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1337x Torrent Website and Its 7 Best Alternatives in 2020

1337x is an excellent torrent website that has its own special community. If you wish to download a high-quality movie, TV shows, music, software, games, you can directly download it from this website.

However, nowadays, this torrent website gets banned from lots of countries as well as from the Internet Service Provider. Due to various reasons, this torrent website might stop working. The list primarily includes privacy law, Google penalty, Copyright issue or cyber law.

So, are you searching for some proxy/Mirror sites? if yes, then read the guide till the end as here we are going to discuss top-notched alternatives when the torrent website is down.

1337x Proxy & Unblocked

If your country has banned this torrent website, still you can unblock the 1337x torrent website. For that, the best safety measure is the VPN method. 

So, before looking at the alternatives, you are first advised to try to unlock the torrent website. Now, to implement the VPN method, here are the steps that need to be followed:

Step 1

In the beginning, open a web browser and type ‘nordvpn.com’ within the address bar. Next, you should tap on the prominent red button in order to buy a discounted subscriber plan. Else, move to the top-right corner of the website and from there tap on the My Account option. Furthermore, navigate to the bottom of the login page and click on the Signup Link option.

Step 2

Afterwards, you have to select a plan. You are advised to choose the 3-year plan as it can save your 70 per cent of the money. This means you have to pay $3.49 per month instead of $11.95 per month. All the plans will offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee.  Therefore, you have enough time to select which NordVPN is ideal for you.

Step 3

Now, you have to create an account. For that, you need an email address. It is recommended to use your Gmail with an intelligent spam filter. Then, choose a payment method. VPN accepts debit as well as credit cards. Furthermore, you should download the correct NordVPN client for your device and thereafter install it.

Open the client and then sign in. Furthermore, you have to build up a secure connection with any NordVPN server. Now, Enjoy!!!

However, are you unable to unblock the 1337x torrent website? Don’t worry. Here we have provided some proxy/mirror websites of this torrent website. Check them out.

7 Best 1337x Alternatives to Use When Torrent Site is Down

Here are the 7 best alternative websites that you can use to download movies, games, software from the internet.

1. Pirate Bay

The Pirate bay is a popular alternative website of 1337x. This website is also known as TPB. It is a Swedish origin website and available in almost 35 different languages. By using the website you can easily download high-quality movies and other things. 

The Home Screen of this proxy website is very small and the text-only interface may not be pleasing to your eyes. However, this alternative torrent website can perform a great job.  

There is a search box on the Home Screen. Here, you can enter your requirements and mark the dialogue box in order to choose the torrent categories such as games, movies, video and many more.

You will see some advertisements in the search box. However, they won’t bother you. Just note that, whenever you visit the Pirate Bay website, at the bottom of the Home Page, you will see 

‘mines cryptocurrency’ note. This indicates you might have to allow them to use your CPU power. Else, you need to install extensions.

2. Zooqle

In the world of P2P sharing, Zooqle is considered as the most popular torrent website. However, its interface contains several pieces of information as well as pictures.

This proxy website designed with near about 4 million verified torrents and also it supports more than 2000 trackers. On the Home Page, you should navigate to the top.

Here, you will see a search box that is associated with several filters, such as ebooks, music, movies and so on. Also, by using the Advanced search option you can match your preferable language, size, time-indexed, and other things.

3. LimeTorrents

This is another popular alternative website. Lime Torrents is commonly known to verify the torrent files in order to make sure that the users don’t download any malware files. There is a ‘pleasant colour theme’ and it is very much similar to the Kickass Torrents.

In the search box, you can look for several torrent categories, as well as sort the files according to the date, launchers, size. This proxy website also helps you to understand the verified upload.

Besides that,  the LimeTorrents do not contain many ads. However, while visiting the website you will see different affiliate banners that might take to several VPN providers.

4. Kickass Torrents

In the list, the next alternative torrent website is Kickass torrent. This proxy website provides everything that you need. From downloading movies to the latest game, Kickass torrent is the best alternative to the 1337x.

5. Torrent Download

This is another alternate website that you can use for your purpose. As the name suggests it is a straightforward proxy torrent website that offers you to download several movies, games software and many things.

Also, like the 1337x torrent website, this alternative website has the capacity to provide high-quality video. If you visit the website, you will see that the torrent download website has a black and brown colour theme.

6. Torrentz 2

 After a series of legal actions, the original torrent website was shut down in 2016. After that, Torrentz2 was introduced. This website consists of more than 60 million torrents. This proxy website is generally a metasearch engine for the torrent. However, it is not a typical torrent download website. 

This means this website indexes all the torrent files from the popular sources and after that shows them in one place. Apart from this, according to the ratings, size, and date of uploading the search result pages will help you to sort the torrents.

Besides that, here you will also find an option where you can rate the torrent as well as give feedback.

7. Legit Torrents

Well, sharing the P2P files is not inclusive of illegal activity. Hence, users can even share protected copyright media on the web. However, for that, you have to ensure that your downloading torrent is legal. 

To do so, you can use the Legit Torrents website as it provides 100 per cent free legal media. Legit torrent’s website is as clean as it gets. However, on the Home page, you will see several ads, but they won’t bother your search.

Also, at the top of the home, you will see a search box. Here, you can enter the media name that you wish to download. You can even sort the media, according to the seeders and the date of upload. Here is also an Extra Status section which provides a list of multiple sections of the top 10 torrents.

Thus, we hope you now have a list of alternative websites to download any online content.