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7 DIY Ways to Install a Split AC

If you live in a hot and humid climate, then surviving without AC is just unimaginable. The most common, reasonable, and ideal models are split ACs. They are called split because the main component will remain attached to your personal room. And the other part, which will regulate the airflow from inside to outside. 

Before that, you have to choose a good model for AC. Make sure that it has enough energy-conserving features in it. In addition to that, check the warranty time span and easy servicing availability as well. After that, you have to install it in your home. 

Important Things that You Should Remember 

Before starting the AC installation process, you have to keep certain things into consideration. Without this, you might need to go through a lot of expenditure. First, you need to:

Calculate the power of the wall

Normally, when people install split ACs, the main machine is fixed up against the wall. So, you have to decide on which wall you are going to put up the AC. Before selecting the wall, make sure that the wall is strong enough to hold the machine. Never hang the machine on walls that have a rough surface.  

Make sure of the indoor height

Before hanging the main AC machine, make sure that your room is more than 10 feet high. After that, install it 8 to 9 feet above from the floor. If you place it at a great height, your room will be cooler. 

Measure the right angular structures 

While the AC installation process is going on, calculate the angles on your own for attaching the holding brackets. Those brackets can be made up of certain kinds of materials like brass, aluminium, or other metals. Tell the people who came to install the AC to make the brackets a bit tilted to 45 degrees. 

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Step by Step Methods to Install the Split AC

Now, let’s learn how to install your newly bought split AC. It is a tough and tricky job, but if you know the entire matter, then you can easily do it. So, let’s go through and learn the entire matter carefully. 

  • Choose the correct place 

Before installing the AC, choose the perfect place in your room. After choosing the area, make sure that you can accommodate the indoor and outdoor units at the same time. The wall to which you fix the AC must be strong to hold the machine. At last, ensure that the height is perfect for the air circulation. 

  • Create a hole in the outlet and hang the mountain plate

The mountain plate will help in holding the bunch of wires for the indoor unit. So, you have to fix the plate in a horizontal structure. In case if you do not have a measuring tape, then take a straight scale and measure it. 

Then, mark it with the help of a pencil. Now, drill holes on the pencil marks, with the help of a drilling machine. After that, insert the screws and tighten it with the help of a screwdriver. Then, hang the mountain plate tightly. 

  • Mount the main indoor AC machine 

Remove the front cover of the AC. Take the help of experts as the machine is quite heavy. Now, head towards the AC installation process. Through the holes, push the copper and drainage pipes through the wall. Ensure that the pipes are not bent as it will restrict the discharge of the moisture from inside to outside. 

You must attach all the pipes together with the help of tape to get scattered. Now, hang the AC on the mounting plate. Fix the front cover of the machine, and it’s done, finally. 

  • Set up the holding brackets 

Now, it is time to set up the brackets for the outdoor unit. Search for a good place where you can fix the outdoor ventilation machine. Make sure that the machine doesn’t get the direct sunlight. In addition to that, you also have to focus on the machine in such a way that it won’t get drenched in the rain. 

  • The setup of the outdoor unit

As you have selected the place for the outdoor unit and also fixed the holding brackets, now it is the time to set up the machine. Get some assistance as you cannot carry the machine alone; it is quite heavy. Tighten all the necessary screws to its respective place so that it can hold the unit. After that, lower down the water pipe to the downwards. 

  • Establish a secure electric connection

Move towards the outdoor unit and open the section of the electrical ports. According to the diagram of the entire AC unit, connect the wires to its respective places. If there are wire joints, then cover those copper or aluminium joints with electrical tapes to avoid short circuits. 

  • Attach the copper pipes

AC extracts high voltage electricity; thus attachments of the copper pipes are mandatory. Gather a range from your box of tools and tighten the copper pipes in its corresponding order. In addition to that, you must also tighten the nuts as much as you can. Now, release the gas valves, and the AC installation process is done, once and for all. 

Summing Up…

After the successful installation, turn on your AC and make sure that it functions well. If you face any issues, hire reliable servicing experts, and they will take care of the issues. If you face problems during the warranty period, there will be no extra expense, except for physical damage. After the service, don’t forget to give feedback about the quality of service that you received. This will help the company to provide your more fast and flexible service in the upcoming days.