whether it’s about increasing the search engine ranking or effective copywriting in band literature or catching aesthetic colour, with UAE Website Development, you can run your website smoothly and can attract your target audience. 

When it comes to the best app development service, you get a varied range of options here. The professionals are best in Mobile application development, Website development and Web Design, that is compatible with every platform and device. On the other, the extensive variety of service also includes Digital Marketing Solutions and unique Portal Development Service. 

  • Darb

DarbIf you lived in Dubai for a couple of years, then you might realize how annoying the traffic situation is. That’s why the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport recently launched the Darb application. This is the widely utilized app in Abu Dhabi’s bus service as this provides you with real-time traffic feedback. With this app, travellers get all the required information before and during the trip. 

On the map, travellers can see the bus location, and from the various bus options, they can choose their preferred one. Apart from this, the Darb application also shows all the upcoming bus stops, so that travellers will get a clear idea about where they have to get off, as well as where they will get the next bus. Remember that Darb app is mainly used for bus networks, however, nowadays it’s a good choice for taxi-hailing services.

  • Keno 

Four-wheelers are the most widely used vehicle in the UAE. And it’s quite obvious that your car can become dirty with everyday use. That’s where the Keno service app comes into the picture. Keno is a UAE based car wash service app. Nobody wants to spend hours, as people are too busy, at the local car wash service center. Now, with this wash app, you can get your car cleaned either at your residence or at the service center. This ensures to save your high-priced time. 

To get rid of all the stains that you have collected from weeks of negligence, Keno offers a wide range of services. And, wash all the essentials parts of your car including the interior part.

You just need to download this service app on your smartphone. Then, fill up your vehicle’s details including the plate number and model. Next, you will see a lot of options on the screen, from there select a service. Then, enter the location where you have parked your car. And, the next step will be accomplished by the team.

  • Privelee

Bored with the daily routine and wish to spend some entertaining time with your family on luxury pools and beach clubs? Or, want to stay in the UAE’s best hotel? Are you a gym lover? If all your answers are yes, then just use Privelee, and no longer you have to pay an extra amount of money. 

Once you have taken the membership of the Privelee app, then you will get access to more than 49 pools, as well as beach clubs across Dubai. Not only this, with this application, you will get a huge amount of discounts on availing any of the 56 five-star gyms and affiliated restaurants and hotels. Currently, this app includes more than 1000 fitness classes for your assistance. 

  • Washmen

In case, you don’t want to wash your clothes on your own, as well as you don’t have time to go to the laundry room, then here’s a Washmen app for you. Just download the app on your device and book a service. Within a few minutes, a friendly Washmen driver will appear at your doorstep and collect your clothes in a separate bag. Apart from this, you can give them a time limit, when you wish to get your laundry back. Most of the time, before the deadline, Washmen can well clean your laundry and deliver it at your place. 

  • Fetchr

No matter whether you are the recipient or sender, Fetch is a courier service that delivers couriers across the UAE. Via GPS, the driver will determine your place and deliver or pick up a document. Also, you can set the time slot for delivery and pickup, as well as can track the courier. This is the most suitable service for any startup businesses. Once, you receive your package, only then you need to make the payment. Further, in case, you are in a hurry, then with Fetch, you can deliver your courier within 40 to 50 minutes.

  • Muslim Pro

If you always try to pray 5 times a day, you can use the Muslim Pro app. This app can list the prayers times, as well as recite the prayer calls on your mobile phone no matter whether you are at that moment. Besides, this app is extremely useful for early sunrise prayer. You can also use the Muslim Pro app while travelling as it shows you the prayer time and directions.


These 9 apps and services are amazing to help you stay updated with the latest developments in the UAE. Hence, all you need to do is download them on your smartphone and get the latest updates, to make your life easier and comfortable, and you can accomplish all your daily work with ease.