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Superfetch 100% Disk Usage In Windows 10 [Solved]

Superfetch is a service that is present in the Windows Operating System. According to many users, they are facing a high disk usage problem while working with Superfetch. 

The majority of them reported that the service is consuming the maximum amount of memory. As a result, their system slows down and freezes frequently.

We are discussing here some effective solutions, so the Superfetch service can’t use your entire system resources. Just follow all of our instructions very carefully. 

What is Superfetch in Windows 10?

When you intend to run any applications on your computer, Superfetch triggers the launch time and makes your applications open much faster. 

As discussed in the above section, this service can affect your Operating System if the disk usage remains 100%. So, if you are using Windows 10, then you must stop it as soon as possible. 

Superfetch was first launched in Windows XP and still continuing with Windows 10. It preloads the programs in your system’s volatile memory that you use more frequently. 

In doing so, you don’t have to load the application directly from the disk drive repeatedly, which takes a longer loading time. 

Steps to Disable Superfetch Service 

If the Superfetch service is using up all of your system resources, then you have two ways to bring your computer back to its normal working condition. The ways are Service snap-in and Command Prompt.

Disable Superfetch Using Service Snap-in

In order to stop the Superfetch service, you need to follow the steps which are given below. 

  • Press the Windows logo key + R from the keyboard simultaneously to open the Run dialog box. Now type “services.msc” and click on “OK”. This command will help you to open the Services window.
  • Find out the Superfetch service from the list and right-click on it to open the properties. 
  • Click on the “General” tab and scroll down to the “Startup type”. Click on it and you will find a drop-down menu. 
  • Choose the “Disabled” option and then click on “Stop”. After that, press the “OK” button to save the changes. 

After performing this operation successfully, your Superfetch services are now disabled. However, you can enable it once again by repeating the same process but, selecting “Start” instead of “Stop”.

Turn Off Superfetch with Command Prompt

To turn off the Superfetch services with the help of Command Prompt, you need to follow all the instructions which are given below. 

  • Open the Command Prompt from the Start menu and right-click on it to run the application as Administrator. 
  • After the Command Prompt screen opens, type “net.exe stop superfetch” and then press the “Enter” key. 
  • Now type “sc config sysmain start=disabled” and again press the “Enter” key. 

We hope the Superfetch service is now turned off on your computer. 

There is also other third-party software that will help you to troubleshoot your computer and prevent Superfetch 100% disk usage. We recommend you to download such software from a secure site and run it to fix all disk problems effectively.