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5 Reasons Why Print Media Is Important for Online Businesses

Every online business should strive to maintain an open line of communication with its prospects. It is easier to run an online business in the current digital age, especially with all the platforms available. Likewise, with lots of advertisements and email marketing, it is easier for your target audience to lose interest in such branding strategies, so why not turn your efforts to a proven approach for reaching your target market, such as print media. While you conduct your business online, you may want to consider a newsprint paper to increase awareness to the population that doesn’t dwell on online platforms.

You want your business to be known worldwide and not be limited to the online world, and there’s no better way to do it than using print marketing. If you are not decided about investing in print media, it will help to know that print materials and publications provide your target audience with a brand experience that can never be associated with shopping online. Below are five reasons why you should opt for print media for your online business;

Increased viewing frequency

One of the most significant reasons for print media is its higher chances of frequent viewing than online adverts. If you are using a newspaper or magazine, it can stay at the same place for a long time, allowing repeated exposures. Likewise, things like flyers, brochures, and other physical items are reviewed repeatedly and distributed to potential customers. Unlike digital marketing, print media doesn’t disappear after the prospect has viewed it. It stays around longer, and as a result, gets viewed over and over before recycling or being disposed of. Print media gives you a long shelf life making it easier for your ad to gain exposure to your prospects more frequently.

Print is tangible

Considering that you run an ecommerce business, you may want to make your business feel real to your customers. Print media such as publications, brochures, posters, and other items can be felt, making them easier for your target audience to associate with. They can stay in offices or at home for months or even years, depending on how long someone decides to keep them. Digital marketing is useful for one purpose, but print media’s tangibility offers many advantages than most people think.

Targeted audience

Print media allows you to put your content anywhere you want. You can distribute your prints to a specific location allowing your ad to be viewed by people with a higher likelihood of purchasing your product or service. You can also talk to the print marketing agency and let them know your specific needs for ad positioning to attract your target audience’s most views.

Print drives more engagement

While your business presence might be online, you should know that people might not spend a lot of time going through your brand on the internet. Most customers don’t spend more than 15 seconds on a particular website. When your prospects go through printed material, they get engaged for a prolonged time. On average, a prospect spends approximately 45 minutes going through a magazine. The longer the time a customer spends reading the printed item, the more likely they will be interested in going through promotional content.


Conducting adverts on TV can weigh quite heavily on your budget. Getting that ad to play requires you to pay a lot of money. It’s one reason why TV is out of reach for many advertisers, while radio is no longer a convenient option. Luckily, regardless of your budget level, you can always find a good print option. Remember, advertising of any type is never cheap, but no matter the size of the online business, you can afford an advert in the local paper. It is an excellent way of reaching many customers.

You might think that print media is a static medium, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s a wide variety of print media services available. You can choose the best option that targets the right market for your products or services. Opting for print advertising will increase awareness and allow your business to remain profitable in the long run. While you turn to print ads, please don’t abandon your online marketing strategies since you might equally need them.