Type to search Login IP Address, Admin Username, and Password

You might be aware that the IP addresses are classified into certain classes that specify the role for which they must be used. The IP address comes under the class C private IP address. These addresses can not be used for public internet. Range of the Class C IP address starts from to You can’t even use this IP address in a small network where lots of systems communicate with each other. Those systems which used this IP address also include multiple devices such as modems, routers, webcams, and many others.

To reach inside the router admin panel, you need an IP address. Many top brands like Motorola, D-Link, Trendnet use ‘’ as the default login IP address. Once you have logged in inside the admin panel of the router, then you can easily configure the settings. ‘’ IP address is used inside a private intranet. But only one device is used at a time. Besides that, this IP address is secure and can not be directly routed on the web. Moreover, it is basically used for testing purposes and fails in the IPv4 Ip address. 

How to login into

If you use a router that has the IP address, go through the below directions to successfully log in inside the admin panel of the router. Before starting the process, ensure that you have a system connected to the home network. Also, you must have the router box as from there you will get the default login credentials.

Step 1: Launch a web browser. Then, enter ‘’ in the search box and hit the enter key. 

Step 2:  In case you enter the IP address correctly, then a login page asking for logging credentials will show up on the screen. Enter the default username and password.

Default Username: admin

Default password: admin

In case the given username and password does not work, then we suggest you check the router box. Else, contact with the brand of the router model.

Step 3:  Once you have entered the correct details, you will enter into the router admin panel. 

To see the IP address of the router follow the given steps :

Windows Users:

  • At first, open a Command Prompt
  • Then, type ‘ipconfig’ and press the enter key.
  • Now, you will be able to see the default IP address.

Mac OS Users :

  • First, go to the top left corner and open the Apple menu. Then, click on the System Preference
  • Select the Network tab and  then choose the network connection
  • Choose Advanced and then click on the TCP/IP
  • On the ride side, you will see the IP

Change the SSID

In the network tab, you will see the name of the wi-fi signal. This is also known as service set identifier or SSID.  Never leave it to default as it can be very easy for hackers to take control of the router. Set an SSID name which is unique.

For that, go to the IP address. Then proceed to the Admin panel. Next, move to the Network tab. Afterward, choose SSID and change the SSID.

Change the default username and password

It is necessary that you should change the default username and password. If you don’t, then the hackers will easily predict the username and password. Hence, change the default username and password to something personal and unique.

The length of the password must be between the 8 to 16 characters consisting of special and alphanumerics characters.

FAQs: Issues and Solutions stop working

First, check if the router uses this IP address as the default IP address. Also, see if there is any loose connection. Then, if required reset the router.

How do I change the router Settings?

In order to change the router settings, you have to enter the admin panel by typing the IP address within the URL. Now, you need to enter the correct sign-in credentials and check the settings that have to be changed.

Why won’t load?

In case, you have not correctly entered the IP address corresponding to the router, as a result, the page might not load. Else, if there is an issue with the router. In such a scenario, try to reset both your system and the router. 

Why can’t I connect to

If there is an issue between your device and the router, then you might not be able to connect to the IP address. So, first, ensure that all the devices are properly working or running. Then, perform a hard reset and reconnect.

Why I can’t open

if the IP address is not correct for the router, this issue might occur. Therefore, you need to enter the correct IP address. But what happens if the IP address is correct? check if the router and device are running, then perform a hard reset.