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Top 20 Roku Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Roku is the best streaming platform for cord-cutters. It offers a wide range of services to fulfill the demand of the customers. 

Roku will give you the best TV streaming experience under your budget. Also, there are lots of features and hacks available that can extend the Roku’s operational flexibility.

If you are interested to know the proper hacks which will make your streaming experience seamless with your Roku device, then read this article till the end. Cited below are the top 20 Roku hacks which will make your life easier.

20 Roku Hacks Which will Make Roku your First Choice:

Check out the top 20 Roku hacks one after another and know the advantages of this streaming platform.

  • Roku does not Need a Headphone Jack

One of the biggest advantages of using this streaming platform is that it comes up with a headphone jack for private listening. 

However, this feature is available on any Roku application. Just open the app and connect it with the Roku. Then, plug in the headphone and tap the Headphone icon on the remote screen. 

Now the audio will transfer from the TV to the headphone jack. However, there is one restriction and that is this hack does not work on game consoles or any other HDMI connected device.

  • You can Use the Roku Channels on your Phone

if you want to get the best experience, then use the Roku mobile app. You can use the Roku mobile remote application on both Android and iOS devices.

Also, it gives the users full control as long as you use the same Wi-fi connection. Apart from that, you can easily change channels from your smart device.

  • You can Watch Secret Channels

Roku is considered as one of the biggest streaming platforms in the digital world. However, its advantages do not stop there. 

With this streaming application, you can create your own private channel to stream the content. Apart from that, you can watch secret channels via this app.

  • Watch Free Movies and TV Shows

Another biggest advantage of using the Roku platform is that it offers free content. 

You can also go to the Streaming channel and enter the channel name on the Search option and check if the channel is available or not.

  • Check the 4K Content

If you have enabled a 4k Roku device, then you can check out what there is to watch in 4k. To do so, tap on the Streaming channel and choose the UHD Content Available option.

  • Improve the Search Quality

When you use the Roku app on your device, then it’s time to improve the search quality. 

Hence, when you are trying to open an application, such as Netflix, Youtube, you have to press the little keyword icon on the Roku remote app. Then, enter the name there. 

  • Automatic Volume Leveling

If you are using Roku OS 9, then you can enable the Automatic Volume Leveling. So, at the time of changing a channel, you only heard a little bit of sound.

Well, you can only turn on the feature when you are streaming and for that, first, move to the Advanced Sound settings. From there, go to the Volume mode and thereafter select the leveling option.

  • Screen Mirroring

Most of the Roku devices support screen mirroring from Windows and Android gadgets to the TV. However, this feature is not supported on the iOS device.

To enable this feature, at first, press the Home button of the Remote and go to the Settings. Then, proceed to the Screen Mirroring and furthermore, select the Enable Screen Mirroring.

  • Cast the Videos to the Roku

If you don’t use Google Chromecast, still through the Roku you might cast several apps such as Youtube, Netflix to the TV.

Ensure that the app and the Roku device are under the same Wi-Fi connection. After that, search for the cast icon inside the application. Furthermore, tap on it and choose the Roku device. 

  • Screensavers

It might happen that you have paused whatever you are watching as you need to complete some important task. In such a condition, you can try Roku’s screensavers. 

Under this part, choose Screensavers and Apps and thereafter you will see an art gallery viewing.

  • You can Easily Move the Apps on the Roku Home Screen

You can also move the apps that you have installed on your device. For that, in the beginning, choose the App that you want to move. Then, press and hold the Start button on the Roku remote and choose ‘Move Channel’ option from the pop-up menu. 

Afterward, use the directional pad to move the app to its desired location.

  • Control the Roku with the Google Assistant

Most of the Roku users have used inbuilt voice controls. However, if you have already using the Google Assistant, then with the help of it, you can still run the Roku. 

However, this option is only available on the Roku OS 9 and Roku 8.2. To set it up, you need to open the Google Assistant app. Then, move to Home control and select the Add device. 

Furthermore, connect the Google Assistant with the Roku. Once done, then you can search your favorite movie name through the Voice Command.

  • Manually Update the Roku 

Generally, the Roku device will update automatically even when you are not using it. Still, glitches can occur and might hamper the updating process.

Don’t worry, as you can manually update the Roku device. In order to do so, go to the main menu and choose the Settings option. Furthermore, select the System Update option. 

In addition, select the Check Now option and the Roku will ensure that your device is up to date.

  • Find out the Strength of the Wi-Fi  Menu

 By using the Roku, you can quickly check the Wi-Fi signal strength through the Network menu 

So, in case you really wanted to know how strong your Wi-fi signal is, then you need to press the Home Button on the Remove five times. The next thing that you have to do is to press these buttons one after another: Up, Down, Up, Down, Up. 

Now, you will able to see the overall signal strength of the Roku’s antennas.

  • Reorder the Channels

In the beginning, when you first use the Roku and start adding a channel, then you might think that they are stuck in the order they are added. 

No, you are not right? As the Roku remote brings an option ‘Move Channel’ selection. 

Therefore, place the cursor on the channel that you want to move and in this way you can reorder the channels. 

  • Set the Streaming Bit Rate

If you are streaming an HD video, then it might take a big bite of the data limits. So, if you have limited data, then using the Roku platform can be the ultimate choice for you.

Roku users can turn on a special debug menu that allows them to set the limits. To enable this feature, press the Home button five times. Then, what you should do is to press the Fast Forward two times.

 It will lead to the Rokn Override menu. Under this part, you can set the limits to match the budget.

  • Play All the Personal Content from the External Hard Drive

Roku TV users can plug the external hard drives directly into the devices to stream the personal content on the Roku media player.  Apart from that, it will also handle a huge number of files that include the 4k MKV files. 

  • Use Smart Search

Smart Search feature is one of the surprising features of the Roku device. You can use this feature to find out new applications and channels. 

However, the biggest advantage of this feature is that it saves your money. With the help of this feature, you can quickly check the price of a movie or of other things too.

  • Watch Kodi on the Roku Device

Kodi is commonly considered as a powerful streaming device that makes it easy for users to stream their favorite media. It is quite possible to watch the Kodi on the big screen via the Roku. 

  • Big Game

Although it is not as Xbox One X still, you can save lots of games in it. So, if you are a game lover, then you will get several advantages by using this Roku device.

That’s it. We hope that now you have got a clear idea about the top 20 Roku hacks which will seamlessly make your life easier.